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High-speed powerline: Home connectivity without the cables

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Re: Solwise

+1 for the solwise 1200 piggys. Had mine since end of Jan and they've been flawless so far. Easily getting an actual (checked in both directions with iperf) 200mbit/s between floors of my house.

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Who should play the next Doctor? Nominations needed!


Tulisa :)

If she's out of prison in time :)

TV tuner maker intros mobile Freeview pick-up


freeview this, freeview that. What about freesat versions of these things guys????

These things all look good... but for those of us that want to replace our over-priced sky kit and services, something that talks freesat rather than freeview would be good too. :(

Doctor Who girl Amy Pond axed in 'heartbreaking' exit


noooooooooooooooooo :)

I need my weekly dose of Amy Pond! Leave Amy Pond alone!!!! :)

Farewell then, Sony Ericsson


I have fond memories of Ericsson and then Sony Ericsson phones.

The T28 with stubby aerial.

The cute 610 with dodgy joystick and naff camera.

The wonderful (for its time) p800i.

The p910i with the keyboard only dwarves could use.

Some random k7xx that also had a dodgy joystick.

The throwaway bond-themed k800i. Great camera. Naff joystick... again :)

However, all instantly consigned to a trash can/charity when apple brought out the iPhone.




Geography Failure

A lot of the libraries that were listed as being in the south west.. are actually in the south east. Not a good start.

Also, typically, my local library doesn't understand digital anything. It's still in the stone age :(

Sony brings Skype to Bravia HD TVs



I bought last year's model of panasonic tv. If you bought the 150 quid camera, you could also get skype.

However, since the firmware hasn't been updated since I bought it, and isn't likely to, since this years models are out, I'm expecting that this will be an expensive white elephant. The skype service will forever stay in beta.

I'd love to be proved wrong tho.

Panasonic pledges big job cuts



even less panasonic staff to upgrade the vieracast firmware on last years tvs. sigh.

Western Digital WD TV Live Hub


how does this compare to a A-110 or better popcornhour?

As the owner of 2 A-110 popcornhours from e-bay, I wonder how this WD device compares.


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Apple Mac Mini with Snow Leopard Server


mail utilities and server on a nas

Oddly, qnap make available a free "xdove" install which is dovecot+xmail for their nas boxes. :)

Panasonic Pure Line TX-L37D28 37in LCD TV



You might be able to get the iPlayer by tuning in to a BBC channel on freesat and then hitting the red button. That's how some of the other panny TVs for this year work.

What's the best NAS-to-TV box?


thumbs up for qnap

I use a qnap 209 pro II nas for storing the media, then access it via xbmc on multiple xboxes (standard definition) or xbox 360s (high definition) throughout the house. Totally painless.

Group Test: Wireless music streamers


NAS that can stream

I believe that a port of the slimserver/squeezecenter can run on the qnap range of NASs.

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Slingbox Solo TV-over-the-net device

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sling catcher

Supposedly the company that makes the slingbox is also coming out with a gadget called something like the sling catcher which should be able to take slingbox generated network traffic and display it on a tv, amongst other neat tricks.


It was displayed at a trade show earlier this year and was due around the middle of this year, but has been apparently delayed by a few months.

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