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Windows Live Web 2.0 facelift is go

Jobs Halo


Microsoft needs a new design department. Either that or they should think about hiring apple's design team.

Live.com is the epitome of what is wrong with the world.

Who's got more cash? Apple or Microsoft?


Just to point out...

Apple is as volatile as Steve Jobs.

As soon as he goes (which he will do sooner or later), their value will hurtle downwards. Microsoft however do not rely on Bill Gates nor do their share value.

Microsoft unveils 'lightweight' Office for Web




Apple ups the ante in Psystar battle



I think you are unaware that OS X actually detects the hardware you are using. If it finds that you are using non-apple approved (emphasis on approved) hardware, it sends OS X into what is called a Kernal Panic and shuts your system down.

You can't bypass it unless you modify their intellectual property. It will not function without end user intervention, which is wholly against their questionable EULA.

"A kernel panic is a type of error that occurs when the core (kernel) of an operating system receives an instruction in an unexpected format, or that it fails to handle properly. A kernel panic may also follow when the operating system is not able to recover from a different type of error. A kernel panic can be caused by damaged or incompatible software or, more rarely, damaged or incompatible hardware." - "http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1392

They actually induce this behaviour even if the license of Leopard itself is legitimate. It's what made Apple initially belief and say in their first legal doc that in order to run Leopard, they believed and therefore alleged that Psystar therefore had to modify the installation of Leopard prior to pre-installing it or providing it with their normal run of the mill PCs - which as they now know was an untrue allegation.

Microsoft eyes mobile app store



Why do Microsoft constantly want to compete against things that have been done, a little waaaaaay too late?

Why not be innovative? Why not be the ones that lead? They've lost their way and are trying too much at once.

They're having enough problems with what they have, nevermind taking on anything more.

Guess Apple get my 2c's for fulfilling the criteria of innovation, creativity (excluding the porsche like UI design), and being able to be market leaders.

Hackintosh maker bites back at Apple


@ both of you

@ Francis Vaughan

"Apple could kill this action in so many ways. The next OS version could be a maintenance update available via subscription. And as has been pointed out, Apple can produce explicit hardware compatibility issues."

Yes they could, but trading standards would bend them over and make them cry mercy. They'd be fined, and fined big. You know that, I know that, they know that.

@ AC : (Posted Thursday 28th August 2008 05:50 GMT )

You've not heard of VMWare, have you? There's no reason to dual boot.


Just to piss off Apple

Well, here it is for the record.

I am now, forthwith installing Leopard 10.5.4, on my Armari workstation using VMWare.

To be apple compliant with their EULA, I have acquired a spare apple sticker c/o of the free stickers you get with new iPods, or I did at least with mine. That has been firmly placed on the back of the chassis, I don't want to see it of course. So. Now I have a apple-labeled computer.

By the time you read this, I will have already booted it up, laughed and shut it down down again. Just because i can. It'll cost me a few quid for the license I know, but it'll be worth it for the laugh and the fact that Apple have no way of telling me what the hell I do with what I buy.

Now we need a law which prohibits Linked purchases. At least the French have done something right.

Paris, because she's got no license/usage restrictions on her videos.

Apple slapped for dodgy ads



Unfortunately, with an increase of market share and further public awareness, regardless of how minor, the direct result is people rip into for everything that they possibly can.

The world is in recession but apple are booming. Expect jealousy, and expect people to slate them for more. This is just the beginning.

Rockstar confirms GTA IV PC edition



Guess I'll need a new powerhouse beast to run it...

A bit like Deux Ex.

It's official: Samsung shows off i8510 8mp cameraphone



For the first time in some time now, I can drool.

Barclays to scrap 1,800 UK tech jobs


Not a suprise...

Their management put a freeze on all recruitment. There are fairly high people leaving left right and centre.

Knew something was up. Expect a massive downfall in share prices too.

Mozilla insists Firefox 3.1 won't hit bum note for developers

Paris Hilton

What on earth are you lot doing?

You complain about browser crashes, instability, unreliability, usability issues, and customisation problems.

I use my browser to browse the net, and I happily can do it safely with a vanilla version of Opera, Internet Explorer and Firefox without it ever crashing. Without it ever lagging. Without it ever doing something I do not ask it to do. I've even had around 30 tabs open just cos I could. No problems.

Eight years it's been with no viruses. No trojans. No adware. No spyware. I've got Antivirus and it sits there laughing at me because it has nothing to do. I pay for it to be renewed every year. My firewall sits there and laughs at me for paying and renewing the license to run it and that has nothing to do. Adaware laughs at me for paying and renewing the license for that and it never has to do anything.

What on earth are you lot doing to warrant all this need for addons, these complaints about the browser crashing? Come on, and I'm not a techy whizz!!! If I can use the net, build sites, and all that malarky, so surely you can too?!

If you're so insecure use a virtual OS and browse in just that if you've so many issues and can't do something as simple as browse the net without getting bent over by the software you so apparently love. At least when it crashes and breaks everything it'd be isolated...

Paris, cos she knows how to get screwed by doing something she shouldn't be.

Adobe swings out Acrobat 9


Odd one out?

Guess me, and probably most other professionals are the only ones who have been eagerly awaiting this release?

I actually found out about two weeks ago, but what the hey.

I'm soo happy... /pop

Pirate Bay bitchslaps Swedish law with SSL


@Anonymous Coward, re: Office 2007

Tell her to get me a few copies!

Bugs casts shadow over Firefox 3



Hehe, well not really, I paid for it all through anniversaries, birthday presents, parties, valentines eve's, general gifts and so forth. Oh and joint bank/ISA/savings accounts.... /shudder

That costs a lot more than a hooker. Takes more effort and time too!

/me gets suitcases ready and looks at the door... :P

Paris Hilton

@matt west

You get what you pay for...?


Another attempt...

So... I guess they could now try smash their own record again with the millions of people now having to update their release.

Time to break out the party hats once more!

Firefox 3 Download Day falls flat on face



Yes, but it'd be a bit more interesting to see how many people, like you downloaded it multiple times for no apparent reason other than to donate to a meaningless stat. Toodles.

I done a little digging around - apparently as of March 2008, adobe estimate 864,000,000 users have flash player. That's about 9.6 million downloads a day?

I can't find many more stats though about it, and Adobe seem near impossible to get in touch when you have a non-software related query.

Jobs Horns

Rant...? Sorry ol'chaps for pissing on your bonfire

Well done the firefox and mozilla PR team - for making something so ridiculous as a new version of software being released "cool". Since when did nerds, *cough* define cool? I don't know which is more sad and pathetic - celebrating something like that or the 566 parties (see BBC article) that are gonna take place to commerorate it...

Anyhow that said, technically Adobe Flash Player is software. I think they'll win this hands down. Probably i-tunes too. /me gets out the big eye-glass and starts to investigate...

I'll leave with this thought in the meantime. Wierdly I get the same feeling as I do when I hear about Amy Winehouse or Pete Doherty every time I read about Firefox. I thought Harry Potter was bad and rest my eyes in wonderment as to how a CEO of an organisation can have the cheek of having a $500,000 USD/annum (http://valleywag.com/tech/jackpot/mozilla-chief-makes-500000+plus-a-year-322100.php) salary and get away with it.

Hey look, my genetically modifed cow with two redbull cans on its behind just flew across the window sporting some quite stylish XXXL Calvin Klein boxers! Hurrah! /me runs out and chases it with a big stick and the eye-glass to see if it'll burn, baby burn!

p.s. I prefer apple over firefox. viva la safari and her devil brother IE! (as you've probably guessed, this firefox hoo-ha annoys the hell out of me /end rant)

Mozilla guns for Guinness world record with Firefox 3.0

Paris Hilton

Jumping on the bandwagon....

"Join us in our mission to set a Guinness World Record for the most software downloaded in 24 hours!" - from the firefox site...

Is it me or is there something wrong with that?

Quite frankly, it's over-hyped, over-marketed, and it's starting to become pretty annoying like Harry Pothead, err Potter: a big fuss about something that really doesn't have much to it, something not much more than bug ridden with too many security flaws being patched much too often, making it have more holes than a close up view than the Moon on Google (www.google.com/moon).

Seriously, the most software downloaded within 24 hours? Are they gonna check it and fiilter it for bot-downloads?

No? Then how about comparing it to stats by other major software releases? Who cares about which software was downloaded the most? Quite frankly, I'd say Adobe Flash Player therefore will win every time with firefox a little smidgeon far behind.

Paris because I'm sure if her video was software, it'll trash all records.

RIAA abandons iTuneski suit

Paris Hilton


I had no idea about these sites. With the onset of uncontrolled inflation and rocketing fuel prices, I must do like the banks and go overseas to find goods and services cheaper than the mainland.

/me grins somewhat with an uncanny resemblence to that green character in Home Alone 2 - the one that is compared to that Hotel Clerk's smile noting the savings to be made... and the fact that it is as legal as Itunes.

And even Paris can see a bargain!

Music biz proposes 'iPod tax' in return for format-shift freedom


Brilliant stuff this....

Seeing as it's about the ipod, time for piratebay to create an mp3 player in sealand, or the equivalent and sell it to the masses with no tax! Hurrah?

All this news, it's starting to really really end up being pretty bad PR for the music industry? Have their marketting and PR teams that they probably pay millions for ventured out into the world on a holiday and never returned? Looks that way. Otherwise rediculous proposals would have been nailed on the head before it even had the subject line added onto the email.

Fools. Neverbuyanothertune.com on it's way to a town near you!

Pirate Bay to sue music industry


A good question for el reg and the masses?

How many of you legitimate music buyers here have too turned into avid fans of the Pirate Bay?

Final beta of Firefox 3 available now



I'm at work, so can't download it until I get home... /rant

Does anyone have links to some screenshots?

Paris Hilton


It's off topic I know, but is it me, or does the FF2 page really resemble the MSN butterfly shape and colours? Is that irony, or some sort of hidden subliminal remark that has been put there intentionaly.

In regards to FF3, I'll wait patiently. The software and the clients I have won't allow me to fiddle with Beta software. Maybe, I'll install Virtual Windows... is the experience worth it? Talk to me, convince me people, show me the way of the l.. err red fox!

Opera screeches at Mozilla over security disclosure



Firefox users unite once more to bash Opera. Grats, you just sunk to a new low.

Personally whether you all like it or not, Firefox knew about this a significant while back - as linked before. They chose only now to notify Opera. Fair enough they notified Opera when they didn't have to but why notify them 24 hours in advance and not when they had it first reported?

Opera have 24 hours to roll out a huge number of the versions they have available to the candidate, after fixing and documenting the bug. Mozilla has taken 3 months to fix it.

24 hours? Imagine how huge their email inbox will be and here you are jumping on your bandwagon spitting out your flamed responses like kids who've been deprived of a lollipop. You spit on microsoft, scorn at Bill Gates, and waggle your behinds like adolescent teenagers at Opera.

You lot should be ashamed of yourselves.

Firefox 3 beta is live

Paris Hilton

Size matters?

@Matt/Joel: When I'm downloading at 1.4mb/s, something or anything that is 10mb in size generally has finished downloading by the time I have selected a path to save it. Go figure when I say size, in this case, really doesn't matter.

@Opera Fans: Wierldy they do sound like sales reps, but the brower is remarkably good. Fair play. I've used it and paid for it. Still do and stand by it. Still it's nothing to do with this article so trap.

@Internet Explorer Bashers: Nice. Keep it up. Expect a Yahoo! Toolbar readily installed with v8.

@FFX Bashers: Ease up guys, it's a beta. At close inspection, expect it to look like the moon does on the moon equivalent of google maps, full of holes, and if you look at it during the night, wierdly with a large chunk of it missing..

@My icon: She's just pretty and gets so underused.

ISPs demand record biz pays up if cut-off P2P users sue


Sheer entertainment

I'd like to publicly thank all of you for entertaining me over this last hour or so with your comments and insightful views. I've never spent so long reading about one article.

On a quick side-note, I wonder what will happen with the likes of rapidshare, megaupload, yousendit, speedyshare, and the likes who host hundreds of thousands, if not millions of copyrighted materials zipped into .rar/.zip files.

/salute, viva el reg

Pirate Bay slapped with copyright charges



"The International Federation of the Phonographic Industries (IFPI) has slammed The Pirate Bay, saying that it was not motivated by "idealism" and a love of music but was only interested in making bundles of cash."

I've not laughed that much in a LONG time. Jesus.

/waves at RIAA, MPAA and IFPI

Dell tells customer 'Mac is good option'


Miracle on 34th Street anyone?

This whole debacle reminds me of that movie... where Kris Kringle tells people to go elsewhere to find better/cheaper products that provide more value for money to accomodate their purse strings.

In the film, the store "Santa" worked at used it as a marketing ploy and used it to their advantage. Realistically it wouldn't happen... but hey, this guy was the Digital Santa.

So, to conclude, Santa does exist and he works at Dell!!!


Microsoft readies Hal 9000


Hmmm... breakdown pending

If this thing works, it'll bring down offices, schools, houses and signal the breakdown of society as we know it. No doubt apple will register something almost like it and actually use PR to make everyone want one in their homes...

Anyhow, picture it. The below will probably send all the sensors haywire....

- Clinton: "I did not have sexual relations with that woman!"

- Chua Soi Lek (Malaysian PM): "I did not have sexual relations with that woman!"

- George Bush: "Iraq are building and harbouring WMDs!"

- Copyboy: "I did not have sexual relations with that woman!"

- World of Warcraft Player: "I did have sexual relations with that woman!"

- Husband: "I was over at Fred's havin a beer"

ISP bosses told to get real on broadband speeds


@Jason Aspinall

We once probably said that about downloading 1GB in the good old days of a 28.8k modem.

Times change, and so does size for that matter.



Mbits and MBytes need to be made clearer. And I do not in any way or form understand how these ISP's have for so long abused the term "Unlimited". Surely, they can't enforce a fair usage policy on that!

I'm happy with Sky's 16Mb lines - I live really close to the exchange and I hit 1.2MB/s very often, averaging around 900KB/s. At £10 (I have Sky TV too), it's good value for money.

They don't complain much either. I've downloaded well over 9GB this month so far. Mmmmmmmmmm.

RIAA hits paydirt: wins first music-sharing jury trial



Well in this light, long live Sweden, and the shanty town markets of China and India...

The ruling is disgusting, as is the compensation. I as a few others, will NEVER purchase another CD. Screw the music industry (not radiohead though).

I prefer singing in the shower anyway. Maybe the RIAA will probably put a stop to that too. Next on the list maybe?


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