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Viacom suit is Net killer, Google claims

Wes Brown
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Why don't they start taking people to court who have these clips recorded on VHS tape. It's a pity they also don't take into account who might have bought a DVD of theirs after finding a TV series or whatever on youtube that they wanted!

On a personal note I've not bought a CD since all the record companies got on their high horse about sharing music, I mean most people copied used to copy music tape-to-tape years ago.

And that's probably the reason shed loads of CD shops have had to close, lets hope the same happens to TV studios/DVD shops, people get miffed and the same happens to the like of ViaCom, next time I buy a DVD I'll certainly be checking if ViaCom's logo is on there or mentioned, if it is ... you'll be going back on the shelf!!

Info chief shrugs off Bluetooth regulation

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Re: Comments on ‘Info chief shrugs off Bluetooth regulation’

So what is the ICO left to do? It does f**k all about data protection issues as it is!