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Microsoft accidentally turned off hardware requirements for Windows 11

Edgar Scrutton

When will people realize that M$'s goal is to make $$$ and that will be to entice users to to monthly subscription on the 'Cloud' where his/her OS will be the current version of Windows updated (daily?) by M$ and accessed though any browser? The software required by the user will be a optional extra monthly fee. Microsoft will escape supporting hardware which is not profitable. The computer joins the phone as a monthly profit source.

Chromium-adjacent Otter browser targets OS/2

Edgar Scrutton

For all those reminiscing OS/2 thanks for the experiences. However, I am still using OS/2,) 1990), WarpX, EcomStation, and AracNoae, to maintain the financial books for my company. Written using Mesa2 spreadsheet and scripted with Rexx the Salesbook.M2, and Cashbook.M2 run in memory yielding a functional speed that makes a database crawl. Kudos to the people at Arca Noae for their good works.

You've duked it out with OS/2 – but how to deal with these troublesome users? Nukem

Edgar Scrutton

Back to the Future

Still using OS/2 aka Warp2 eComStation and now ArcaNoe to run Allison's Travel. Nothing beats Mesa2 and Rexx scripts to run a dual currency (CDN &USA) set of accounting books. Dual currency accounting packages were not available back in the late 80's. Some things are Oldies but Goodies ... OS/2 is one. At one time I ran five printers and a file server on one 386 machine!

Why software engineers should ditch Silicon Valley for Austin

Edgar Scrutton

Try Toronto Ontario Canada.

Great accepting culture with arts, entertainment etc. Good public transportation and a very low payroll tax that gives EVERYONE full heath care. And we have the clothing to handle the weather.

Microsoft still working to fix Outlook sync issues

Edgar Scrutton

I use several OS's: Os/2Warp, eComStation, Windows 7, and Ubutu.

Mozilla Thunderbird or SeaMonkey are my favorite email clients

My Hotmail has been a challenge this past several days. I found a solution .. at least on a W7 machine (Ubuntu, OS/2 and other W7) machines would work, was to make sure the TLS 1.0 was enabled.

I wonder if some 'upgrades' turn this off going to a higher level for security or not. Anyway this worked for me here on this combination of software.

Microsoft offers admins free Win 10 upgrade lube

Edgar Scrutton

Why hasn't any one realized the M$ will re-offer W10 as free in the future when few people will pay exorbitant ransom prices? M$ NEEDS people to migrate so they can join Giggle and Amazing in the advertising revenue slurp. Perhaps sometime in the future they will pay customers to use their crap so they can make money on the analytics?

Is the world ready for a bare-metal OS/2 rebirth?

Edgar Scrutton

Been running OS/2 since 1992 to do my company's accounting SuperCalc5 (Dos) > Lotus123 > Mesa2

Mesa2 with its scripts and Rexx has provided 20 years of inexpensive, fast, reliable data. I have never lost a drive to HPFS and now JFS from Warp4 or eComStation2. I still prefer Lotus Smartesuite's AmiPro/WordPro to any other word processor. It's desktop publishing idiom weaned me away from WordPerfect (last used version WP6.0 run in a Dos session on OS/2). Currently running eComStation 2.2 beta on a Lenovo T400, and four other machines. Love the lack of worms, trojans, or other malware that security by obscurity provides.

The Presentation Manager and Workplace Shell for OS/2 beats Windows or Linux for me anytime. Really intuitive and easy to learn and use. Too bad for those that never experience it.

Current software: SeaMonkey for Mail, Browser, Html Composer, and IRC chat; Thunderbird; Open Office; PMView Image ; Mesa2 Spreadsheet; Samba;

I am aware of the Araca Noae plan, look forward to their services, and wish them well.

World finally ready for USB-bootable OS/2

Edgar Scrutton

Well here goes: OS/2 user since 1993 from V2.0 onward and still running it. Currently eComStation V2.2 beta on three machines. Main application is Mesa2 from Sundial Systems for my company's accounting which is contained in two .M2 files with tons of Mesa2 / Rexx scripts. If you didn't use Rexx on OS/2 you didn't ever get to the real payoff. Currently, also using Lotus Smartesuite for OS/2 and Windows (WordPro, 123, Freelance), along with OpenOffice, SeaMonkey. The hardware is only a couple of years old including my Lenovo T400.. Just to close, my Mesa2 sheet runs 30 times faster in OS/2 than when I try to port it to either OO or M$Office running on Windows. It may be old but it's stable and the best. BTW no worms, viruses, or trojan horses ... security by obscurity. Recommended.

Stardock’s Start10 brings the familiarity of 7 to Windows 10

Edgar Scrutton

Re: Always happy to support Stardock and Brad...

Still using OS/2 exoneration 2.2 commercially to run my company. 23 years !

BlackBerry boss vows to keep making phones

Edgar Scrutton

I moved from a Q10 to Q30 a month ago. Better IMHO.

Staples in Canada will give you 1 months trial period.

At $269 I figure it's a steal.

The REAL JUICE behind leaked BlackBerry OS: Android apps to slip in without protection

Edgar Scrutton

Re: Whatever killed OS/2

OS/2 isn't DEAD, just updated. See: ecomstation.com and mensys.nl Still running my file-print-fax server, and Mesa2 based accounting for over 18 years.

We'll build Elon Musk's Hyperloop ... if you lob us ONE-MEELLION dollars

Edgar Scrutton

More creativity needed but criticism often points the way. I think that the vacuum idea is wrong and that the tube should be treated as a 'wind tunnel' as found in aeroplane or automobile research. The linear induction motors may not need be continuous but at critical points as in inclines. Use of air cushion with suction at front and expulsion on the sides / rear also is envisioned. Vacuum is not a good for human survival in crisis situations.

Steve Jobs' 'spaceship' threatened by massive cost overruns

Edgar Scrutton

Virtual Office

Impressive, and archaic. For a digital company this looks like the Roman Coliseum to my eyes. As usual execs looking backwards to define their view of existance. Steve Jobs is sadly gone.

Apple plans big solar farm to clean dirty datacenter

Edgar Scrutton

I had a solar design/install company back in 1978-86 and have a enduring interest in renewable energies.

Truth of the matter is, that the system should go on the roof top. Fixed arrays are denser than articulated pods and can generate equivalent yields. Being on the roof can help avoid local environmental ground fog. Penetrations and maintenance are in fact easier. It is cheaper to fasten to the buildings structure than it is to clear the site and put cement footings into the ground. Power is generated where it is needed. No distribution required. They should also consider turning the roof into a 'living roof' with grass and plants that would reduce the heat gain that is considerable in Carolina, and would also produce oxygen and hold rain water.

The downside of this is that adding the solar racking and panels increases the insurance cost of the building and possibly the local taxes on the building. Racking and panels can present a challenge in case of a fire, as they've found out in Germany.

Although it is not yet existent technology, I fully expect we will develop the ability to recycle the solar cells and the panels. Solar arrays in that sense will be come recyclable.

Office 365: Can Microsoft replace Microsoft?

Edgar Scrutton

Another Alternative

We use OpenOffice (aka LibreOffice) quite happily. Another alternative not mentioned above is Symphony from IBM. It's writen in Java and runs well on all the versions of Window we have. Haven't tried it on Linux.

Choosing a desktop OS

Edgar Scrutton

The Forgotton OS.

OS/2, aka Warp4.x, now eComStation is still a viable desktop and the Presentation Manager interface (PM) is the best. Lots of software, mostly free, and a huge legacy of applications including: FireFox, Thunderbird, OpenOffice, Symphony, WP, Mesa2, Communications Aps etc.

Take a look or a free demo: http://www.ecomstation.com/downloads.phtml

Barnes & Noble answers Microsoft's anti-Android suit

Edgar Scrutton

Nook rules for Value

Getting my NookColor to do some surfing,

Purchased two NookColors in early January 2011. Great ereader / library system but sucked on the internet. NOT ANY MORE. Earlier this week B&N made available an OS upgrade to Android 2.? with an improved web browser, IMAP/POP email and other apps. More coming. Great screen. Wife and I love it. Beats hauling a laptop around the world. (An no k'towing to Apple or MS).

Now, got to go and eread.....


As Gates strides into the future, we wallow in the past

Edgar Scrutton

The Right tool for the Job.

OS/2 is still alive. Warp 4 is now called eComStation. It will soon release a new level 2.0. You may read about it at : http://ecomstation.com/ or download a 'live demo cd' (free) at : http://ecomstation.com/democd/

It's just too good to die. Love my OS/2

Cheap as chips wind-up MP3 player

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Paris Hilton

Use-Design needed.

This design is a "follow-me" using the 'twist the handle crank'. It would be much more easy to use had it employed a rack and pinion gear to drive the generator by a squeezing action of the hand.

Was Paris involved in this design?

IBM snubs OS/2 open source plea

Edgar Scrutton

The Right tool for the Job.

For me, eComStation is the right tool for the job. The job is simple word processing/DTP with Lotus WordPro. My browser is Seamoney which includes email, Composer, and IRC. My company of 21 years runs it's books on MESA2 the best spreadsheet for OS/2 that is customizable (as are all OS/2 apps) with REXX scripts. I personally and singly manage several million dollars in sales using the $75.00 app. Why not switch to EXCEL? Well, I tried but a copy of the 200 row x 13000 column database/spreadsheet just runs too slowly on Windows to be functionally useful. My fax machine is PMFAX which has for 10 years done hundreds of thousands of receipts. . When I need a Windows 2000 program I run it under Innotek's Virtual PC for OS/2 as a Guest OS. When I develop Windows apps I do so in a VPC , then if it hangs I just reboot the virutal machine. I run W98 so that my parallel port AGFA SnapScan 1212 will work. That's leveraging your assets.

The point is, this the tool fits the needs and is 100% reliable. Nothing beats the Work Place Shell, although Linux comes close.

So, gentlemen/gentlewomen choose your weapons ... just remember it's nice to have choice.

MS drops nagware validation for IE7 installs

Edgar Scrutton


Many of us are forced to use IE because large vendors ie: Worldspan, Vacation Access and others are Microsoft houses that write their pages and 'applets' in ActiveX and/or MS_Java. If we want to do business with them (ie DO our business) we must speak their language. There is not much hope they will move to a Mozilla platform or even Sun Java.

Therefore the following exerpts are explainable:

" I've never understood why anyone would use IE out of choice; out of ignorance yes, but not choice." and " The main thing for them is to improve their various development platforms that rely on IE thus keeping companies locked into ASP for their websites, intranets or even the GUIs for their programs."

Keeping them in IE sells Microsoft Winows either XP or Vista.