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Greenbird sail-car wafts in as future of zero-emission motoring?


Emissions free?

Made entirely of carbon fibre composites... polyester resins are well known for their green credentials; their low toxicity and completely non petrochemical basis are particular highlights of their characteristics.

Mine is the one with eco-pedant on the back...

Brit D-cell torpedo in icepack-bottom probe


Intelligent Design?

Regarding the D Cell vs. Rechargeable issue, how about reading the comments thread from the El. Reg. Article dated 8th Jan this year http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/01/08/dad_battery_challenge_droid_sub/comments/ - The cells will be at or near 0 C for their mission duration, so conventional D Cells work better (apparently).

One also does have to credit the designers of the device with some intelligence - I think they might just have thought about using rechargeable cells and then discounted them for valid reasons.

BT reprograms biz customers as hotspots


Faraday Cage?

I would like to see them enable a usable BT Openzone hot spot on my bizhub... not only is wireless disabled, the router is inside a Faraday cage

Phorm: BT system 'most definitely' online by end of 2009

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Good point, well made.

I have always thought that as BT own most of the infrastructure, there is nothing at all stopping them from Phorming all the internets in the UK at some point or another.


Addonics NASU2 micro USB NAS adaptor

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Seems like an ideal thing...

...for networking your TF5800Pvrt so that you can stream your recordings to your local network... the Cisco equivalent(NSLU2) is £84 or something like that off Amazon...

SF's green mayor dreams of electric car heaven


and another but...

Wasn't California where they had massive problems with the inability of the power grid to supply existing demand for Air Conditioning and latte makers ?

Great choice, therefore, for a large increase in baseband demand...

'Secure' PayPal page is... you guessed it



>>it was the first version of OE - bundled with IE4 in Sep/Oct 2007

OE was 2007 was it? Looks like space time has got disturbed somewhere. ISTR OE on Win98...

mines the one with Pedant written across the back.

Mega-mortuary creaks open its doors in Westminster



Hardly - it only holds 102, although hecta-mortuary sounds just weird and kilo-mortuary, although only 1 order of magnitude out, sounds almost right if pronounced Killer...

However if you just mean large mortuary, why not say so?

Mine is the one with PEDANT written across the back

Net think tank: Phorm is illegal



I think you miss the point slightly.

How do you think your GETs get to the remote end?

They go off your PC as a TCP/IP Packet, routed via the backbone to its destination.

The backbone can mirror those packets without your consent or knowledge - do you see where I am going?

As BT are signed up to Phorm, and IF Phorm are found to be legal, I can see nothing really preventing them from writing a bit of code for the backbone (OK all the backbone routers) to mirror all http GET packets to the BT Phorm servers regardless of their (the IP Packets) origin. If AT&T in the states also sign up to the Phorm nonsense, it will be nearly impossible to stop this Pharming going on and you, the end user, will have no chance at all of opting out.

/me I'll get my own TFH thanks

Dead Vulture

Hang on a moment....

It doesn't matter two hoots if your ISP is a Phorm Signup or not, or if you have the opt out cookie.

Your IP traffic will go via some Phorm signed up ISP router somewhere and hence be profiled...

In the UK, as BT pwn much of the backbone and BT are part of the Phorm collective, I suspect all your http GETs are belong to Phorm anyway...

Dead vulture cos resistance is futile

Tiscali boss faces board showdown as sell-off rumours swirl


Big fleas and little fleas...

The free market will out. The big guys will always buy the little guys... and the consumer will eventually suffer.

Mind you with Tiscali's CS record, as far as Broadband is concerned, "things can only get better" to quote a well known election anthem... and yes I am well aware just how successful that anthem was for the party concerned.

/me Getting my coat for being old enough to remember the song

Beeb censors Fairytale of New York

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It's not just the BBC

A local secondary school censors the entire verse when the song is performed at the Christmas concert, because the parents of some year 7s (11 y/o) may be offended that their children hear such language... As if their darlings didn't hear and use much more offensive words day by day in the playground.

HMRC offers £20k reward for ID goldmine CDs

Paris Hilton

Cash in hand?

Sounds like a win-win for whoever has the CDs to me.

Copy them, sells the copies and also return the originals. An extra £20k for doing nothing...

How can I completely clear my PC of private data?

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DBAN is your friend

Search for DBAN on Sourceforge, a solution which will completely erase your hard disk.

Otherwise you need something like eraser to wipe out free space on your windows disk.

Currency launched to cover the cosmos

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My First Programming Contract...

...was to write a version of the Vortex final stage of the Adventure Game for a lecturer at college. His daughter was having a party and wanted to play the game. ah those were the days, AI on a BBC 'B'.

US nanotech boffins track evanescent light


Unknowable in physics terms


Err, if you know where the photon is, you can't know where it is going and if you know where it is going, you can't know where it is... Werner Karl Heisenberg strikes again.

So saying the position is unknowable in physics terms isn't strictly true...


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