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Geeks and Nerds caught on film lacking geeky nerdiness

Chris Phillips

So quick to crush the bad ones...

I understand that the news media thrives on pain and suffering and basically any bad news, but please, give credit where it's due.

Yeah, crack the whip at the incompetent fools that did not solve the problem, but please please please, give some positive press to the 3 that did!

The 3 success stories weren't even named in the bulletin, while the baddies got named and shamed. How on earth can you call this fair and unbiased reporting? I know that I am not the only one who watched the show thinking that the news people were just on a witch hunt - and didn't they sound pleased with themselves?

You found 3 people that identified the problem. Identify them and let them bask in the glory, or you're just letting ourselves and your profession down.


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