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Hoax: German IT boss sacks three non-smokers



"Well he has nicely illustrated the maturity level of most smokers if nothing else"


"Well he has nicely illustrated the maturity level of most smokers if nothing else"


Smoking makes you immature?

You write the warning messages on cigi packets, don't you?

Radiohead top UK album chart


rockin in the free world!

It proves that real artists who make real music, have a fan base of intelligent people who wish to support the bands they like by giving them their money. This unselfish theory (for those who cannot figure it out) of course works in that if they support the bands they love - the bands will be able to produce more music in the future. A fair enough deal i think.

I can't imagine the same 'free download followed by a physical release', approach would work for a lot of _pop_ performers (y'know the ones - perhaps some of those performers who require a 12 week long prime-time TV programme in the run up to xmas to sell their wares).

I think it is these same pop performers whose audience enjoy a more disposable 'product'.

And are not bothered really about the people make the music, just the "choons" they can download and listen to on a loop for a month, then move on to their next 'must have'

At least in the long run the internet and illegal music sharing scene will perhaps kill off such cheap manufactured shite, leaving those real musicians and artists who have a fan base willing to support the bands they love. It's all good in the long run. Bye-bye Robbie et al.

UK ID card service mounts birth, marriage, death landgrab


vote for the tories?

with dna in hand i head down to the polling station to leave a mark on my ballot paper. lol


@Vladimir Plouzhnikov

...so where is it i sign up for my id card?


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