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Freesat BBC iPlayer trial coverage widened


'Freesat iPlayer uses press red to start then broadband to stream

The service uses a variation in the "Press Red" function of the satelite stream to initiate the internet connection to the iPlayer servers. All the video downloading is using the ethernet port - as you say using your current broadband.

The crucial difference for owners of Freesat TVs is that you don't need an extra box to view iPlayer. So now you get subscription free HD broadcasts (Freesat) and also subscription free video on demand (iPlayer).

The ethernet port is mandated as part of the specification for Freesat devices. The important factor for the BBC (et al) is that the capabilities of the viewing devices are known and standardised so one implementation by the broadcaster should work for all Freesat branded devices - at least that's what we've been told. I'll only know when Panasonic update my plasma.

Patent shields customer support from customers


Dial and reboot?

Surely you just set the phone to reboot when you dial the support number?

At least then there's an outside chance of getting it working again.

"It looks like you're dialing an alternative mobile phone service provider, would you like me to help with that?"

Twin-lens reflex camera updated for digital era

Thumb Up

Fun - if you like that sort of thing

As the distance between phones and cameras is shrinking and the compact market is pursing a needless race towards the Gigapixel point and shoot I'm pleased to see something different.

If it actually has decent optics instead of a massive array of weird shooting modes and a bewildering interface then it has a place IMHO.

Having seen older people stuggle with tiny buttons and over complex interfaces a digital camera that looks and functions like a film camera seems like a good idea to me.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T200 compact camera


For the hard of understanding

The 'HD' refers to its ability to directly output a by 1080 line image from the camera itself (using the optional lead).

If you use the direct video out of most digital cameras it will be at standard definition NTSC or PALish. Thats a shame if you've shot a 10MP image and have a HiDef display and have to look at a scaled up VGAish image when you show your friends. Of course 2MP won't show the full potential of the source but it will look substantially better.

ID Cards cost cut to £5.6bn


Big Brother in-action

"...we know there are more journeys, but we don't know if that means more people are travelling or its the same people travelling more often."

As they've been swiping my passport for years and recently taking my photo at the airport you'd think they'd be able to work that one out quite easily wouldn't you?

My only consolation is security state being constructed is run by people who are too incompetent to use the data for anything.

If you gave that information to a direct mail company you can bet your last £1 they could tell you who was travelling, how often and where to send the brouchure!

BT says its Wi-Fi kibbutz isn't targeting 3G


It has been said

"Why would BT want to schmooze two men who have done more to drive down its voice revenues than most, and are now behind a competitor to BT's Vision IPTV service in Joost? Just asking"

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer?


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