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McAfee's back! Intel flogs security software biz, pockets $3.1bn



Am I missing something but doesn't "Intel will get $3.1bn in cash and retain a 49 per cent" mean the value of McAffee is at least $6bn?

Clear November in your diary: SpaceX teases first Falcon Heavy liftoff


Re: Potential

Mars missions will use their next gen rocket, which is much bigger.

SpaceX makes rocket science look easy: Falcon 9 passes tests


"The next stage is to convince a company to entrust some highly expensive satellites to a second-hand rocket."

Orbcomm is already on board to fly used rockets.


Elon Musk unmasks Tesla's Model X – the $132k anti-bioweapon SUV for the 1%


Re: Two words for those doors...

if you watch the presentation, the doors detect low roofs and adjust their opening arc

Euro space boffins narrow down lander sites on comet doing 135,000km/h toward Sun


Re: landing on these weird-assed objects

Yep, if I recall correctly they will fire grappling hooks at the comet and pull in.

Apple unsheathes MacBook 13-incher


Re: Why not a Retina MacBook Air?

wouldn't the massive resolution screen require a bigger battery and hence a bigger case than the air?

Holden considers electric Commodore


Half a million per car?

$70,000,000 for a 126 cars? So that would be around $560,000 per vehicle. Seems odd, or is my maths wrong here?

Curiosity needs OS upgrade before getting down to science


Re: OS

uses vxworks

Intel tears up CPU branding scheme

Thumb Up

New products are fine

All these comments about what will happened when faster chips come out are missing the point.

All Core i7s will get 5 stars. So when a faster Core i7 comes out the rating system continues to work.

When Core i8, say, comes out, the Core i7 line will be retired and only computers with an i8 will have 5 stars, the i7 machines will no longer be on sale.

For people going into best buy, this is fine, its not aimed at nerds like us that read about clock speeds and cache sizes.

RM readies Linux sub-laptop... for £169



What's the resolution on the screen of this thing? Without the iphone-like zoom feature this thing will be next to useless


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