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What if IBM doesn't buy Sun?

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Probevue is better than dtrace

not that it matters

Data center budgets to stay course in 2009?

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We are cutting our budget by moving Sun to Power

We had so much success with VMWare for our infrastructure applications we are now moving all of our Oracle DB's, ERP and other mission critical applications to IBM Power. We sent two sysadmins to IBMs Solaris to AIX class and their PowerVM class and they came back with a plan to do what we have wanted to do with Sun for years.

Hopefully we will be able to avoid building a new datacenter next year with this project.

Funny how a technology can transform and organization from a cost center reporting to the CFO to a key strategic part of the business reporting directly to the CEO.

Merry Christmas! The only cuts we are looking to make are electric, software licenses and cost avoidance.

Sun market cap slips below $3bn

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Sun is now a penny stock

Ok...the share price is $3.95 but last year Jonathan decided to do a 4-1 stock split reversal.

If he had not done that it would be a .97 stock, but then again maybe it would not have fallen so much.

The first thing Sun needs to cut is the ROCK chip. The chip is a failure and Sun cannot afford to design/build/sell that experiment. Give all manufacturing to Fujitsu including the T machines.

Sun doused with red ink in Q1

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$3B in stock repurchases

Q. What it means when you buy back $3B in stock and the stock goes down?

A. You have wasted $3B

May 22, 2007

Would you give yourself an A, B, C, D or F?

Schwartz: I'm not going to give myself a letter grade. The single best grade for my management team's performance is our share price. It's gone up. We're having such a different interaction today with customers and partners. You have to remember two or three years ago it was not a pretty picture. We had a lot of folks who were writing us off or counting us out. No one today is writing us off or counting us out.

Stock price at day of interview: $21.52

Stock price today: $4.72

This is the end...this is end my friend

HP and Deutsche Post seal outsourcing deal

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The good ship itanic has arrived in Germany

Look out the good ship itanic is taking some more unwilling users on board.

Just goes to show that UPS and FedEx are king as DHL exits the ground biz in the states.

Google nabs patent for Sun's Project Blackbox?

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Does anyone care? Has Sun even sold any?

Has Sun sold any of these "black boxes"? or is this just a patent on a marketing gimic? (Freebies to Stanford do not count)