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TV giants lock horns with Microsoft and Google over white space wireless play


Has nothing to do with TV broadcast...

While local broadcasters may just be stupid (not understanding how it works) or rightfully concerned (well, MS made stuff doesn't work right most of the times), big TV studios objections have different explanation:

1) they want as few as possible content providers to compete with them, especially with alternative delivery channel:

2) speaking of tradistional channels - cable network operators would (who have absolutely no say in the matter legally) will pressure TV networks to the hilt to assure their own monopoly not just in content delivery, but internet access as well. Who the hell will pay cable co $50 a mounth to have incoming traffic "prioritised" (is this net nuetrality fall on it's face)?

This is not about rural regions at all - this is about New York, LA, etc. - places where sat tv and munisipal wi-fi are either technically or politically difficult to be made to work.


Admins accuse Microsoft of Draconian Hotmail cap


That's what you get when you choose wrong tool for a job...

Anyone remember leaked MS paper about hotmail's switchover from freeBSD to windows? "Eat your own dogfood" was the catch phrase - they're eating it indeed, having to reinvent the wheel just cause they can't use all those tools available for *nix

Plus, MS is just very bad at doing email - always was, always will be. I mean, what - hotmail's postmasters never heard about greylisting?