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Heathrow T5 security tackles Transformers t-shirt threat



Now that is just stupid!

FFS! I recently wore my replica H Bomb shirt (French band, immortalised by AC/DC drummer) on a plane.. not one bat of an eyelid!

I could get arrested for that?!?!?

Oh, this is just truly beyond belief. The Freaking Pathetic Squad seem to have been labottomised!!

(Spelling bad? Who fucking cares!! I'm pissed off!!)


NHS IT loses key contractor


@ amanfrommars

phuck me.. I actually understood that!!

Someone higher up touched on it: If you want to consolidate a system, don't use two different suppliers for the North and South... So simplistic, it just screams "phuck up"

Want a 1TB optical drive? Call/Recall me

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@Andy S

Agreed whole-heartedly! The way people are resistant to Blu-ray (for one reason or another) I'd doubt anyone would be any further forward by 2010. i mean, how long has it taken to HiDef to take hold?

It's going to be a LONG time before 'the new Extra-Hi-Def' takes hold. especially now that most (if not all) new releases are now being sold as DVD or Blu Ray.


Canon Digital Ixus 80 IS compact camera


Agreed (somewhat)

I sort of agree with you.

More pixels in such a tiny area is pointless. I think we hit the highest resolution for a 'digital camera' a year or two ago.

I want my digital cameras to have BIGGER sensors. Yup, I want a 35mm sensor with the correct number of pixels in it (personally, I do not know how many that would be). ideally, a nice Mamiya with 35mm digital back along with a medium format digital back... oh wait.. dont' they have those already...?

Anyway, bring on the not-making-lense-ratios-more-complex digital cameras :o)

Christian Bale signs for Terminator trilogy


@CTG & Darren

**Ahem.. Geek alert!!**

Actually, I think you'll find that Christian will be the 6th actor to play John Connor..

You forgot Little John C in the playground played by Dalton Abbott (the scene where Linda H gets flambeyed!)

*checks tie, nods to the commenters, and leaves quickly before getting his head kicked in!*

Motorola dodges $4bn damages



That would be a pretty big downside, but I thought the main reason for one was for wilderness communications? i thought the cost of using one in, say, a city would have been massively over priced versus a mobile phone call. I could see this being used at places with no civilisation (Everest, Gobi..etc)

Shame really, as it would have been perfect for some of my expeditions

PS3 update fails to fix Grand Theft Auto IV woes

Dead Vulture

news to me

I know that GTA4 freezes on the PS3 60Gb the first time you load it, but that's easy to sort (just sign out of PSN before you load it - just for the first load up - you can log on as normal aftwards). Have never had any games "just freeze".. I've had a few 360 games freeze, but that's just down to overheating I think. I've heard no one else having any other issues with GTA4 on a PS3 (and that is quite a few over differing versions of a PS3)

Hmmm.. Patch seems to be ok too on all my games (yup, including COD4)

@Mark - not sure it causes the RRoD itself, but I hear there are quite a few glitches on the xbox version. Sure it'll be overlooked once the "DLC" comes out.

Yeah, not sure about this article....

Sony: world PS3 sales pass 12.8m consoles


oh and..

remember who is wanting all of those lock-ins "@ Schroeder (and all other Sony fanbois) " AC? That's right, the industries they are producing these formats for. Agreed that Sony has both a movie and music arm to their wing, but they each run seperately with only a few collusions. Not defending them, as Rootkits are pants, but let's get the "Story Straight"

"Sony is hostile to the consumer markets in a similar way that M$ is hostile to consumer markets; and neither is good for anyone" - Agreed, but at least we have got this far by what they have developed. Hard hitting for the early adopters in some cases, but ultimately things sort themselves out in the end. This is the world we live in, try as you might, it'll be difficult to change.


Queue Rants at "Mark".. again

*Yawnage* and before the fella has even posted.


"Microsoft not worried about Sony?"

Erm.. what Forum is that then? i think you are being very biased as I would place the Xbox and PS3 with AVFreaks/Hardcore/Online Gamer. Can't seperate them, and i think your info is just good ol' fashioned fanboy "FUD" ;o)

There will always be +ves and -ves for each of the Phony/Micro$haft machines.. Pick the one you want and stop bleating about how bad the other one is..

Yes, the "DLC" is available for the Xbox... Whoppee do. More money spent by the M$. Bothered? Nope, as my online experience is still free. Yup, still got my Elite, but not for GTA4.

Vendor touts notebook as desktop server replacement

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Ok, I suppose it mimicks a server(ish), but I've been running Server 2003 on my bog standard IBM with no issues at all. I even get 3 hours battery life...

So um, for a 6th of the price, i get something that works, but not as server like as this..

Think I'll stick with the IBM..

Taser gun usage soaring among UK cops

Paris Hilton

All good

All good in my book - with the 'accurate' recording of usages, and the marks to prove it, I'm sure it'll enable the Boys-in-Blue to disperse the pesky Yoofs of today with a short, sharp zap!

"Let that be a lesson, m'lad. Now, go on home and.." ZAP! "..be quick about it!"

All we need next is the amazing ID Cards :o)

Paris, because she'd get my truncheon anyday!

Windows XP SP3 blame game begins



Runs fine on my Vic20... Going to try it on the ZX81 next!

GTA IV PS3 fights off resolution woes in the UK



..seems as thought it depends what you like. The Xbox seems to be 'harsher' where as the ps3 seems to be "softer". prefer the PS3 to be completely honest, but the Xbox has the elusive additional island.. But then, once i've completed GTA4, I doubt I'd want ANOTHER island to explore.. I'd probably be sick of it :o)

Either way, I think the console community is in a win-win situation. Good honest game play with a good honest game. Roll on the post!

Sky One to resurrect Blake's 7?

Dead Vulture

Wooo.. Hang on a cotton friggin minute here...

"among chaps of a certain age for the presence of Jacqueline Pearce"...


*EDIT : there was a bit here ranting and raving about how Jacks looked a bit too boyish for a young chap, and couldn't possibly be considered a sex symbol. This has been removed due to it being far too indepth, sarcastic, and down right objectionable to those that did indeed fancy Jacks...*

Give me Sally Knyvette ANYDAY.. Now THERE is a woman which a bit of passion with 80's pornstar hair! Woof!

Aside from that, I second Cap'n Wotsit to some extent. Hear Hear

Sony to bring GTA IV PS3 bundle to Blighty

Dead Vulture

Maximum Yawnage

*YAWN* @ Sony for bringing out another tie-in box set...

*YAWN* @ XBOX fanbois for the usual FUD and drivel...

Come on El Reg.. some decent stories if you please, and not another outlet more heckling and one-up-man-ship.

Sony posts PS3 firmware 2.30


@AC "@PS3 and DivX"

.... Sorry, incorrect.

Sitting here with Xvid, and DivX, including WMVs and the PS3 plays them all spot on. Now, they also play exactly the same on the XBOX. So, i would suggest you check your 'legit download' site for better quality film files. Or actually have them side-by-side to test, as I'm sorry, I do not believe you when I have factual proof in front of me. Name the file and I will search for it and test it.. Also, name the version of your machines so that I can check with friends if yours is different to mine.

Go on, do it.

Really doubting some of these "Factual" posts...


HD DVD sales still solid despite format's failure


...oh ffs..

"It's really sad that Sony won this one, reg readers know their history and tactics. "

Groan... Anything else? Or is that just for starters?

EVERY company has a "history" and has had "tactics".. Are you trying to say that the "consortium" behind HD-DVD doesn't have a "history" or has had "tactics"??

I was sort of right with you (but you seem to "want a moon on a stick") until your last 2 sentences..

'Jisus' Eee-alike sub-notebook to use Chinese Atom-smasher


"Help me, Jee-Bus!"

When's the Homer Simpson decal'd one coming out?? :oD

Buffalo makes big noise over tiny terabyte NAS box



Well that's sorted the PS3's streaming :o)

Think I quite agree with most peeps here when they say that historically, the 2.5 drives are pretty pants when it comes down to durability. Then again, having a couple of these knocking around: one with MP3s, one with movies, and one with pics on them would be pretty nice for me!

... but let's hope they work and are reasonably priced..

Microsoft denies Lite-On Blu-ray rumour

Paris Hilton


An extremely valid point there, Sir!

The only way that could happen is if they brought out a BR version with the BD-J software on the XBOX.. I have absolutely no odea what that would do to games/software that use the Virtual Machine code... So, ergo, viz-a-vie, I guess there can not be a BR version of the XBOX.

Hmmm... What will they do now? Games are progressively getting more and more detailed requiring more and more data storage on discs. i.e. (PURELY AN EXAMPLE!!) Take Killzone 2 - the lead designer has already said if KZ2 was a multiplatform, they couldn't put it on anything that didn't have 20gb of storage space on a disc (so.. not a multiplatform then.. His example was that one level of KZ1 is the same amount of data for one character in KZ2[!!!] source - Playstation Magazine). Just an example, mind.


@AC "@Mark"



Ok, so maybe not a new island as per the 360, but still some DLC - also worth noting that MS are bunging Rockstar a SIGNIFICANT amount of money to get exclusivity (possibly for a year only). Sounds like they are threatened.. personally, I don't see why.. Alot like the 'half-price' xbox titles that are being launched recently. Guessing that's going to hit the old profits somewhat..





Hmm.. 42 weeks to 60 weeks..

RE: Online Facility:

Oh, do shut up - the XBOX might have more content that the PS3, but it has also been out longer.. so erm.. yeah, that's really the casing point on that fact. As for the quality - no way matey, unless you are using another service than I am, yo uhave to admit that the service is nothing short of diabolical... It's just so... natty *bleugh*


Blu-ray Xbox 360 to be sold at a loss?


@ AC "'Next-gen' bollocks..."

Oh do shut up and get with the lingo!


@ jai

Aye sir - I stand thankfully corrected. Thank you, Kind Sir.

Wii is still number 1, but seriously; it is NOT a next-gen console. Again, i own one, love one, and cherish it ;o)


@ AC - Let me be the first to say

Actually, it's:

MS to shift 2m XBOX360s in the UK takes 104 Months

Sony to shift 1m PS3s in the UK takes 51 Months

So on course for being roughly the same sales rates according to the above.

You are correct to assume a 18month headstart though with only a 5.5million lead.

Not sure that MS will go Blu-Ray. MS have really cut the price of the Xbox down to an almost poultry sum for a next gen machine (Can anyone say "Firesale"?) making it so affordable that they would then risk eating into profits by selling an addon for a loss? Let's be honest - after the slating they gave Sony, do you really think that they would start to sell parts of their consoles at a loss?? Doubt it.

*Wii is not included in the above due to it not being a next gen console - yes i own one, yes I love it, yes in terms of sales it "kicks the Llama's ass" but the statement still stands*

US teen cuffed for disposable camera 'Taser'


That's it...

.. penalise an inquisitive pupil for finding out for himself how things work..

Good job Sir Isaac Newton didn't go to that school...

Copper Dunn - you are a considerable cretin! Leave teaching to the professionals..

Blu-ray 'to bloom', now HD DVD's dead



"And there is the flaw in your argument. Fact is the *vast* majority of the population (in the UK at least), *do not* have TVs that size. Even 32" is big for most people"

Interestingly, you are indeed wrong. The uptake on 'large' flat screens is unprecedented. CRTs are being dumped at local waste tips faster than they can actually recycle the darn things, and this is all by families. Now, where you argument could fit is with the kids who have a blu-ray player in their bedroom.

But that is besides the point. The vast uptake of PS3 (for example) purchases demographically is by males between the 20-35 according to numerous sources (El Reg being one of them) who have means to buy said machine and screen.

I do, however agree that if you have a screen less that (say) 32" it is somewhat pointless to upgrade to a HiDef player.




Some of you guys are born comedians... no really you are! lol!!

I'm really interested in reading all of the posts, and can only come up with the assumption that quite a few have not seen the difference between a HD-DVD/BluRay movie and an upscaled DVD... (Note the use of BOTH formats, no matter who won). You CAN tell, yes, you CAN. Watching on a 32inch or a 40inch, it is like night and day. If you don't want to buy a HD source player (whether that be an actual player, or a mchine not purposely built for playing films) because you think "it's just as good on an upscaled machine, then I sugget you get your eyes tested, and probably some glasses.

Like I said, it's like night and day..

Personally, I gave HD-DVD and Blu Ray equal chances and tbh i didn't really care who won so long as i had a format to buy. Will all of you PLEASE remember that this same, exact process happened with DVD... Oh yes it did! My first DVD burner was bought with my first pay packet and it cost a whopping 400 notes! MORE than a BR Burner is now... DVDs were 20 notes a shot AT LEAST!

BR Discs have NOT increased... PLay, Amazon, Tescos, HMV, etc all have offers on and have a healthy cost for a disk. I get the distinct feeling that all these "BR discs have sky rocketed to astronomical proportions" peeps want the moon on a stick.. yup, the Moon on a stick. part with your hard earned cash, or shut up.

Shortsightedness seems to be rife here... both physically and in the ol' noggin'.

honestly.... *Shakes Head*

HD DVD promo body dissolves itself



LOL!! Sounds like you are READING every single article ;o)

Welcome back A MAN FROM MARS!!!!

Woot Woot!! Now where is your icon..?



You have actually made a bit of sense therei AManFromMars..

Top dog!

Bladerunner and biometrics: Heathrow T5 unveiled


Funny - Ha Ha!

Where-as I tend to lean towards the "nothing to hide" argument, I find it exceptionally funny that the ACs above hide their identity! Surely, YOU have nothing to hide!!

"Ride out with me...!"

Finger-printing is the least of our worries. and most of us can have our finger prints taken very easily without our knowledge anyway...

Toshiba lost $1bn ditching HD DVD, paper claims


@ Lev

.. Think the term, late starter comes to mind :o)

Reading a bit? Why certainly, i have been for the last 3 decades. Nothing has said "PS3 is the biggest flop in console history". Nope, not unless it's been written by someone who doesn't like it. Personally, I think it's doing well considering. It started later, yes. It doesn't have the same amount of games as per the XBox, yes. But then anything that has started late will not have the desired fan-base. It's a steady seller, even now (oh, I think you'll find it is).

Maybe one of the last Next gens released, but one of the most advanced next gens released.

Maybe you should read a little.. :op



You're too funny.. Please.. stop writing now... my sides are splitting

I see that Corporate Business has taken in another lemming. Sony isn't the only business that is evil. In fact, I think that ALL businesses are evil.

But then again, I suppose we do HAVE to pay something for an item that we want. Would be great to be in a trekky world where no one pays anything to anyone.

*removes tongue from cheek*

Anyway, personally i didn't really care who won. But now i have a great door stop for the study.

Well done, Sony, Toshiba, Microsoft, and all who were apart of the 'Format War'. Glad it settled itself right in the end.

(PS3? A flop? Really? wow...)

DAB: A very British failure


For me, they are bob on apart from initial cost

I like mine. Pure has decent enough radios and they sound much better than a crappy FM radio. Really can't see what the fuss is about. I get substantially better reception from a DAB radio than any other radio set in the house on FM.

Fair enough, MW and LW are strong, but the sound is poor. I have never, nor will, expect CD based radio. i just wanted a radio that sounds like FM (if not better, which DAB is IMHO) that doesn't hiss and pop and fade whilst listening to it. Classic FM has never sounded so good; and don't get me started on the shambolic cull of DAB radio stations.. More, Dammit.. MORE!!!! Not Less!

Pricks! (Aimed at the powers that be.. not anyone here)

Jodrell Bank offloaded on eBay



Have you seen the number of muppetry petitions that have been banned??

http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/list/rejected?cat=652 (particularly like the Ban the PS3 one!)

Anyway, technically speaking, the correct petition is actually:


keep it going..

MS axes Xbox 360 HD DVD drive


@ Tim

"the fans you hear when you're playing a game are spinning up *because* you're playing a game. When in media player mode, they spin right down so are very quiet"

Erm.. do you have a custom job?? Whether it's playing games or playing streamed/disc movies, it's still revving it's knackers off! Although I do agree with you about streaming movies.. unless some act of broadband miracle hits us, there isn't going to be streaming HD films for quite some time... on either sides of the pond.

As for the PS3, it's the same as the XBOX but much quieter, although still quite noisy for a player, but definitely something you can get used to if the volume of the tv is set accordingly (no, not with the added neighbours complaining, it doesn't need to be THAT loud!).

Funny, i have a HD-DVD addon, and it was virtually useless to begin with. Now it's actually got a more functional use as a door-stop. Some people might moan about that, but eally.. what else can you use it for ? Might place a PICO machine in there - ah! That's an idea!

Personally, i think MS should very quickly think about releasing a BR addon. the longer they leave it, the more the press will conclude (wrongly) that the XBOX is old technology - Yes, I have heard quite a few people say such a thing!!

Sony sells 1m PS3s in UK


Wii vs PS3

Where I can honestly say "Hats off to Nintendo for a great machine", I still think that side by side comparisons shouldn't be done. i know, I know, I might sound like a fan-boy, but the Wii is targeted at a general user group rather than the PS3 (or Xbox for that matter). PS3 and Xbox are targeted for the hardcore gamer clans where as the Wii is for everyone (in affordability and games).

Again, I stress that I think the Wii has been an amazing success that has brought a games console to the masses (*tips hat once again to Nintendo*).

Overall, yes it can be the three in the same group, but for us Xbox and PS3 (hardcore gamer) fans, it's purely a two horse race for out and out hardcore games.

once more: *tips hat to Nintendo for creating a family friendly games console*

There's alot of love about consoles in general from this reader :o)

PS3 capacity boost claims are claptrap, says Sony UK

Paris Hilton

"one might as well game on a PC"...

...and pay triple the price for something half decent. I'll stick to a console ta :)

Sony posts Skype-packing PSP firmware update


oh ffs...

...then never cease to be amazed forever, Jason.

Not sure about the idea of this, but i'll roll with it. Don't really see the reason for upgrading just for a Skype connection :o/ Remote Controlling a PS3 is enough for me :o)

Monster-capacity PS3 in the pipeline?


@ Alex

.. how come you have my name??

I should TM it and make a mint.. or even PATENT it lol!


My PS3 is virtually on all the time now. After selling the HD-DVD for my Xbox, I think my Xbox will be more of a games machine for the bedroom now. Streaming movies is a doddle, so no real reason to punt a huge disk in the PS3 yet, although the PLayTV will be very interesting!! Have heard on the old grape vine that one keen Sony dev has punted a Satellite usb dongle onto one - with software to record and watch via HDMI!! lol!! Just wait till Murdock hears about that!! lol!!

*Getting giddy*

And Dualshock3s... oh lord.. I think I've just messed...!!

Woolworths stores to stop selling HD DVD


@Anon Coward - Sony Losses = billions

Cough.. ahem.. cough..


cough.. Hack-cough!

Phew, glad that's over with :o)

in case you can't be bothered: Sony lost 20 billion Yen in 2006, but that was wiped out by the 90 billion Yeb they profit made in 2007... Cough...

2006 results = 1.68 billion Yen

2007 results = 73.72 billion Yen

So that's with the cost of the PS3s and the famous battery recall.. Still very comfortable.



Get facts right before posting.


"Well, Hello Mr HD-DVD... going.. Down?"

Anyone want to buy a slightly used door stop known as a HD-DVD drive for the XBOX?

Nice try Tosh, but no dice.

And will people PLEASE stop yakking about DRM... HD-DVD was going to go DRM anyway in the future - it was in the damn profile sheets. "Drm this.. DRM that.." oh, like it's going to make any bloomin' differnence. Bloomin' band wagoners...

High Court orders Manhunt 2 release to be re-evaluated


BBFC - Hook, line and Sinker

Yup, the BBFC certainly did fall for the "Ban it!" request from El Presidente!

Fools - it's played well into the hands of Rockstar. Very crap game!

Sony denies Euro, US white PS3 plan despite FCC filing


erm.. you guys Sony-haters??

Guessing so. And all this about "Japan - yes, EU - no" is bull.. What about the Skype add-on for the PSP? heh, Japan No, EU yes...

FFS, it's a white case.. who cares.. really?!

100Mbit/s sewer broadband rollout coming your way


Hang on - April Fools

Did you guys at El Reg post an April Fools article about the very same thing?!?!

You guys been shooting the needle and painting again? (Yup, Heroes!)

i could be wrong, but then again, I might not be. Worth a punt or two...

Nintendo sells 5m Wiis in Japan

Paris Hilton

Not surprising at all

Not surprised, the DS and the Wii have a greater target audience. Fair played, and congrats to Nintendo for becoming the a force to be reckoned with once again :o)

...Paris, Paris, Paris...

AMD Phenom 9500 processor


5 pages of detail, and all I have to say is...

... sounds like the chemical in that great animal magnetism product: Spanish Fly

US HD DVD sales hit new low


"restrict us the consumer"

Erm.. how?

The (mildly) best format is winning, so how can that restrict us? Or are you talking DRM (which, let's face it, is there to protect copyrighted material... so of course the studios want to use it..)?

Would want to see a comparison between Blu Ray and HD-DVD to really see if Blu Ray is as strong as marketeers reckon.

Toshiba pitches HD DVD players as... DVD machines

Paris Hilton

@Josh (Toshiba Employee)

Do you get kick backs? lol!

You forget that HD-DVD players that were bought before now will not be able to play the HD-DVD Type 2 discs that are being developed. At least with Blu Ray they can play any disc in the region (although quite a few are still released as region free), but maybe with out PIP etc.. big wow. Would prefer to play a disc and not have PIP than have to check every disk I bought to see if it was just a single or double layer HD-DVD.

Sorry, I think you are heavily biased - I also assume that you have a HD-DVD player and that you are worried about it. Don't be - there's still plenty of life in the ol' girl still :o)

Personally (I'm going to sound like a cracked record here again) - I don't really care which one wins. They both have great possibilities, although HD-DVD has the greatest to lose because it's 'currently' only used for films, where as BR is being used for films, games, and storage. 3 strings to the bow to one string to the bow.

P.S. Remember that DRM is to protect the content, not to brick a machine.. Which is fine by me as the prices are coming down nicely. Just think people are expecting "the moon on a stick" these days as it's truly pathetic!

[I'd like Paris and her Japanese contestants please, and don't spare the bikinis!!]

PS3 component cost halved in 12 months, analyst claims


LOL @ Mark

Heh! Yeah, Tim has just walked RIGHT into that one, LOL!!!