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Geeks and Nerds caught on film lacking geeky nerdiness



system files that suddenly are missing or corrupted? a virus and/or malware is a totally logical conclusion, little else could cause such a thing besides someone willfully deleting or altering files.

I also had a problem with how they seemed to disagree with the idea of marking up the price on a component. Its business, there are going to be diagnostic fees and labor charges ($80-125/hr is far from unreasonable) and the marked up cost of the components. Some are going to cost more than others. When you're having a PC repaired by a business its not like having your buddy Al drop by after work to take a look at it, if a service is performed there will be a cost attached to it.

but yeah, those guys were grossly under-trained and under-experienced, giving a black eye to the industry. then again, i would expect nothing more from the likes of those stores.

though I suppose it would be difficult for a consumer to find a decent place for PC repair.


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