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Flash stalks Seagate's hybrid drives

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I've a 160GB drive in my laptop and I could do with more. I have it connected to a keyboard/mouse/monitor when at my desk turning it effectively into a desktop. Granted I don't need more than about 300GB but very few desktops need more than that. Bulk storage is where the size is required and then you are generally less worried about speed. My NAS is 8TB and there's no way I'm using even hybrid drives in that because it's only serving media across the network.

NASA's WISE loses its chill

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RE: 203°C = "warmer temperatures"?

I think you'll find there is a '-' symbol on the previous line so it actually says "-203°C". For some reason they have been separated.

Steve Jobs dubs Google's 'don't be evil' motto 'bulls**t'

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OSX on macs

The main reason for the stability of OS X over Windows is that the former only has to support a limited range of hardware. Imagine if you were writing software that had to run on hundreds of versions of hardware of different specs, it would be a nightmare. All the hacks you had, or did, put in would fall over and it would end up as a hideous ball of crapulance. The fact that I can run Win7 for as long as I do with few problems says a lot. When I use my Mac I know it will work because the OS and hardware are designed with each other in mind. Don't get me started on Linux, I've tried it and didn't get on with it. Too much effort required compared to the others which worked out of the box.

Italians threaten suit over Windows pre-install

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It is possible in the UK

I know here in the UK it is possible to get a refund for a Windows licence from a PC manufacturer. I purchased a laptop and phoned up the manufacturer saying I didn't agree to the EULA. After they went off to find out what to do, they said I was able to get a refund on the Windows licence. The downside was to get the £30-something refund, I would have to send off the laptop and have them remove it for £40-something.

Dell intros 'smallest' desktop PC made with desktop parts

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Desktop components?

So that would the the standard desktop motherboard, DVD drive, power supply, hard drive and CPU. No? Last time I opened up a Dell I was shocked, closed it and bought a new PC that I could easily add components to. I couldn't find anywhere to put another hard drive or DVD drive. Even my PS3 has the power supply internally and I'm sure they could make that smaller than this if they fitted it with a "standard" CPU. Then again, going by Dell wording, the cell processor is probably a "standard" desktop component.

Peugeot looks to 1940s for quirky e-car design

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Paris Hilton

Rear seating

For people wondering how the rear passengers have squeezed their legs in, the answer is that they are straddling the front seats. Pics via the link below. You will also notice they only show the people using lap-belts.


Paris because of the straddling.

Skinny, curvy Asus Eee inspired by MacBook Air

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Inspired by the Air how?

I don't see how it's inspired by the Air in any way. It's thicker and probably heavier. I'm guessing the battery is not user replaceable because I couldn't see any way of removing it. I'm also not keen on the trackpad idea. I like to be able to see where the pad is without running off the edge of it. I much prefer the Apple idea of combining it with the button thereby creating a larger area. As a final note, it's white whereas all the Apple range is now metal which is a lot better IMHO.

French yoof offered Halo-esque electric buggy

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It's a quad in the UK too

UK (and I believe EU) law states that provided the vehicle has less than 20hp and weighs under 550kg it can be classed as a quadricycle. This is why the G-wizz gets around many safety regulations. DVLA states that you don't even need to worry about the horsepower which is nice of them.

Samsung launches not-2TB drive

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@So how big is it really?

The important thing to note here is the difference between gigabytes(GB) and gibibytes(GiB). Many people incorrectly use gigabytes and megabytes to refer to measurement using powers of two when they should be using gibibytes and mebibytes.

1GB = 10^9 bytes

1GiB = 2^30 bytes

This idea follows for kilo/kibi and tera/tebi. You will find that hard drives are correctly refered to as tera-/gigabytes whereas memory is incorrectly using these when they should be using gibibytes. If you are still confused, just look on Wikipedia. The lack of knowledge of these terms means people do not use them so the mix-up lives on.

On the Samsung thread, I've had to bin the drive I got mid last year because it was vibrating a lot. I'm now using 4x1TB and 2x1.5TB WD drives and have had no problems with those.

Western Digital Caviar Green 2TB hard drive

Richard Drinkwater

Available for pre-order now

I've found a site where you can pre-order them for those who are interested:


I would get more but I'm happy with the 3TB I've already got (RAIDed of course). Problem I find with these big drives is the cost in that you have to buy at least 2 just in case one dies and you loose all that data.

Geeks and Nerds caught on film lacking geeky nerdiness

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Static anyone?

I didn't see any of those people use any antistatic precautions. After they fiddled in the computer, could well be they have fried all those components they listed.


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