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SMS-enabled solar parking meters for Eastbourne

Matthew Lock


The figure being mentioned of £450,000 is just for the meters themselves.

A further £725,000 has ALREADY been wasted by the council as follows:

£100,000 Consultants

£ 50,000 Consultation and Publicity

£ 75,000 Design/ Notices/ Procurement

£500,000 Lines, Signs and Minor Works

So that makes £1,175,000 so far...

At least East Sussex county council have been honest (for once) and admitted to parliament that the scheme "is almost universally unpopular with businesses within the affected area".

Matthew Lock
Dead Vulture


From the ESCC's own document on their website:

"Overall, across the consultation area as a whole, 53 percent of residents and 84 percent of businesses said that they did not support the introduction of parking controls as described in the consultation leaflet in their road. An examination of the results of the response from businesses on a street by street basis indicates opposition to the proposals across the entire consultation area."

So if 53% of residents and 84% of businesses are against it, how can it be at all democratic??? How can they get away with it?

Matthew Lock
Jobs Horns

Saturday night entertainment

Anonymous Coward, we will see you there.

Epoxy resin in the coin slot,

blackboard paint on the solar panels...

What fun.

Perhaps it could become a new sport in Eastbourne. See how many machines each team can put out of action in 20 minutes...


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