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Apple blocks cheaper UK iPod sales

Gareth Potter


Bit disappointing, this. Still, it's typical of rip-off Britain. Remember Tesco selling Levis jeans at American prices? They soon put a stop to that...

One other thing – hate to nitpick, but an undertaking is a guarantee, not, say, an injunction or some other demand to cease doing something, so Messrs Bird & Bird can't be issuing undertakings demanding these retailers stop selling "grey iPods".

I'll get my coat. For being the local pe'dant (sic).

Sarko Killer and Bruni sue Ryanair

Gareth Potter
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Lester, you are my hero.

Paris Hilton exits missionary position to save Universe

Gareth Potter
Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton Drops Everything For Fashion Election

Ls and Rs not confused

Only Sky can save digital TV

Gareth Potter

What dross is this...?

Shame. You had a couple of good points (e.g. the +1 channels _are_ a complete waste of spectrum), but ruin it all with shilling for Sky and apparent confusion over what ITV is - you say it is a PSB channel but then acknowledge it is funded entirely by advertising. ITV demonstrates that ad-funded telly _can_ work, so it blows apart your argument entirely, but don't let that stop you...

I'm not sure whether this is as bad as or worse than the Cade Metz troll The Reg rolls out for Apple articles. Perhaps it is the same person...!?