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Yes. App that lets you say 'Yo' raises 1 MEEELLION DOLLARS

benito darder oliver

First thought...

Idiocracy is already here...

Make Isle of Man drugs paradise, says Jagger

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I guess people is loosing the point...

as they/you are complaining about the geographical skills of Sir Mick Jagger, instead of asking where to get the forms to apply as volunteer.

iPhone: The OS with big aspirations

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It's the end of the Mercedes comparison...

Now we will be able to compare Windows vs Apple as an electric guitar vs "Guitar Hero"; the first one let's you play whatever you want whenever you want but of course you have to keep it tuned and sometimes it's possible that a string breaks; and.. well... every body knows "Guitar Hero".

Travel agents accused of shilling for ID cards

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Big Brother

I wouldn't like to look unpopular...

But I've been living all my life with passport and id card (photo + fingerprints), and I've never felt uncomfortable with that; 'au contraire' i feel more secure as if I've an accident people at the hospital can know for sure who I'm; if somebody steals it from me and leave it at a crime scene, my photo will prevent the police comes after me; when I'm traveling I've two documents to prove who I'm if needed, my ID and my Passport, still i can loose one (or be robbed) and have the another one as backup when I'm at the border or embassy.

Only wanted to share some good points from id with photo and fingerprint

Ralph Lauren stick insect sacked for being 'too fat'

benito darder oliver

They did it again...

Today at photoshopdisasters: http://photoshopdisasters.blogspot.com/2009/10/ralph-lauren-hits-keep-on-coming.html

Spies hacked US electrical grid, says WSJ

benito darder oliver
Black Helicopters

isn't them the same folks

who said something about the WMD in Iraq?

Apple preps netbook 10-inch touch screen thingy

benito darder oliver

somebody has to say it...

they also don't know how to build a over-$500 computer that is not a piece of junk...

Microsoft retires Windows 3.11 on 18th birthday

benito darder oliver

Win 3.11 is dead... Long life to Win 3.11

Luckly i still keep an ancient 486 laptop with it...

Enraged devil dog lover locks on to Reg photo team

benito darder oliver

maybe they would prefer another solution...

like shoot the owner and later shoot everybody else in the city/county/country/world to protect the poor dog from de devil humans...

really, if something cant stand 50000 volts, i think it's better resign...

Microsoft urges Windows users to shun 'carpet bombing' Safari

benito darder oliver

there is bigger problem in the way safari works

because it starts to download, and doesn't ask what to do until the end... i think that's the real problem, and from this everything can only get worse...

Wanted: Americans to join Al Qaeda

benito darder oliver

US foreign politics are like an endless "shooting themself on the foot"

Curious to se how totalitarian regimes don't like to see others use their tactics...

Btw, it could be interesting to see how this ends... Like the zombies from Doom who attacked each other without reason?

US spooks see Sadville as potential terrorist paradise

benito darder oliver

They have no historical memory

They tried to ban alcohol and they got the Mafia...

They tried to control europe after WWII and they got USSR...

They tried to help in Vietnam and look what happened...

They tried to control the Middle East and they got Saddam Hussein...

Have they memory like a goldfish? Usually there is no problem, only their fear against the unknown/different... And they speak about religious fanatics... Please, they don't have a mirror, have they?

Swimming suit, beer, beach...

Ryanair battles ASA over 'saucy schoolgirl' ad

benito darder oliver

it isn't Ryanair fault

it's parent's fault... that let them dress in that way...

California deploys dope-vending machines

benito darder oliver

I should get to the doctor

and get a prescription for any of the related deseases... hmmm, maybe for all of the related deseases

Spirit discovers life on Mars

benito darder oliver

it's a goof...

it's not more plausible that's somebody from the maintenance crew from the rovers?

or maybe somebody from the crew of "capricorn one"?

btw...how i would like to have all the free time needed to spot that in that huge photo... Sic...

EU, US plan 'clear to fly' checks for visa waiver revamp

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Another reason to don't go there...

And feel sorry for the ones who are trapped there inside...

Record labels to ditch CD singles for USB Flash drives

benito darder oliver

Music industry still wants to sell you a media

instead of realize that now there is no need of media; it's enough to download the music/film to your computer. But they can't admit that, everybody who's between the artist and the public would not get a penny.

Swearing at work 'good for business'

benito darder oliver

i've been waiting for this soooo long....




Apple sued over i-Bricks

benito darder oliver

Why sue Apple?

Instead of sue the people who bought the iPhone?

If somebody comes to me and says: "Hey.. You want to buy me this hiperhypedDevice locked, that can only do what i want when i want?", obviously i would not buy it... it could die of dust suffocation on the shop shelf.