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Sky hints at 3D TV launch


Red and Green Specs

Why the hell would you need Red & Green Stereoscopic glasses on a 3D TV. A bog standard TV can display Red/Green stereoscopic images, hell, even paper can! Surely you would need polarizing glasses or something along those lines? Surely the future can't be 3D but in 2 amazing horrific colours!?!?

Microsoft proposes gadget feature disabling tech

Paris Hilton

Going the wrong way about it

As usual, Microsoft going the wrong way about something. As most people of said, this won't work because anyone will be able to build a DOS of death machine. Best way is to start with mobiles and work with the networks to make sure the network blocks certain features (eg calls, texts) in certain geographical areas. Although, i doubt they will be helpful in stopping their customers from spending money.... Maybe just wrap every library and train in tinfoil? Paris, because she's shiny like tinfoil

Nokia to turn cameraphones into foreign food finders


We don't need this

Surely as English speakers, we don't need this, we just have to keep shouting in English until they get the idea? :P

Honda shows off space-dwarf robot butler capability


Good height

I think we all knnow what 51 inches is a good height for.....

Met Police guilty in de Menezes case


Something needs to be done, but not that

What I think is stupid, is fining the police. Let’s take money out of something with Tax payers have to pay for. Why should I pay for a mistake the police make? Ridiculous, how is a fine going to change anything!

Chef of Police: "Oh we better not shoot anymore innocent people; otherwise we might have to pay another fine"


Canadian prof develops drunk-driving sim

Dead Vulture

Stupid If You Ask Me

16 Year Old: "I got Really Good at Booze Cruise, I can do all the challenges, That means i can go out and drink drive for real!"

Nice One!


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