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Asus 8.9in Eee PC surfaces


Can't wait

Got my 701 as an emu PC at the moment running zsnes and pj64 - runs sweet but I have to clock to stock speed to run some n64 titles...hopefully this will have more cpu/gpu grunt taking away the need for the upclock - also bigger screen *may* look better plus might even have an a go at running a GC emu...fun fun fun

Spanish bull breeder to clone prize stud



It is just tradition - it will change as time passes. Although I wouldn't mid seeing a bull kick some hombre ass also

Elonex £99 Eee PC rival to arrive in June



I'm normally 100% brunette but it's Asus for me - she looks like a real woman and like not like a pixie in a boardroom

(and the laptop is spec'd to match it's looks - crap)

Pentax Optio Z10 digital camera


@ @Adam guy

Thanks that makes sense - I guess as I never print really anything bigger than the standard photo size I didn't see it like that - I guess the general user like myself still doesn't see any real life benefit in a 3mp to a 8mp camera...

One question though, what is the limit of pixels per cm/inch before it doesn't really make a difference??


Good qulaity

"nice touch is 52MB of internal memory, which can hold up to 13 8Mp images at the highest quality setting. OK, it’s not a lot, but reduce the picture quality to 5MB and you can store up to 40 good quality images without so much "

Why does everyone think that image quality is based on megapixels? that is just the resulting resolution size - I don't know of any monitor that can display a 8mp image (dunno what the res is) without scaling it down - yes you can 'zoom' in but that isn't image quality - that is gained from the lens - 8mp is the image size - ffs drives me mad

Sun: MoD has Bond/Potter/Klingon cloaking device



The tank is clearly visiable using anti-invisible glasses

'Happy slapping' vids prompt Brown to push net filters


@ the @Adam guy

Don't worry I'm sure you will see be able to see your favourites like Cum Hungry Grannies etc


About time...

It is a joke - you are 13 but

-you can't watch a 18 film from blockbusters as it might damage you

-you must be shielded from ads that could be sexy, racist , etc as it might shape your thoughts

-you can't play Manhunt 9 or Doom 56 as it might cause you to go nuts with a knife

but you can simply go online and view hardcore smut or anything else - pretty pointless having the above then isn't it - we as a nation agree that censorship is requried as people are to young to recongise the difference between fact and fiction and often the lines get blurred but then we don't enforce at an ISP level - anything else is pointless as it can be broken easily

The internet is a media just like the above and requries central control just like the above - websites are a start but then you have p2p, etc

Japan scrubs Antarctic whale hunt


I have respect for the Japs

They are bloody clever - but french connection uk me - why is this still going on - haven't we deceided that the whales are also quite clever and shouldn't be basically tortured both phyically once caught and then mentally for the others in the 'pod' when one doesn't come back - ffs WE DONT OWN THE EARTH - we share it - selfish selfish


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