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Grissom bows out of CSI

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There goes the show...

I've always loved CSI primarily because of Grissoms character. To me, he and his idiosyncrasies are what made the show worth watching. I've always considered him the ideal counterbalance for the characters of rest of the team, possessing many of what I'd consider the ideal character traits for a CSI.

I really admired his ability to be objective and unbiased even in the face of incredibly difficult situations. Yes, he was perhaps the biggest geek in the entire cast, but that is what made him so special.

His ability to make true, valid connections through logical deduction, where others were often too emotionally driven or too willing to rely on their hunches or misleading past experiences for guidance has always been an inspiration.

Gil Grissom will be a great loss to the series. I honestly can't imagine CSI without him, and i seriously doubt they will be able to craft a character good enough to fill the shoes he will leave behind...

Geeks and Nerds caught on film lacking geeky nerdiness

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This report is not particularly objective.

As an IT Professional of 15+ years, I actually found this report to be a little one sided. While I agree that majority of the technicians shown were incompetent, or perhaps excessively sales oriented, from a diagnostic perspective, given the wide range of ways different systems respond to faulty ram (especially of the cheap variety) and corrupt system files, these are not always an easy diagnosis to make. While most of the techs faired poorly in the diagnostic department, the segment also severely oversimplified the reasons why they were deemed incompetent.

And from a pricing perspective, It is really unfair to use in-house IT department staff to make any kind of judgement on the pricing of parts and labor for third party, on-site service organizations. Being in-house does not automatically infer any more competency than an outsourced technician. And having worked on both sides of that particular fence, I can say that the costs and quality of parts and labor for third parties is actually a much different ball game than for an in-house IT department.

You really cannot have people who do not understand the ins and outs of the computer repair industry writing articles or executing stings. Even the people they used as subject matter experts, while technically capable, simply did not know enough about how outsourced/third party support works and it's commensurate costs to provide a fair and unbiased view of things.


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