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UK asks to buy next-gen spy planes from US

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@@@@All RE: nimrod

You guys can thank Bugs Bunny for the definition change in America. Bugs always called Elmer Fudd "nimrod". Elmer being a hunter and also a bumbling idiot, I guess American audiences just associated the term with the latter since Bugs called him that when he was hunting or not. He also called him an "emb-ASS-sle" and a "maroon".

It wouldn't be the first time mass American audiences completely misconstrued the meaning of a word.

Paris because she's been very well misconstrued.

US government forces military secrets on Brit webmaster

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I was under the impression that DARPANet was still active in some form. If not, surely my tax money has been partially spent on an "Undernet" that the military sends sensitive and classified info on.

Apparently not. KP duty for all involved.

Jolly Roger because the lack of understanding of domain names has me feeling scurvy.

Essex youth's cop headbutt heads for YouTube

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Lead poisoning

I wonder if the little DNA stain would have been so bold if the cop would have had a Glock .40 on his hip. I somehow doubt it.

I agree with previous post, let's say this together... TAZER.

The dead vulture, well, just because.

Computer glitch nixes death row appeal in Texas

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@ Hugh Winkler, James Condron, Aaron Cameron, et al...

This "poor" soul was executed not because of some "computer error" or lax, slack-assed lawyers. He was killed because he brutally murdered a mother of 7.

His lawyers were attempting to pad their pockets to the last second of this fellow's life. In the meantime probably planning another deluge of endless appeals to spare him further weeks, months, years. I am quite sure the fine citizens of Texas don't mind having one less murderer to clothe, feed and board.

The moral of this story is don't murder someone in a state that upholds the death penalty. Any mishaps after sentencing is his own dumbass fault.


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