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Hands on with the T-Mobile G1


The Big List: 30 critical issues with Google G1 phone

Its manufacturer HTC called it "The most exciting phone in the history of phones." I compiled a list of all software, hardware and service flaws of G1 and asked the question, "Would Apple have been utterly crucified and AAPL have tanked if the iPhone came out with so many shortcomings?" in:

The Big List: 30 critical issues with Google G1 phone


Triple play puts iPhone ahead of Android


Who can beat iPhone 2.0?

I examined 10 factors that put Apple in an unassailable

position in the mobile platform wars and reviewed the weaknesses of iPhone competitors in:

Who can beat iPhone 2.0?


Ballmer: Google is winning online

IT Angle

Consumer markets: Time for Microsoft to exit?

Unlike their success in the enterprise, Ballmer's reign at MSFT has been a disaster in the competitive consumer markets. I list their string of flops and wonder if this management should go at:


Microsoft and Bungie part ways

Jobs Halo

Bungie: Creative ’sharks’ can’t survive at Microsoft

Microsoft bought the leading 3D/animation company SOFTIMAGE in 1994 and sold it to Avid four years later. Now Bungie. I explain this phenomenon here:

"Bungie: Creative ’sharks’ can’t survive at Microsoft"