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Tencent Cloud slaps googly eyes on a monitor, says it can care for oldies

Roger Kynaston Silver badge

Not creepy. At all!

I am sure The Saj here in Blighty will love the idea of these so he can sack all the GPs.

It is a bit ROTM hence icon

Everyone back to the office! Why? Because the decision has been made

Roger Kynaston Silver badge

I'm reminded of this


also kudos for the best description of Boggy Rees ever!

NOBODY PRINT! Selfless hero saves typing pool from carbon catastrophe

Roger Kynaston Silver badge


A university I worked at had a multi part carbon registration form. Every student got one. Every year they redesigned it and every year I had a nightmare trying to get the bloody thing to print from the huge dot matrix printer they spent a fortune maintaining. At a meeting I suggested that it might be better to have a standard A4 and perhaps distribute the form electronically to the relevant parts (registry, exams, teaching department and student). The head a registry exploded on the spot and came close to shouting at me in (the lowly sysadmin) a large meeting. I was even prepared to configure a posh laser printer with multiple trays if they wanted to have different colours.

Other than that, it was a great gig and I became friends with the head of Registry.

Whatever hit the Moon in March, it left this weird double crater

Roger Kynaston Silver badge

Everyone is wrong!

It is two videos that Wowbagger threw from his ship because he had already seen them 2 million times when he came to earth to insult Arthur Dent but realised he had already done him.

Amazon shows off robot warehouse workers that won't complain, quit, unionize...

Roger Kynaston Silver badge

So many films/books

I particularly look forward to Bezos having to deal with Marvin at one of his tat warehouses.

Icon because it is nearly Friday and soon that is all we will be able to do.

Mars Express orbiter to get code update after 19 years

Roger Kynaston Silver badge

isolated network

Not so much airgapped as vacuum gapped!

I've got it and am off!

Micron aims 1.5TB microSD card at video surveillance market

Roger Kynaston Silver badge

When I were a lad

</cod lancashire>

I remember the first hard disk I encountered a whole 40Mb. I also read about the first 10Mb Winchester drives but my old Commodore 64 only had a 5 1/4 floppy.

we need an old codger icon.

SpaceX reportedly fires staffers behind open letter criticising Elon Musk

Roger Kynaston Silver badge

Re: Elon, you magnificent son of a bitch!

You are Elon Musk and I claim my £5.

Know the difference between a bin and /bin unless you want a new doorstop

Roger Kynaston Silver badge

tar(macadam) joy

I needed to copy some config files from one machine to another.

Source machine: tar cvf /tmp/roger.tar /etc/some/dir

scp roger.tar to dest machine

Destination machine: tar xvf /tmp/roger.tar

"Ooh why does /etc not contain any files now?

This was when I found that the backups hadn't been working.

Four days later and I had sort of bodged the machine back into a working state and I learnt the lesson to extract a tarball into a different directory

Teeth marks yield clue to widespread internet outage in Canada

Roger Kynaston Silver badge

Beavering away

It is all in the title!

Woman accused of killing boyfriend after tracking him down with Apple AirTag

Roger Kynaston Silver badge

Re: Ban cars?

Which rather brings us round to the story (away from gun control and colonialism anyway). The Lady in the story appeas to have decided that the gentleman was her property and that if she couldn't own him, no one could. I am sure that the court will go into the ins and outs of that possible assumption fully.

Majority of Axon's AI ethics board resigns over CEO's taser drones

Roger Kynaston Silver badge

You are mostly spot on

Airlines and Airports seem to be managed by idiots. Your error was to call him Boris - his correct name is Bozo the criminal

Next six months could set a new pace for work-life balance

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Interesting idea

I have a feeling that it is an idea whose time has come. After all, the unions fought for Saturday off and (then) 48 hour weeks in the early years of the last century. So instead of 'that Friday feeling' you will have that Thursday vibe!

Here is another idea, back when pension schemes were more valuable than they are now one I knew of had a facility where you could start winding down your working week a few years before normal pension age. A colleague I knew went from 5 to 4 and then 3 days a week till he finally chucked it in. Perhaps that is something that could be widened out.

I am still a few years off being able to hang up my work email.

Azure Active Directory logs are lagging, alerts may be wrong or missing

Roger Kynaston Silver badge

more CRUD

Creat Read Update Filesystem Timestamp

The best I can come up with after only one cup of coffee.

VMware customers have watched Broadcom's acquisitions and don't like what they see

Roger Kynaston Silver badge

Shades of SUN and Solaris

I know Solaris hasn't gone away and all that but I think that this will pan out in a very similar way.

Amazon investors nuke proposed ethics overhaul and say yes to $212m CEO pay

Roger Kynaston Silver badge

Re: Don't rock the boat

At one level, remuneration in a private company (as opposed to a public, taxpayer funded organisation) is not in the public domain. The trouble is that large companies are large employers and have a huge impact on society as a whole. Studies have shown that excessive disparities between the highest and lowest wages are not good for society. So, what C-level people are paid in relation to their employees is of public concern.

Lonestar plans to put datacenters in the Moon's lava tubes

Roger Kynaston Silver badge

Re: RE: Simple question: if knowledge is so completely lost...


Voyager 1 space probe producing ‘anomalous telemetry data’

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Re: Is it called the AE35 unit ?

Beat me to it. Time to find Persis Khambatta and Stephen Collins.

Oracle really does owe HPE $3b after Supreme Court snub

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licence audits here we come

Larry will want to recoup that loss as quickly as possible.

I'm glad that there is no Oracle where I work.

Open-source leaders' reputations as jerks is undeserved

Roger Kynaston Silver badge

Re: Something missing here

Downtime: that time when a system is stable and immune from user input!

Icon just to make it clear.

Roger Kynaston Silver badge
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rude maintainers

For a while I worked to migrate off sendmail to another mta and subscribed to the mailing lists. It was staggeringly rude and contemptuous of newbies. I understand the need to look through the archives first and to post all relevant information but even then you asked a question at your peril. I really hope that these practises do die.

Jeffrey Snover claims Microsoft demoted him for inventing PowerShell

Roger Kynaston Silver badge

powershell command missing

When on earth will they come up with an equivalent of du?

full file system and you want to find the culprit in *nix

ls /some/dir | while read line


du -sh $line


I once found the code in powershell but it was so ugly I couldn't deal with it. It is good to have powercli on linux though so I can take snapshots etc. So, on balance I suppose it is a good thing.

Uber, Meta to reduce hiring as stocks slide

Roger Kynaston Silver badge

Imagine working for an antisocial

I know we shouldn't be overly proud and good work can be done in evil corps but the idea that my little scripts keep the Zuck afloat would leave a very sour taste in my mouth.

Elon Musk wants to take Twitter public again 'within 3 years'

Roger Kynaston Silver badge

Re: It’s been fun

My sympathies are very much with your views. The problem is that anyone who has to promote anything is forced to sup with these devils with quite short spoons. An example, any indie author has to have a presence on all the antisocials to promote their wares.

Politicians, in particular have to be on them even if they are diametrically opposed to most political anti social types.

It seems that Linkedout is now becoming important for when you are looking for a job in our august profession.

I do wish that people would be less interested in the narcissistic rantings of the Musk Ox and where he indulges in his shopping habits.

Privacy pathology: It's time for the users to gather a little data – evidence

Roger Kynaston Silver badge

Good to see academia being promoted

There is too much assumption about universities not being good places to do research these days. I only hope that they can still get funding to carry on this sort of work and shine a light on how much "they" know about us plebs.

Autonomous Mayflower to attempt Atlantic crossing, again

Roger Kynaston Silver badge

Fair winds

I hope it makes it this time though the idea of a 300000 tonne oil tanker with no humans is a scary prospect .

Icon because - Arrh Jim me lad!

IBM ordered to pay $105 million to insurer over tech project's collapse

Roger Kynaston Silver badge

Re: dollars? - nah

They could really put the cat among the pigeons by making the headline €95 milions

Beanstalk loses $182m in huge flash-loan crypto heist

Roger Kynaston Silver badge

Beanstalk heist

Inquiring minds want to know if the miscreant was called Jack!

The Register gets up close and personal with ESA's JUICE spacecraft

Roger Kynaston Silver badge


When I see that name I am reminded of that advertisement for wine gums


As ever a seriously cool mission (again).

Buying a USB adapter: Pennies. Knowing where to stick it: Priceless

Roger Kynaston Silver badge

two quite different scenarios

My Father was a photographer and loathed doing weddings. One of the things he always did when doing a wedding was to stamp proof all over the initial set of prints (25 years ago CMOS was a glint in someone's eye or only on Voyager). They always created about this and said that cousin 'Dave' would do it for £50.

I am known as the street geek on our road and regularly get asked questions about spinning up Wordpress sites even though I am a systems admin and not good at design. I haven't the heart to charge them an hour's consultancy to say I don't know anything about that but can spin up an AWS instance for them but they will have to design and maintain the site.

South Yorkshire to test fiber broadband through water pipes

Roger Kynaston Silver badge


Is Infosys involved in any way?

Elon Musk buys 9.2% of Twitter, sends share price to the Moon

Roger Kynaston Silver badge

Re: Trump vs Musk

Ooh Palin. That would be good for the popcorn market.

On the idea of the demented musk ox buying an antisocial media platform. So what? I don't have an antsocial media account (not personal just for my wife's pen name) and I doubt I will be in the market for a Tesla or be able to afford a seat on his penis extension.

---> because he should have a couple.

Tomorrow Water thinks we should colocate datacenters and sewage plants

Roger Kynaston Silver badge

Re: Water companies in England

It has been tried with 'limited' success


The principle of your idea is a good one though.

IT outage at Scotland's Heriot-Watt University enters second week

Roger Kynaston Silver badge


They implemented an Oracle non-solution. No sympathy except for the front line ones.

C: Everyone's favourite programming language isn't a programming language

Roger Kynaston Silver badge

I think I have the problem

Other languages have names like java (Eurghhh), Python, Go and so on. What they should really do is write one called D. Then it would rule the world for 50 years and our successors could argue for the creation of a new language - E.

Linux 5.17 debuts after 'very calm' extra week of work

Roger Kynaston Silver badge

Penguins don't last forever

Is there a successor in the wings for when Linus hangs up his keyboard

The IBM System/360 Model 40 told you to WHAT now?

Roger Kynaston Silver badge

No rude but I always laughed

I had a problem with inetd services on a Sun box and started looking at the start script in /etc/init.d. I always loved the comment: # Why oh why did we mess with inetd?

Heaps of tweaks and improvements incoming with GNOME 42

Roger Kynaston Silver badge

Re: version 42

So 42 then?

Roger Kynaston Silver badge

version 42

What happens when you multiply six by nine in the calculator?

Half of bosses out of touch with reality, study shows

Roger Kynaston Silver badge

The onsite/off site binary is stupid here

There seems to be this perception that an organisation has to adopt a single model. All off site, all in the office, all doing some combination (e.g. 60/40).

Why? Some roles can be done entirely remotely, some need you in the office/shop/factory all the time. The same with people. some love the office. Some love being at home in their jim jams. Why would an employer feel that they can impose a single model on everyone and expect everyone to be happy.

I know where I sit on this continuum though I don't wear pyjamas at my desk and I am lucky to be in a role that can be done remotely. Any future job will bear this in mind. I've already turned down a job after initial enquiries found that most of the time would have to be on site in central London

Cow-counting app abused by China 'to spy on US states'

Roger Kynaston Silver badge

Not chinese?

It is the revenge of the lactose intolerant.

Ukraine invasion: This may be the quiet before the cyber-storm, IT staff warned

Roger Kynaston Silver badge

Re: Now is the time to be a prepper – the computer security kind

Good luck getting everyone migrated off Windoze, to use Ubuntu, LibreOffice and the GIMP.

It is always difficult to impossible to blanket ban software that everyone uses.

Saving a loved one from a document disaster

Roger Kynaston Silver badge
Paris Hilton

Re: old kit and wp software

as someone else has observed below - you look a bit new. Spotty or not so spotty geeks always use their skills when looking for a shag. I met my wife when I fixed her PC at work.

Anyway, font was courier 12pt and floppy was likely sony.

Roger Kynaston Silver badge

old kit and wp software

This is more of a who-me but ...

Come my final year and dissertation time had come round. I was one of the few with a computer - an Atari ST for the nostalgic. I had completed my dissertation and the lady with whom I was in lust with needed to type hers up so I lent her my shiny tech toy.

All went well till she was just about to finish and I get a visit to say that it won't save. I got annoyed and guessed that her floppy had got corrupted. I snatched the next floppy and saved dissert.doc. as it was saving I realised with horror that I was just in the process of overwriting my own dissertation with hers. Lots of swearing and panicked bowel lossening pondering on how long an extension I could get till I remembered that the WP software saved a .bak on each disk as well. Sure enough, I opened up the .bak file and mine was there. I hastily saved it to another disk and we plugged in my dot matrix printer to have our eardrums bored out with ages of screaming.

The lust bit never came to anything though which might be just was well.

Google blocks FOSS Android tool – for asking for donations

Roger Kynaston Silver badge



Govt suggests Brits should hand passports to social media companies

Roger Kynaston Silver badge

Re: Crazy Idea

It would be great to do this. Facefail and the rest need to die - at least in their current form.

The problem is that if you want to promote anything you have to sup with the devil.

My Wife has an indie published book out and the only tools for promoting it are the above mentioned evil corps.

This creates a problem as the accounts are in the name of her pen name rather than her actual name. How do you allow such promotional work while requiring people not to 'hide' behind fake IDs?

Typical stupidity of our benighted government!

Fujitsu confirms end date for mainframe and Unix systems

Roger Kynaston Silver badge

Fujitsu ICL

During my stint at a London Borough they had an ICL mainframe. That wasn't my problem but I did have a couple of horrible Team Servers. Come the time when the application was finally replaced I caused a bit of a stir in CAB when I asked to throw them off the roof as part of the decommission process.

Apple seeks patent for 'innovation' resembling the ZX Spectrum, C64 and rPi 400

Roger Kynaston Silver badge

I'll see your Atari ST and raise you a Commodore PET

Also, weren't the VT terminals effectively a computer in a keyboard? As others have said, it is likely that prior art will be ignored though.

Desktop-deprived Linus Torvalds releases first release candidate of ‘not huge’ kernel 5.17

Roger Kynaston Silver badge
Thumb Up

Emperor Penguin

A good description of him.

The image libraries have pictures of Emperor Penguins though. I like this one: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/emperor-penguins-chick-611796077

Red Cross forced to shutter family reunion service following cyberattack and data leak

Roger Kynaston Silver badge

Re: Quote

My you are angry! In the narrow sense of the word you are right in that the ICRC has allowed an attack to work - likely through inaction. It was still a criminal act though - breaking into an unlocked house is still breaking and entering.

However, in the quote from the spokesperson I don't see them trying to shift blame - rather they are appealing to whoever did steal the information not to make use of what they have stolen. Can you condemn them for that?



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