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Fans' loyalty questioned as iPhone popularity plummets


Re: Empires Rise...

"Given that Google make the only other mobile operating system that has mass market appeal I'm not sure I follow you..."

I think the point he was trying to make was that makers of android handsets, have competition to drive ahead innovation. Two years ago it was HTC that was top of the market for Android phones, now its samsung.

even though they are running the same OS and can run the asme apps, the interface usually gets tweaked to suit and at least you have the impression that you have a new phone. Upgrade from an Iphone 3gs to iphone 5,then with the exception of cosmetic changes you are still looking at the same GUI...

and with an android handset, when you switch to a new brand, at least you get to keep all your apps you have paid for....

Mysterious galactic glow caused by Hitchhikers' Krikkit style stars


the vastness of it all......

I would place a bet that in the entire universe is so big and diverse that no matter what babbling a science fiction writer comes up with, if you point a telescope in the right direction you will find an example of it in reality !!!

now to get back to the long dark teatime of the soul!!

Dyson alleges spy stole 'leccy motor secrets for Bosch


nothing new....

It SUCKS, but this sort of carry on has been going on since the invention of the vacuum cleaner.

i'll get my coat !

Übertroll firm bags DRM patent for 3D printing


Re: Complaints about patents

I'm just hoping there isn't a patent for having a sh*t in the woods.

Their is....

But as long as you are not a large fur covered mammal with large teeth and claws, with a predisposition for picnic baskets then your ok.... but proceed with caution !

Swiss photographer sues Apple for pilfering her eyeball


Re: Swiss Cheese Time?

"All Aplle had to do was just put on a new layer various strokes, some rouge, new eyelashes, and a generic, uncopyrighted face."

they would still need to paid for derivative works.....

UN locks Apple, Google, Microsoft in a room for patent peace summit


Re: Standards should be open and free.

"By your theory, I have to then go on to design, develop, market and sell my very own mobile phone, taking on Apple, Samsung, Motorola, et al, and make my money that way."

You forgot the bit where you have to pay lawyers millions in fees because the big boys gang up on you for infringing on the billions of stupid and vague patents they hold to the point they take your technology in settlement.....

That horrendous iPhone empurplement - you're holding it wrong


Re: Next iPhone accessory?

"I'm just waiting for the Apple patent application for a unwanted light refraction prevention cover."

As it has been in existence for a very long time I think apple will even understand getting a patent on it will be a frivolous task...

but what I have no doubt is that future iphones will have some sort of light reflection and anti-scattering technology built in, even if it is just smoother glass to reduce inhomogeneities on the lens and give it a stupid name they can trademark so they can advertise apple produces as the only product with iHood(r)(tm)(cu)(nt)

Fuming fanbois flood 'flimsy iPhone 5 Wi-Fi' forum


i wonder if the wireless AP's they are trying to connect to contain Samsung chips? LOL

Nintendo confirms Wii U region lock


slow day at the office?

This would only really count of news if in WASN'T region coded...

move on, nothing happening here !!

Now Apple cuts back on Samsung displays


It makes no difference if you believe Samsung copied Apple or agree with the court rulings around the world. But Samsung will have been well aware that as a supplier of components for several apple products, when they went into direct competition with apple that they would not be happy and would most likely reduce the amount of components they buy from them.

The overall thing would have been if they think that the profits from producing phones and tablets under their own brand would, on the whole, outweigh the loss of income from sales of components to Apple.

Other things to consider is that as they were producing screens for apple, capacity for supplying other tablet or phone companies would have been restricted which will now open up again.

bottom line, I dont think Samsung will worry to much if they dont supply Apple,

LONDON iPHONE 5 MADNESS: 'You must be CRAZY to buy Apple'


"Both firmed up around 200AD into the religious we know and love today but they'd had very different starts."

Wooohhhaaa... know and love? I don’t think so. know..maybe... love, definitely not !!

I am aware that most modern religions based around Christianity rose up around 200AD and all of them based on difrent scriptures. Some faith saccepted some of the scriptures, others did not depending if it "fitted in" in what they were forging out. Most shunned the Profit Mohammed and would not accept he was a true profit, rejecting that the Angel Gabriel came to him. , others embraced his words.

Its all the rejection or acceptance that I refer to as twisting.

As for Jesus being celibate, Just because he may or may not have been a Nazirite does not make him celibate, The part of the bible that teaches that Jesus was celibate was when Paul was teaching the believers in Corinth that a person unhindered by marriage can do Gods work better.

"Corinthians 7:32-35....I would like you to be free from concern. An unmarried man is concerned about the Lord’s affairs—how he can please the Lord. But a married man is concerned about the affairs of this world—how he can please his wife— and his interests are divided. An unmarried woman or virgin is concerned about the Lord’s affairs: Her aim is to be devoted to the Lord in both body and spirit. But a married woman is concerned about the affairs of this world—how she can please her husband. I am saying this for your own good, not to restrict you, but that you may live in a right way in undivided devotion to the Lord."

in Matthew 19, Jesus said the person who can accept this challenge of celibacy should accept it,But It does not say that he is indeed is or was celibate all of his life.

I don’t particularly like any of the mainstream religions. They mostly are self serving, The catholic church for instance could wipe out third world debt. They horde billions of pounds worth of treasures, they hide away documents and don’t allow them to be scrutinised, but declare the contents to be true....

Most, if not all are the cause of wars.

But at the same time, I may dislike religion and I have often referred to religion as the poor mans opium, but I do not like to be a bigot about it and probably have read and understood more of the bible than most who go and waste 2 hours in the morning and another 2 in the evening on Sundays, Jesus said that you don’t have to go to gods house to prey, he is omnipresent, he hears you everywhere... but people are compelled to, more so by the Catholic church who will send the priest out if you miss Sunday... heaven forbid the collection plate is a little light.....

their again, I might go to hell !!!

Big Brother

"You'll be telling us the Jesus existed next!"

Actually its very probable a man walked the holy land approximately 2000 years ago, going by the name of "Jesus of Nazareth" preaching that we all should be nice to each other.......

the very debatable part is if he was the son of God, Jobe, Jehovah, Allah or any of the other names for god. Was he actually born to the Virgin Mary, (even though she was married to Joseph and very unlikely to be a virgin), did he actually perform any of the miracles attributed to him?

the problem is that the original stories have been twisted and lost (probably deliberately) to make his teachings into a religion. and in a lot of cases those twists are only done to self serve the hierarchy of the founders of the religion.

It has long been believed that Jesus was most probably married, (most likely to Mary Magdalene), there would have been something seriously wrong if a 25+ year old Jewish boy was not married!! but this does not fit in with what the catholic church wanted.

Did Jesus exist? probably... was he anything other than a ordinary (forward thinking) man, probably not... , Was he the son of god?.... As I don’t believe in omnipresent beings, No !!!

Big brother icon, because he is watching you.... god is not !!

Apple scrambled to hire iOS 6 maps engineers DAYS before launch


on going for your job interview, just don’t rely on apples mapping service!!!

Apple's brilliant plan to fix iOS Maps: Get YOU to do it


in other news,,,,,

Scientists measuring the irregularity in the axis the earth spins on have detected a sudden and spectacular rise in its irregularity....

They have tracked the cause of this added irregularity to a plot of land in Alta Mesa, where approximately 6 feet below ground, the remains of Steve Jobs are turning rapidly after the release of the mapping service on IOS6

Got a BMW? Thicko thieves can EASILY NICK IT with $30 box


Re: A poor excuse

"......but prevent access to the really important bits?"

that’s the point of the ODB system...... so that you are not locked into a visit to the dealers for ANY part of a repair for your car.

I can think of a few ways to make it secure without compromise, but price would be the overall factor that would rule it out as viable for mass production.

Apple iPhone 5 hands-on review


Re: Expensive?

"What about re-sale?"

My daughter has hung on to get the iphone 5 as an upgrade from the 3gs... and ass its been locked up in a hard-case, always had a screen protector, still got all the box and packaging, unused ear-buds and unused charger, it is in perfect "as new" condition, I am expecting to get a more than reasonable price for it.....


Re: its rubbish

who cares about the iphone5 , nobody can tell the difference... even iphone owners !!


UK.gov blacklists Fujitsu from future contracts - report


on the other hand....

It makes me wonder how many suppliers have blacklisted UK Gov and would request they don’t consider asking them them to bid for public service contracts

Broadband minister's fibre cabinet gripe snub sparks revolt


work in partnership.... dont make me laugh.....

"It is more important that councils work in partnership with broadband companies to locate infrastructure sensibly."

It depends on your standpoint, For the broadband company, ascetics is of least concern, (unless apple decide to go into broadband) whereas its the home owners who object, and as they vote for the councilors, they take up the battle.

The thing is, its all about compromise. as far as the home owners are concerned, they will compromise as long as the result is not outside their house, then they have to compromise with the next door neighbour.....

as its not actually installed on the residents property then unless its blocking access to their property then they can just STFU.

The best way forward is to canvas the local area of where the cabinet CAN be placed to see if they can find someone that will not object to it outside their house. Even go to the point of offering free or discounted Broadband to the current occupant. If they cant find a willing resident, then the site that has the least % of footprint to pavement ratio should be used.. Next thing is that it needs to be sited in such away that it does not cause an obstruction to pedestrians. If BT can do this autonomously then let them get on with it.


Re: Seriously

I would site two of them outside her house.....

Microsoft to comply with Brussels over browser choice gaffe


somewhere someone is missing the point....

the thing that strikes me is that it took 17 months for anyone to notice, never mind Microsoft. Surely the people that were crying about IE in the first place should have noticed..

so the thing that springs to mind is that nobody gives a rats ass about the browser choice thing. The whole antitrust investigation and fines was just a waste of time, effort and money....

joke, because the whole fiasco is one !!!

Fanboi beats 'e-trespassing' rap after using GPS to find stolen iPad


Re: Cerberus app

"If apple wanted, they could brick the iPad remotely."

The operative word here is IF......

How many times has this actually been done? Is there a procedure apple have set up to get your idevice remotely locked? what about unlocking it if you get it back? In fact, Every phone on the market can be blocked from accessing the mobile network from its unique identifier or IMEI number....

Cerberus only costs a few quid.. less than £5 and the fact I can act straight away to block access and track my phones location way before the manufacturer may or may not do something is worth the price....

and lets face, regardless of the brand of the phones, they really have little incentive to block or provide help in replacing your device. The fact that somewhere along the line an insurance policy is most likely to be replacing the item, to them its another sale.

and anyway, on the two occasions that I have misplaced my phone, it has took me about 2 minutes to find my phone. First time it located it in my car parked in the street, it had come out of my pocket and slid under the seat. the other time I located it in the van I had hired. It had been returned in the night with the keys posted in a box so I could not gain access to it until the following morning. At least I knew where it was and proof of where it was if needed. On the other hand, My daughter lost her iphone, as it turned out, it was in her school bag. It had got through a hole in the lining and even though she emptied the bag she couldn’t find it, we tried ringing it, but as she was in school it was set to silent, so that was no good. It was getting to the point where we were going to have to report it to the network provider and get the sim locked when she found it. If it was an android device with cerberus installed, I could have remotely taken it of silent and found it almost straight away....

so don’t tell me I don’t need it.... I know I don’t need it, but I want it, and want a similar app for the iphone that will not be removed by a factory reset...

Big Brother

Cerberus app

I use cerberus on my android phone.

it is installed into ROM so even a factory reset will not remove it from the phone. Its also hidden from the apps list. I can lock it or wipe it remotely. I can place a message on screen telling anyone who finds it where to return it to. If they clear the message, the phone takes and emails me a picture. It will tell me its exact position via GPS and will also give me its history of where its been. Give me a list of numbers its been used to call. Copies of all the texts. and the best one of all... even if they pull the simcard out, when they put a new one in, it will send me a SMS message to a number I set, telling me the new phone number along with all the other details of the new SIM.

It only cost a couple of quid too and I can register up to 4 handsets on the one account. Its worth every penny just on the off chance I loose my phone....

The thing with an apple iphone/pad I dont think a security app can be installed in such a way that it can survive a factory reset..... not unless you jailbreak it anyway.....

Why is the iPhone so successful? 'Cause people love 'em


Re: @JEDIDIAH - and M. Gale, and Marty etc

at least we have the balls to put our names to our posts.....

and i stand by my comment that if you willingly overpay for re-badged 2 year old, crippled technology then you are going to defend your purchase..

one thing I will say positive about the iphone is that they hold the 2nd hand value very well. My daughter has a 3GS that since the day she got it was placed in a hard case and a screen protector. She now wants a new iphone 5 when it comes out. The 3GS still has the original box, all the packing, brand new ear buds & charger, not a single scratch on it anywhere. I expect to get a more than reasonable price for it.

my daughter is a very happy iphone user.....


Re: but I thought I just read that Samsung sells more phones than Apple.

"I do love this attitude - 'Everyone would agree with me... if only everyone was as damn smart as I am'."

that is far from what was said or even implied.... typical fanboiisam

I dont want everyone to agree with me... I don’t think an android handset or a iphone is right for everyone. I don’t assume or even think I am smarter than everyone or anyone else.

I have requirements from my phone that a iphone just cannot provide therefore I choose a android handset. I do believe I have better technical skills than most people in my circle of friends, but probably a lot lower than a lot of people that play the dick waving contests on the comments sections of the register...

and for clarity, my primary reason for my choice of android handset is that I wanted to produce an app that would only be of use to my and my business. It would cost me £100 to buy the apple SDK that would enable me to install my app on my phone. If I needed to roll out the app to other users, this would mean submitting it to the app store or jailbreak the iphone.... the SDK for the android platform is free and I can install apps from any source. For some people this would be very undesirable but for me essential.

It is a statement of fact that apple make products that are easy to use and allegedly "just work" including the iphone, so does that not suggest they are ideal for the less tech savvy?


Re: but I thought I just read that Samsung sells more phones than Apple.

Samsung do sell more phones than apple.... but Samsung sell different model numbers each phone unique... Apple only sell iPhones....

My personal opinion is that I hate apple products. But that is because of my own view of the technical side of actually owning one.... for the less technical savvy person they are great... very little to get confused with. It does what it does very well in a simple way.

The problems start with a iphone when a user gets one but they really want an android handset. so long as you are happy to play in a walled garden they are fine... and to be honest, most iphone users don’t even notice the wall...

also, as you have to pay a premium price for any apple product, you have to justify the price you paid. Telling everyone how wonderful it is is part of the mantra you adopt in being a apple customer.... Myself I cant justify the cost. Not when a new macbook pro costs £1800 and for £1000 I can get laptop with the same hardware specs. and hack a version of osx on it. Performance and stability-wise its exactly the same... but I cant justify £800 on it looking pretty...

but what do I know... my 16 year old daughter says she never wants any other phone than a iphone !

now where did I put my galaxy note !!! I lost it in my pocket again !!

UK ice boffin: 'Arctic melt equivalent to 20 years of CO2'

Black Helicopters

how about this.....

maybe the plan all along was put into place from a bunch of forwards thinking nuclear physicists...

through the late 70's and 80's when people where shitting themselves over nuclear power and how dangerous it was, and that the environmentalists were bleating on about three eyed fish and our kids glowing in the dark, the only way forward for nuclear power was to get the environmentalists on side....

we all know that the so called renewable power generators although do produce not insignificant amounts of power, it costs too much and the economy really cant afford it. The Arabs have a stranglehold on oil, every time someone as much as throws a stone in protest in the middle east the price of oil goes up (but never comes down again) coal is running out, here in the UK we cant settle on a site to store gas extracted in the north sea during the summer months to last us through the winter...

Throw into the mix the situation that all fossil powered generation may or may not be screwing up the environment, The only way forward at a price we can afford which in normal operation has very little impact on the environment is nuclear power. Even the environmentalists have come around to this way of thinking. But it took the panic over AGW to make them reconsider nuclear...

The last 30 or more years should have been spent in making reprocessing nuclear waste and making nuclear power stations as safe as possible instead of wasting it on renewable follies. Instead, by the end of 2014 we are going to be suffering from brownouts and a general shortage of generated power along with increased prices. It will end up mains electric supplies are going to be for the rich !!.

Toothbrush fixes ISS’ stuck bolt


Re: Resourcefulness

"It's this kind of resourcefulness that makes me think we should just bloody well get on and go to Mars and cope as best we can when we get there"

this sort of resourcefulness has pretty much been lost to the younger generations. Everything is handed to them on a plate. If things break, just replace it with a new one is the current mantra....

things like meccano, lego and airfix models have been replaced with smartphones fondleslabs and games consoles. they get lessons on how to pass an exam and still have no clue on the subjects they have supposed to have learned. that along with a nanny state telling us what’s good for us we have lost the ability to think for yourself and work a problem out..... todays solution is to just replace it..... but that’s a little difficult on the ISS....

about as resourceful as they get these days is to carry a spare battery for your phone, and its a sorry state really when improvising an abrasive brush makes the news. I have a feeling that if the world was not in such a poor state of economics that they would have just sent up a new nut and bolt ...

hats off and pass those guys a beer from me when they get back for using the resources available to fix stuff....


crappy toolbox....

everyone knows the first rule of stocking a toolbox is the essentials...

if it is supposed to move and doesn’t = WD40

if it moves and is not supposed to = Duck Tape

the next essential bit of kit is the targeted variable force pummel ....

everything eles is optional....

'Nutjob' serves half-baked Raspberry PI scam


Lol, that guy is like the talky toaster on Red dwarf.....

Australia won't back away from data retention plan



you canmake the most secure and robust server for storing personal data. you can have it log everyone that access and data or alters it. You can prevent anyone without the correct level of privilege on the system from accessing anything including logs...xc

the falling down point is when the system is perfect, but the management of the system are clueless. you know the one, a single login a whole department, people using other peoples logins. plus a whole host of acts of stupidity from the people in charge....

the only way to keep the data safe on a computer is to not have it on computers...

Bruce Willis didn't Buy Hard: His girls can't inherit his iTunes


not allowed

"Best option - buy the CD/DVD and rip/convert it yourself."

In the USA, If you have to circumvent any copy protection or region coding of a DVD/blueray or CD then you are in breach of the DMCA..... your not allowed.... and because its not allwed in the USA the music and film industry think its applicable here in th UK to.

Global strategic maple syrup reserves hit in Canadian mega-heist


Re: What maple syrup

yes, it is a little bit suspicious....

When the USA producers of Maple syrup have a failed harvest, but just a few miles to the north they have business as usual sounds a little suspicious to me.

I bet the crop was just as bad as in the south so they just pretended it was business as usual and are going to claim on the insurance.....

the remaining harvest will retail at a premium, they get the money back for the lost harvest, they are in a win win situation.....

Apple and Google in talks to end patent war?


Re: Apple vs Samsung

is Michael Wolff that arrogant that he believes that crap? If he honestly believes that apple is the "most American company" and is "synonymous with American virtue" and a "major point of American pride" then he seriously need to take a step back and take a look at himself and his values if he thinks that apples shenanigans are something to be proud of...

Apple have been nothing but bullies and full of their own self importance, they try to crush the marketplace into submission because they are bigger and have a bigger... they take other peoples work spin it around, re-badge and brand it and sell it as their own idea... they go back on their word, even when they loose in court, they don’t care, they just go ahead as normal**...

Hmmm... but on reflection, maybe he's right !!I'll get my coat...

**Apple computer vs apple music - Apple computer were forbidden to enter the music market using the name Apple. Apple music are not in a strong enough financial position to take them back to the courts to get an enforcement

Jury awards Apple $1bn damages in Samsung patent case


American company, American court, American jury against Johny foreigner... is anyone really surprised?

I bet the appeal papers are already in the hands of the lawyers....

and i am sick of popcorn

Sony pushes patent for interactive TV ads


stop all this crying about adds...

I don’t know how bad it is for adds in programming in the USA but here in the UK its relay quite minimal.3 to 4 min every 20min of programming. its actually paying for the stuff your watching, live with it....

and for heavens sake, turn over to watch something else for 3 min? get a life are you so wound up that the burble of adds for a few minutes are going to drive you over the edge? most of the population use the time to grab a brew or reply to a text message, or look at some crap on facebook / twitter.....

if TV winds you up that much, find something else to do...

LG making thin screens possibly FOR THE NEW iPHONE


all this iphone vs the world is getting on my nerves now.

people get to wound up and blood pressure raised over speculations.... calmdown before you all have a stroke,,,

the fanbois / girlz will all want an iphone 5 no matter how crap / good it is. The fan-droids will hate it no matter how crap / good it is. its just the way of the world....

I don even care how good the iphone may be,I don’t want one, I don’t like apple. I will never own any of their products. not until they change things like taking down the walled garden. But the thing is, that the sort of thing that makes apple who they are and I would have even less respect for them if they didn’t stick to their principles.

Apple are way behind the rest when it comes to integrating things into a phone that we all expect to be there, facetime for heavens sake, I have been able to do video calls since the days of my NEC e313 about 10 years ago. the thing that apple are good at though is that people have never been interested in video calling, but apple will package it up and brand it in such a way that it becomes compelling.....

the thing I hate most about the apple phones are that they are closed to connect to other phones except for a phone call and text messages. Its ridiculous I cant send a picture or video via bluetooth, or send a"business card"...

now which pocket is my galaxy note in?

The problem with wireless: all those effin' wires


Re: Longer USB cables = FAIL

"WHY there is such a stupid maximum length, I have no idea. Anyone at Intel reading this? (I think it was Intel whio invented USB). Anyway, we're stuck with it."

I don’t work for Intel, but dont you remember ohms law while doing physics at school.... the longer the cable, the higher its resistance?.... the higher resistance the greater the volt drop?

Shops 'mislead punters' over phone contract prices


Re: Misleading is wrong but...

"My personal feeling on this is that if you can only barely afford your £20+ per month tariff"

Its not about the actual cost, its about being fair. If they advertise a contract at £25 per month on a 2 year contract, that's what I expect to pay.

now here's a thing, If the company or its agent vary that contract, for example tell you that it wont go up, and you have that in writing or a verbal agreement, (record the phone call) then they have varied the terms and conditions and need to give you it in writing within 14 days or the whole T&C becomes null and void. If the carphone warehouse sales person admits he told you it wouldn’t go up, but then says afterwards it was a mistake, it may even be a honest mistake, then that contract has been miss sold and you can get out of it.

I am on three, and according to the coverage map I should get very good signal indoors, fact is I dont, and after a lot of calls and arguing I accepted an offer of a reduction in the price of my price-plan over getting out the contract. I currently pay £4 per month for 500 cross network minutes, unlimited texts and 3GB data.... there is no way I am going to upgrade, Iwill just buy a new phone as and when I want one. If you time it right, you can sell your old one and not take too much of a hit.... I will replace my old phone with a new one every 8 to 10 months and loose out on less than £100 quid.... over the year, it costs me around 15 to £20 per month for the latest and greatest phone where everyone else is paying £35 to £45 for the same deal.... even without the reduction it would still cost less and I dont have to wait 2 years to get a new phone, an added bonus if I hate the handset got...

now where is me keys and where is me phone !!

BBC gives itself a gold in 700Gbit-a-second Olympic vid sprint


Re: ch 4

"1) It's not funny"

the think is a lot of the so called comedians steal the jokes from sickapedia and post them on twatter or on whichever channel 4/5 show they are on....

in the right environment, to the right audience everything said in jest is indeed a joke. just because you may not find it funny does not mean it is not funny. in my opinion, i don’t like it when jokes like those have personal attachment to it, but It dont think its my place tell people its wrong... comedians I don’t like or do not find funny I don’t watch... there are hundreds of other channels on tv to watch.

dont let it get back to how it was in the late 70's 80's when mary whitehouse and clan were objecting and complaining about stuff just because they heard it was in their opinion "poor taste", you know, like the daily fail brigade who complain about an advert because someone the majority of the nation is sick of seeing in adverts gets blown up with a comedy rocket launcher, or the end of a 40 year old film has to altered because ONE person complained Q

A famous comedian that a lot of people find offensive once said something that has stuck with me ever since because never a truer word had been said,. He said that someone somewhere is always the butt of the joke,, somebody is going to be offended. you need to treat those jokes you find offensive as a tax against the ones you do find funny.

but the fact remains, a joke is only funny if it is told in the right environment....

Reg readers scrap over ultimate bacon sandwich


Re: Head above parapet

I have a few problems with your post.....

"As a veggie I can only presume that you dead animal eaters have buggered your taste buds that much that you need all that spice"

it has been my experience that vegetarian food is so bland that it takes a variety of spices and seasoning to actually make the food interesting to the pallet...

"2 Vege Sausages"

now here's the thing, Most low end supermarket sausages only have a 5% meat content and only just qualify as a meat product.. that aside, If your going to eat meat, eat meat, "fake meat" is a crime against the culinary world. its wrong, it has no place in society. never refer to something that has NO meat as a sausage !!

"** yes yes, an egg isn't a vegetable, but in fact a chickens period"

now this is where I have to put on my pedantic hat.... a chickens egg is not a chickens period, it is in fact a chickens ovulation....

Vegetarians should be the first against the wall when the revolution comes....

Not a Cloud in my holiday sky


Re: You wouldn't steal a car?!?

"if I leave the front door open it remains illegal to help yourself to the contents of my house"

if you leave your frond door wide open, then anyone walking into your house is only committing an ( civil) offence of trespass once you ask them to leave.. it only becomes criminal once they pick something up with the intention of permanently depriving you of it.

I have said this before and I will say it again, you leave a wifi open, broadcasting a SSID, then when you scan for wifi on your device and tap on "connect" you REQUEST access.... if your equipment is set up and configured in such a way that that REQUEST is granted by issuing an IP address and allowing you on the network then I cant see how that can possibly be seen and "unauthorised" if you use any security even something as basic as MAC filtering, then bypassing that security then its unauthorised....

Google to skew search results to punish PIRATES


Re: Ho Hum

I already do.... to avoid the bulk of websites selling products related to my search....

I tried finding a review for printer a week or so ago, the first 3 pages were websites selling said printer, or websites that list comparisons of prices on the websites....

the first real review, and not just a fake customer review came on page 3.....

Snap suggests Apple out to 'screw' hardware hackers


another good point....

another good point to having the apple logo design as the screw head would be trademark infringement of anyone making and selling screwdrivers for them....

hmmm, i wonder if i can patent the use of trademark designs as screw head patterns...

Vodafone and pals can't kick the habit of cheap mobe prices


pay your money, take your choice !

everyone has the power of choice.....

the only thing I find wrong with getting a "free" phone with my 2 year contract is that 12 months into the contract I am sick of the sight of the phone. 18 months in and I am looking at whats the best deal for when I upgrade...

If it suits you to buy your own phone and get a pay as you go sim then do it,

my missus pays £4 per month for her contract from 3, for unlimeted 3 to 3, 3GB data, 300 any network mins, and 1000 texts.... this is because she stayed with the same contract for the last 7 years and just uses my old phones....

Android app DRM quietly disabled due to bug


Re: The Apple route

"still making up my mind between Open/ApacheOffice and LibreOffice, though....."

oh please, I have LibreOffice, on my ubuntu desktop, just for the connivance of opening MS office docs without switching to my windows machine.... at best its on par with office 95..... perfectly fine for a home user, but for a business/corp users, lets get real....

the TCO between linux, windows and osx is not to far apart. but for business users it just makes more sense to go with the most common deployed office suite to keep the cost of training to a minimum... I really cant be doing with support calls to the IT department because someone cant find and use a basic office function....

Storing punters' till receipts? UK.gov wants you to hand it over


Re: Fail Whale

"Simple then, pay cash ! Stuff you Big Brother !"

until they ban cash sales.... it will all end up with card transactions...


I was just about to post near enough the same thing !!

its the same old story of legislation creep. just like they did with the IWF, sold it to us on the "think of the children" ticket and the promise it would only ever be used for kiddy porn.... now we government bods being paid off by "big media corp" to push alleged copyright infringement onto the same blocks.... "because the infrastructure is already there to do it"

how long until they ban cash sales because its too hard to trace?

where’s my coat? can someone point me in the direction to the way out of 1984

Will Samsung's patent court doc leak backfire spectacularly?


Re: I will be the first to admit that....

"As an Apple stockholder, I would be much more upset if Apple failed to defend its intellectual property from obvious theft."

I would agree but for one thing,....