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Student suspended in gun rights email row


Oh my god!!

Just who does he think he is? Speaking his mind. I mean, jesus, he should go out with a blaze of glory...Oh wait. That is what he was TRYING to avoid from someone doing by being able to carry a concealed weapon.

One thing to remember also is that he spoke his mind. He did not once say anything considered "hate crime". He did not threaten anyone. Seriously some folks are just way to touchy.

If ever that comes here to Canada, I will frikken go nuts and just voluntarily move into the bush and rough it and pretend the world does not exist. Until I look up in the sky and see the skylights...But that is another story.

Geeks and Nerds caught on film lacking geeky nerdiness


Totaly agree

I posted this on their website hours ago, but doubt they will publish it.


I have been in IT for over 10 years. I currently work on Help Desk for a large company doing government work.

That show had to be so biased or call me chicken. The fact that you took a memory stick that was faulty and put it into a working PC. What the heck were they thinking? Are they trying to blow the motherboard? And they where considered the experts? Wow, boggles my mind.

I used to help friends and such with the PC problem, but now I don't. I used to get the "come over for supper" deal all the time and finally said sure, but I am not touching your PC. Now, when I do fix their PC it's hardware only and even then charge $50 and I don't look at it for more then 1 hour. I do not touch software problems, period. I will if they pay me. I will re-install their valid version of windows and after that I tell I will not fix their software problem. I will re-install again.

I think your story has made it seem that those who fix computers need to have certifications and degrees and such. You know what. I started using PCs when I was 14. I was self taught. I went to college only to get a piece of paper to say I know my stuff. Most of my college mates knew nothing about computers but passed their courses. Go figure.

Lets hope one day you actually do a valid show on IT support


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