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James Cameron finds grave of Jesus & Son

Blake Jurgens

Reply to Cameron

First off, let me say that, hard to believe, that Jesus Christ was NOT the only Jesus walking around, in fact, he probably was not the only Jesus son of Joseph in the Jerusalem area. I can pretty much assure you that if you look in the phone book, you'll find more than one pair of Tom's whose father's name is James in the area. Point is, I'm pretty sure that just because two names are written on a box with bones in it doesn't mean too much. Also, considering there were also a large amount of Hebrew religious leaders who didn't exactly want the whole "raised from the dead" thing to get out, I'm pretty sure there were a few attempts to pull a cover up...believe me, Watergate and the Clinton scandels were not the first in a world of politics, which a large portion of the Jewish religious body was a part of during the Roman occupation.

And replying to Cameron, I understand the paradox here. I mean, why would God even want to have the Bible, send Jesus Christ and all of this if He knew it was going to cause the death and suffering of millions? I guess the main reason is that things would have been worse off without it. The Bible is more than just a book, it is the revalation of Jesus Christ through the writing of human hands. Yes, the Bible is not scientificly accurate and has historical flaws, especially in the Old Testiment...then again, how many other authors, including Greek and Mesopotamian writers, actually held scientific accuracy and unflawed historical data in their writings? However, the New Testiment is not based on oral tradition taught by religious leaders, but by actual eyewitness accounts comprised and recorded within the first 25-50 years after the death of Jesus Christ. This creates overwhelming historical accuracy among scholors and a few events can even be accounted for in other historical records of the time period. My point, the Bible is not perfect scientifically or historically at points (textbooks are for that) rather, it is perfect in means of salvation. Yes, I know of the suffering of people for the Gospel, I've seen people whose entire lives have been torn apart because of their beliefs, entire villages in Guatemala deserting a single mother of seven because of her belief in Christ. However, the reward reaches far beyond the suffering. A quote I remember is that the best lies and evils are the ones most closely connected with truth. A complete, hanus lie will never work, however, stretching the truth usually works pretty well. We take a proven fact and twist it to meet what we want to say and because of the iota of truth within that lie, people will believe it. In the same way, the hope Christianity offers has been consistantly warped over and over throughout the centuries. From Gnostic writings to the the martyrdom of Christans today. Even within the faith there are hundred upon hundred who in the midst of trying to establish a moral agenda, opress those who are in pain. People are cruel, no matter whether they are Christians or not, the Bible has been twisted to prove slavery is legal, to oppress minorites and condemn people rather than treat them with respect and love. Million have died for Jesus Christ, and they died for a reason. A month ago my best friend died in a car accident, an amazing Christian, and you have to ask why...why someone so young who had so much potential, why someone whose faith was stronger than anyone else I ever knew? I will never be able to answer why, but I can honestly say it was in God's hands, not my own and I hold all trust in Him. Christianity has, unfortunently, lead to pain and suffering, often overshadowing the good that comes from the faith. The point is, that human beings are inclined to be cruel and inhuman to each other, and though the Bible has caused harm, we are the ones who turned it into a weapon of war, a weapon of hatred.

I hope this helped somewhat. E-mail me with any questions

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God bless



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