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Sony paints PS2 white... for a while

Jonathan Hensley

Already been done

Over in Japan they used to have the entire spectrum of colors to choose from for the PS2. There's been a gold one to commemorate a new Gundam game, a white one that came with Gran Turismo 4: Prologue (I have that one myself), a sakura (pinkish) colored one, blue, etc., and controllers to match.

Simon Pegg to play Scotty

Jonathan Hensley

All Silliness

Anybody remember how blah the Star Trek Enterprise series was? Pike was good, Kirk was good...but that....TONE....ofspeakingcan....REALLY...get on your nerves...afterawhile.

In regards to every odd numbered Star Trek movie being garbage, the first was good IMO.

3Com sues 3Com over 3Com buyout

Jonathan Hensley

Re: Re: And Then

None really. When the kiddies try to eat some of the green/red cheese, will they get sick?

Jonathan Hensley

And then...

Shortly after the Chinese take over the moon and repaint it red, they'll have to blow it up with large nuclear charges because the paint had too much lead in it.

I'm sorry, but I've seen the effects of Chinese design and testing. Chinese designs and products = usually good. Product testing following that = non-existent.


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