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Fake plane death businessman cuffed in Florida

Julian Browne

I don't get it..

.. he tried to fake a plane crash. Ok, with you there. Not a great plan, what with the non-imploded windscreen and clear evidence that he'd bailed an' all, but still, let's call that bad luck that the plane was spotted before it crashed.

Then he rolls up at someone's house having had a canoe accident? Was that like an insurance policy? So he thought that if he got away with it he would go down in history as the unlucky bloke who's plane windscreen imploded, cutting him up, and having tried valiantly to keep the plane flying he accidentally falls out the plane door, into an abandoned canoe which then takes off into death rapids.. except then he's seen at someone's house.

Nope. Don't get it. Wasn't he just a bit loopy?

Why UML won't save your project

Julian Browne


No. Although that would have added an interesting dimension to it. It was in Lincolnshire (the supplier was based in the Thames Valley) and more than that I probably shouldn't say.

Although everything I know about fine wine, fine dining and doing all your laundry on expenses I learned that year, so it wasn't a complete waste.

Julian Browne

Kinda Obvious Too

I'm with Tom on this one. Why does the example suggest a project in trouble would suddenly start modelling? I've seen a lot of strange things but not modelling at the end. And if it did happen it would clearly be mental.

What does tend to happen is that the 'management' fail (or refuse) to see the gap between reality and the plan until the cracks are so big their bonuses fall down them. I was on a project once where we relocated the entire team to the customer site for final 'testing' (aka finish the development that had been in progress for the previous two years). Only after another year, with all of us on ridiculous expenses, did the customer twig that we were very far from delivering indeed.

Still.. I'm in managment now so I don't have to think about reality. Just plans.