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Russia launches Cyrillic top-level domain

Jim Wilson


The Russians could have insisted on predsedatel,rf; they are being very reasonable here.

El Reg insults 'millions of Irish Catholics'

Jim Wilson

erin go where?

The orange would have gone unnoticed if you had included:


Dell moves 40,000 Ubuntu PCs

Jim Wilson

Linux vs....

Most of the conflict between Windows and Linux from the user's point of view is look and feel, which most can't get past.

If you run Windows you might consider dual-booting, which Linux handles well. But leaping from Windows to Linux is not a good idea except for the few who are really willing to work hard at it.

MS puts a lot of effort and money into making sure of its position in primary education in the 3rd world, and that will keep it on top forever.

Mandriva bigwig (nearly) accuses Ballmer of b-word

Jim Wilson

It is only money...

How many bank accounts in how many countries would you need to review to find the key to this puzzle? Steve won't lose any sleep on this one.

Computer glitch nixes death row appeal in Texas

Jim Wilson

Texas leads us all

Several years back a review showed that Texas averaged more executions a year than the next 19 states combined.

That is the way it goes when you are nearer to Jesus.


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