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Breakup with Sadville lion ends in kidnap plot, duct-taped dog



...and there goes my coffee over the screen! Cheers Ears!!


Million bank details sold on eBay


@Andy Worth & @Andrew Moore

@Andy Worth

Would depend if the laptop was 'officially' allowed to be sold. Doesn't move away from the fact that it wasn't encrypted.. or it could have been held for quite a while, unbeknown to the organisation... happens.

Let's face it, it'd be a really old laptop to go for 35 quid!! Probably gathered dust and some opportunist knicked it knowing it wouldn't be missed!

@Andrew Moore

Why would you do that? You mean if the IT department SOLD stuff on eBay, right? Yeah I get that... Sometimes you can only buy spare parts off eBay to keep things going until the migration can take place. Not everyone has a bottomless budget mate.

UK spooks forced to hand Gitmo files to suspect's lawyers


@Walking Turtle

um.. yeah.. what you said..

Mine's the one with the memory stick in the pocket.. oh.. wait.. it's missing....

Sony pumps up PSP screen


@"Fixed that god awful analogue nub? "


What ARE you on about? I've used the PSP plugged in on flights for well over ten hours. Apart from getting a very bad headache and neck ache (probably because I shirk the health warning of playing for 1 hour with 5 minute breaks), my large hands are fine and cramp free. An excellent choice for physical controls!

Suggest re-evaluating the way your hold your stick..

Mines the one with "Olympic Analogue Nub User" on it

Japan runs out of Xbox 360s

Dead Vulture

Well, sort of...

" But the firm will probably carve a notch in its sales bedpost, because the shortage does prove that the console’s still opular over there."

Well, technically true, but it all depends how many they shipped/produced for the Land of the Rising Sun.

It's a bit like Nintendo saying that they have none left in the shops, knowing full well that outside of the UK and US there were STACKS of them lying in aisles across Europe.

This is just the type of FUD that comes from MS, Nintendo, & Sony.

"Shock! We've run out!! Must be selling like hotcakes!!" (then behind the proverbial curtain) "... But we still have masses of stock available elsewhere.."

This can NOT possibly be news... Scraping the barrel El Reg?

BlackBerry clamshell pair leaked online



Looks like a Moto Razr...

Rude Tintin pulls out



"a female woman of the opposite sex. "

So a bloke then?

Mine's the one with the top-shelf Tintin comic in it...

US PS3 sales fell 45% in July


Wii vs Xbox360/PS3

One gent I met argued the following when comparing the Wii with the Xbox & PS3:

"When these machines, i always look at it from the following analogy: The Wii is a Mini Cooper S (fun, pleasing on the eye and nippy), while the Xbox is a Lambo Reventón (Super car that has a cult following) and the PS3 is a Ferrari FXX (super car that also has a cult following). The Mini Cooper S has outsold these two models 1000s of time over, but the Lambo and the Ferrari are still the superior car. The Mini is well liked by all (generally including the Lambo and Ferrari fans), but the Lambo and the Ferrari are only liked by the hardcore supercar fans. The Mini is quick, but the two other cars are stupidly quick! So, you see, the cars themselves have a place for each type of fan, whether or not they sell in their 1000s, or (as like the two super cars) only 20-30."

Very apt, and a lovely way of describing the defferences in consoles in 'easy to understand' terms. But that's my Dad, and if HE can understand the console 'wars' EVERYONE can :o)

Peace to one and all.

..oh yeah, it was the MSG4 that spiked.. and it's Summer after all.. Hmm, reminds me of the Simpsons episode where there was no TV... All the kids came out of the houses rubbing their eyes in the sun light and started playing 'old skool' games in the park and streets. Ah.. good times.. good memories.. I miss my childhood before all this rot started.

The IT Crowd goes west

Thumb Down


Too bloody right... Seriously.. how is that comedy? Take away the actors and replace with Mr. Brittas and co.. Job done - same show.

Been there, seen it.. got really really tired, so went on to better things. And why is it always the case that if someone doesn't like The IT Crowd, people who do like it HAVE to jam it down our necks that it is comic genius.

Nope. Not at all. It's just drivel and an embarrasment to Graham Lineham's talent.. (this is my opinion and is in no way an attempt to jam it down the neck)

Date bug kills VMware systems



I think you'll find they were meaning that with a test plan, you'd run it for a month or so. The testing would have picked it up. All depends on your risk managment really.

SIM modding kit offered to Brits


@What's the point????

I think it's more a case of if you get phones second hand (rather than just for Apple iPhone), it'll save you 10-20 quid a time (if not more) for you to unlock it. Chances are, you'll never change your supplier of your contract as often so it saves you the unlocking fee. I'm buying one now because it's cool :o)

Teens admit to Grand Theft Auto-inspired petrol bombfest



Not doing too well recently...

Mine's the one with the Googel emblem on the back

Pirate Bay evades Italian blockade



...that my original, humourous post has been discarded....

Shocked and stunned..!

Oh, yeah, I too thought it said Labia, but that was said in my previous post..

Bloody admins...

American ISP flashes phantom bandwidth cap


And there are still some that believe...

...that we'll be all having fibre to our homes (both in the US and the EU) by next year with unlimited bandwidth for terrabytes of HD content movies.... oh really...

I CAN believe this being done by ISPs, but am VERY surprised it's turned up in the US! Honestly thought the US had the green light for unlimited bandwidth... 5Gb is just FAR too little (see Xbox and PS3 argument above)... And as someone above has already said: "Vote with your feet". Indeed you should!!

FFS... Bloody ISPs..

Lenovo heralds netbook PC duo



That was the idea - I know that many laptops fail even at Basecamp due to the cold temperatures (hence High Altitude). Was just a thought :o)

@dom : Tsk... there's always one trying too hard isn't there....


Slim Jim

Would be nice if the 9inch would be slimmer than the 10er. 1kg for one of these is admirable.

I hark back to the days of the Tosh Libretto.. that thing was just brilliant! About the same size as a paperback and it WAS usable to boot. Just crappy speed and addons where expensive and bulky.

Liking these little chaps (all makes) quite a lot! Now, I wonder if it will last well in high altitude climates...?

Micron debuts SSD duo



Just love these little thangs.. Here's hoping for a 'reasonable' price for them (to some 'reasonable' would be a few dollars/pounds, but realistically it's more likely a few hundred pounds/dollars [naturally identicle prices for both sides of the Atlantic])

Bring it on!! I could have 2 of these inplace of one SATA (Space is my issue, not speed!)

Orbitsound T12 soundbar



You still have a CRT?

It's the one with T3 in the pocket

Wünderbra! German policewomen take 'Action Brassiere'



Agreed, agree, agreed.

Tom - Shut up, or you risk causing more offence at your own offence.

Carry on El'Reg

Depp for Dark Knight follow-up



Definitely!!! Hell Yeah! He'd be perfect!

John Glenn blasts Moonbase-to-Mars NASA roadmap


@Richard Scratcher


Personally, I like the ideal of a Moon base. Some people may think that it's pointless, but even with the Moon's gravity, it's still going to be a damn sight cheaper to lift off from the moon. For every delivery from earth, you'd expect to have an average of 2 trips by the fuel payload it could deliver. Remember that the vast amounts of fuel needed to lift off from Earth actually deliver the thrust to lift off the remaining fuel. on average, you'd only need a fraction to lift off from the Moons surface.

As for Bio-Domes - it's a great idea! research on Earth has proven that it can work (yup, even by the truly appauling film with the Loverrrly Kylie in it), but not outside the protective atmosphere of earth, nor in a lesser G atmosphere.

You could say that SciFi has a lot to answer for, but it is something I feel is needed for progression in the space race. What I will say though is "Finish the Bloody ISS!!"; it's long over due now, and seemes to be needing an update here and there (see blockage of the bogs!)

Blu-ray to rule by 2011



"I tried flicking between Sky HD and Sky SD at my sister's gaff, and couldn't tell the difference. But that's just an invitation to come up with some excuses as to why it wasn't any better. Probably that the TV wasn't true 1080p HD or that it was set up badly or that Sky HD isn't as good as a BD or or or..."

Shirley, you can't be serious ....? Now that IS night and day! Sky HD vs Sky SD is very much different. Artifacting on most channels seem like bad DVDs, where as Sky HD gives them in a sort of sharper detail (ala DVDs). Personally think that SkyHD is a complete waste of money, but there you go..

(Oh, Sky HD is only in 720, and not 1080 - if it was 1080, it still wouldn't be worth it until they added more quality channels ["quality" being the word for today])


[Physical format is here to stay for quite some time.. and unfortunately so is DRM - Fact, so deal with it - I'll still be here in 5 years time]



There seems to be so many people basically not understanding the idea of DRM. yes it's a pain, yes it's caused no end of trouble in the past. BUT, and there is a huge but(t), DRM is here to stay so long as people rip off the movies/films/etc without paying for them.

Come on, seriously, it's not just SONY that have been going down this route(!! Really?? You believe it's just them??). All major players in the creative pool that sell creative merchandise want to make sure that their investment is secure. If they can't then it's not worth them releasing.. I see DRM as a future hassle that is also not going to go away - anyone who thinks that they can just 'boycott' a company because they have DRM is just delusional and missing out.

Personally, I hate DRM, but the fact is, it's going to stay (or more likely evolve).

As for whether Blu-ray as a physical removeable media is here to stay? Well, I for one WANT physical media... who in the hell wants downloadable media? Not for years friends... YEARS! the infrastructure in the Europe (or the US for that matter) is still years away. I'm not saying it's not coming, just not as quickly as people would like it to be. The cost for an upgrade in the data infrastructure is significant enough to not do it overnight.. maybe in the year 2015 when a DRM-like appendage has been established.

"Blu-Ray is Dead, Long Live Blu-Ray"

Misheard song lyrics blamed on technology


Was it just me...

..or did Freddie Mercury sing "Fried Chicken" or "Hot Chicken" at the end of One Vision??

It's baffled me for decades!!

Personally, my fave is Celine Dion goes from "The Heart does go on and on..." to "The Hot Dogs go on and on...."

Or REMs "Drive": does he sing "Tit, tot, tit, tot" or is it just the delay of "Tick tock tick tock"?

Holographic Wii storage en route?



If anyone can bring the cost down, Nintendo can.

Doubt it would go into the Wii though.. more likely a future console? Wouldn't really see the point in having a Wii with holographic memory in it..

Global Wii sales nearing 30m


Holy Smokes!

I'm surprised! Only one comment on such a story?


Sony profits down, but PS3 sales up


Hold up

Ok, a couple have gone down the right lines with this, but just to make it easier for the masses:

The PS3 is sold at a profit per unit (This is a key point).

The outlay for the PS3 was HUGE (Some say 2billion..)!

Sony are still paying back the HUGE outlay (They are maknig a dent, but it still needs paying off).

Currently, the PS3 division is still in -ve accounts, even though each unit is sold at a profit (although, it didn't to begin with...)

Ergo (vis-a-vie), the PS3 is not making Sony a profit.

No positive spin on this.. it's just the way it goes. Nintendo are in profit over the wii because it's not had to invest billions into it's core hardware, just the controllers. Microsoft have pushed a lot of dough-re-me into the Xbox360 to compete with Sony - they have been hit hard with a few things (namely the HD-DVD fiasco), but generally they are doing ok.... except for the firesale of their unit, but even then, the unit is (I believe) still making them a profit.

Personally, it all comes down to the quality of the product:

PS3 - Quality product with very little going wrong with it on the hardware side.

Wii - Qaulity product, but not a next-gen console. Instead a solid hardware base with an excellent user interface that is currently seconded by none!

Xbox360 - With quite a few niggles and issues with hardware, the newer versions of the high end boxes seem to be sorted now. Some people still bitch and moan about the quality, but the end result is a solid games machine.

I have all three, and have to say that the PS3 is my preference for quality; the games for the Xbox are superior, and the Wii's interface is extremely well received. How about a contribution from all three companies to make one super-duper games console??? Now THAT would be something!!

The PSP: what's its future?



Sheesh... It's still one of the best portable gaming solutions around.

Agreed, there is room for improvement, but there are FAR too many Sony Haters on here to do it justice.

Personally, it's a great portable gaming solution for exactly what I require. It's still got the best screen out of all of them. And what's all this about the analogue nub??? It's fine, and I have huge meat hooks for hands and can honestly not compain. Hold it properly and start enjoyig it.

Games.. GAMES??!?! What>?!!!!! Are you nuts?? There are STACKS of awesome games for the PSP...!!

It might be considered 2nd best agains the DS, but I don't care. For me, it's an Adult portable gaming package that delivers.. and MORE!

Tory leader's stolen bicycle surfaces on eBay


Maybe I'm not in a humourous mood but...

How is this funny? Some prat who's put an advert on eBay that is really trying too hard to be funny and witty....? Bloody hell, next you'll be laughing at the Golden Girls...(!!)

If it is the little Chav that nicked it, I hope he gets slammed in jail with the 42 day clause used correctly!

Mmmm.. maybe I am in a humourous mood as it's tickling me if this backfired on the little shit! MwuhahahahahahahAHA!

Norwegians demo 10cm video & GPS pocket-chopper

Paris Hilton

Wind? I'll tell you about wind.. *PARP!*

Well, they can't use them out in nominal weather because they are too light. Might be good when the air is still and no rain, but has it been actually tested in normal weather?

Used to fly model helicopters when I was a kid, and you just knew there would be some poor sod who would try out his/her labour of love, for the last 6 months, during a windy session.. only to see it buffet and nose dive into the ground.

Video.. dammit! I want video! Is this not the age of YouTube?

Paris, because she has the right idea about online video..

North Americans just don't steal handsets, apparently...



Technically, the phone is still the providers until your contract is finished (read the small print.. even if you pay money towards it!). So if you lose your phone during the contract, and if the provider can't be arsed to blacklist it, it's their perogative to do what ever. If it's YOUR phone though, I would expect them to blacklist it without delay - or I would sue!!

Sony names date for Euro 80GB PS3

Paris Hilton


"I mean how many versions of X360 and PS3 are we going to have?!"

Heh, more! 'Nuff said really.


"...are Sony not putting in backwards compatibility on purpose so that people will purchase and download the old games from their online store?"

Nope, it's because people belly-ached about the cost of a box. The downloads are a nice addage for Sony's coffers that came later.


Agreed - it used to be that the PS3 was a damn site cheaper than the Xbox with like for like hardware.. not sure now though, but I'm sure someone will tell me :o)


"My XBox 360 Elite has collected dust ever since."

Unfortunately, so was mine since it RROD (wasn't this supposed to never happen with teh Elite???). New one on the way..

Paris, because she's just a cheap, slu.. (SNIP!)

Sony to sell 80GB PS3 at 40GB price

Thumb Up

@AC "@ Alex"

Correction needed on my part. I meant to say that the console sales are still quite strong with regards to sales of units. I meant to not insinuate that it was surpassing the Xbox.

Corrected. Standing. Me :o)


@Eponymous Cowherd

Excellent :o) Carry on, Sir!


@Eponymous Cowherd

"Sony runs around like a headless chicken trying to find something, anything, that will help it sell its failing games console."

Wooooah!! Ultimate biased there!! Don't think it's failing - sure it's been taking a kicking from the ney-sayers, but side by side the Xbox and PS3 are excellent machines. You might need to be reminded that the sales of the PS3 are actually very strong compared to the XBOX.

Or are you one of the "Black is white and white is black" brigade who can not under any circumstances admit that .. gosh darn it.. you might be wrong??

As for Mark - I'm sure "they" will be along shortly; but who knows which one will appear first!

Anyway, back to the pricing. People have asked for a price drop, and they've got it.. Bet someone will complain about SOMETHING.. "Moon on a stick.."

Nice one Sony.

Grissom bows out of CSI



...... Oh ffs....

Thanks a freakin' bunch for ruining that one...

Show a little more respect and fore-thought next time..

Shame Gill's going, but it's probably the right time.

Attack of the Italian space pod parachute babes


"Women parachutists use foam domes to land safely.."

"News at 11..."

Yeah, it's there somewhere..

Well done to the Italians for using a great advertising campaign!

El Reg nails Street View spycars to Google Maps


Seen it only today..

I saw it on Deansgate in Manchester about 1:30pm today. No picture, but it defintely was there shilst I was crossing the road just before Waterstones!

Oz censor, gamers fall out over Fallout 3 ban

Paris Hilton

BBFC Be Warned

..You DARE to not certify this long awaited game... or suffer from my wrath!!

Oz Censors - Pathetic.. Next you'll ban Manhunt... oh wait.. you did..

Paris, because she has done more in a movie than a Censor can ban!

Microsoft confirms 60GB Xbox 360

Paris Hilton

@ Steve & @Monkey

@ Steve:

Um... it's actually "6 of one; half a dozen of the other". It's not all of us "Console Kids" that like to cock wave (although I do like to 'stoke' the fire every now and then! ha ha!)

@ Monkey:

You might notice that one minute 'Mark' is giving reasonable comments, and then the next he isn't. It's another case of duplicated usernames (as there is also someone with my name posting on here too, aside from me). So one poster becomes two :o)

As for HD sizes, who cares... until a PVR materialises, it's pointless to upgrade.. No point in pushing moveis down to the PS3/Xbox as it can be streamed quite nicely. The cost of upgrading is significantly more than the power it takes to run a PC which you'll already have on anyway (well, if you are that way inclined I suppose. If not, then I suppose you'll have to stump up the 50-80 quid to upgrade).

Again, cock-waving aside, who cares...

Paris, because she is the Queen of judging cock waving.


What's this...?

MS behind the times?? Lordy lordy, next it will be an Xbox with everything included that's an optional extra, coupled with a BR drive..


Sky beams TV onto PSP


Not Impressed

Not impressed by this - why do we have to download the shows? Why not strem them over a WiFi connection?? And what's all this about having to pay extra if you have Sky???? Come on.. We're consumers that have paid for a service already. This smacks of a Gov Tax Plan once again "oh, you've already paid for your service, but you'll have to pay again for this added service that is outdated.." Yup, Just like Good Ol' Labour....

Missing Webroot founder found dead



"a very sad story indeed"

Hear hear. Very sad indeed, and a real shame that no-one appeared to help the poor chap with his depression.

Shoot to win - with the PS3 handgun

Paris Hilton

@ Mark Above & at the gullibles...

So, another post by the Fake Mark... How funny how the Gullibles start their rant, even though the poster is a XBOX-Fanboi..

Fished in!! Fished in!!


Paris, because even she isn't that Gullible...

Mayor Boris to cover Porsche costs in CO2 tax brouhaha


@Jenny Jones

Well.. that's not very nice, especially considering it's going to charity!

Personally, I think it's VERY unfair for penalise someone for having a nice car... This isn't Los Angeles you know, it's London. This is good ol', solid London. I want to see Porsches, TVRs, and Lambos on the streets. If JJ had her view, we'd be all driving pedal cars from Bugsy Malone!! (Would be fun for ...oooo.. 30 feet or so..)

As for BJ: Goodon him for sorting out the farce that Red Ken started!

Pioneer proudly pitches 400GB Blu-ray optical disc


@"doesn't matter at all"

Your loss then, and our gain :o)

Xbox 360 owners tougher than PS3 fans - survey




No really!


PS3 sale price spurs costs Sony dear


@ "I-Really-Am-Mark" Poster, & @ A Baird

Will the imposter please just fuck off... To the posters replying to the imposter: please read it carefully. Any sarcasm or willful degradation to a PS3 is a sneaky hint that it's the imposter (Reg: you need to stop multiple accounts using the same name! lol!)

A Baird: I too was a PC Gamer, but considering it was costing me upwards of a grand per latest, newest OS or Direct X software, i got bored and went back to a console (or rather consoles). The only games I play on a PC now are fitting for my PC: Counter Strike (still probably the best game ever to grace a screen) and the Thief series... (but that latter is just down to nostalgia). consoles just 'boot' up and you are away. none of this "will it work, will it not.." anymore with graphics cards, processors, and OSs. Wouldn't say that PC gaming is dying though...

Professionally, I know that Sony are still not too bothered about the loss. It's the worry about the sales of games that is their bothering, and with more and more games being bought they really have nothing to worry about!

Grand Theft Auto IV Xbox extras delayed

Paris Hilton

... No matter

It's not like the game is small anyway. Added 'islands' later in the year will add a bit more playability to it, but not for long. Well, not after nearly 7 months of the game being out. We'll be all on to the next new thing.


Paris? Because she can can come to me in 7 months, anytime!

Date set for next major PS3 firmware release


@ "Not enough good games"

... Have both Xbox and PS3.

With the number of games the Xbox has, and the PS3, it's all relative. Yes, there are 100s of Xbox games, but there are also 100s of CRAP xbox games. yes there is over 100 PS3 games, but there are quite a few CRAP games there too. I suppose if I was a geek (like some of you XBOX Sooth-Sayers seem to be - picked you lot out as you're trolling a PS3 article) I would tot up the good games and the bad games and make a % for each machine. I'll wager a wad of money that the 5s would be very near each other, and not have a chasm of difference.

I like my XBOX, and my PS3. I use the PS3 more, because... well, it's does more for me. The XBOX still has Project Gotham, and for that alone, it has a special place in my heart (You can keep Halo and Gears of War.. they are all just average!).