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'First-ever' flight of robotic ornithopter announced

Richard Stokoe
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Expensive Toy

I've got something like that at home, cost me £14.99. It's a miniature R/C helicopter. I'm not sure the development of flapping-wings robots is all that useful when rotors work very nicely.

Isn't this the equivalent of somebody coming out with a car with legs than runs down the road? Here's a thought: you don't see many wheels in nature, but I don't know of any creatures that can outrun even the cheapest of nasty car tat clogging up our roads.

Paris becase even she would know better.

Google's Gmail verboten in Germany

Richard Stokoe
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Does it matter?

Europe is already filled with brands labelled differently across countries. Think Opel vs. Vauxhall, Tracker vs. Balisto, etc. Give it a few months and nobody in Germany will even remember GMail (except as some bloke shuffling packages around...).

A satin bag of hamsters to the first person to register www.gügle.com though!

Paris, because she approves of posh fabrics being used to transport rodents.

Qinetiq ships first 'Transformer' war-droid

Richard Stokoe

Anybody remember Toys?

Now the Americans don't have to go to the countries that they are 'liberating'. American casualties will plumet because they're all at home with remote controls and Tivo while Qinetiq Transformer's are [not] finding WMDs/killing civilians.

I wonder if they will remove the gun and release it as a Qinetiq Presentationbot, complete with it's own green, eye-safe laser pointer for directing your attention to a particularly interesting part of a Powerpoint slide... and, for you two talking in the back, A LOUDSPEAKER!

Horses for courses.

BOFH: The Silence of the Servers

Richard Stokoe
Gates Horns


Is it just me or is this one a little... darker.... than normal? (Pardon the pun).

Vista provokes user synaptic collapse

Richard Stokoe
Gates Halo


Am I the only one who remembers Administrators could completely deny themselves access to folders in the first Win2000? I think it took a hotfix or service pack before Admins could regain access to their denied folders.

Maybe I'm making it up? Look! He's got an iPhone over there! Get 'im!


787 unsafe, claims former Boeing engineer

Richard Stokoe

Airliner Crash Survival

This reminds me of a Billy connolly quote. "Last week, a plane in Peru crashed into mountain doing 500 miles per hour. Luckily, they were all wearing their seatbelts."

Vauxhall recalls self-combusting Corsas

Richard Stokoe

March car buyers OK?

As the owner of a 05-reg Corsa should I be worried by the ABS-explody issues or does it literally just affect 53, 54 and 55-regs? No word on Vauxhall's website yet, nor on the GM site.

Basically what I'm asking is, can I start pointing and laughing at the September-car-buyers yet?

NASA moves fast on hail damage, astronaut madness

Richard Stokoe

Nature vs. NASA

Would it really be so hard to build a Shuttle Umbrella? These guys are NASA for Pete's sake...


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