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Sinclair is back with the Spectrum Vega ... just as rubbish as the ZX


Re: 1000 copyright violations

Exactly.... I suppose the retort will be that "users can load whatever software images they legally own onto the system themselves".... in which case, why not run a bloody emulator in the first place if you're going to pirate the stuff.

At 100 quid this only makes sense if it comes with the software titles!


1000 copyright violations

Thats going to be a fun one to face in court...

There is no way they will get permission to make a commercial product like that using all that (not so old) code, especially as you will probably find most of the titles people desire have been handed down from owner to owner and are probably all owned by Ubisoft/Activision/EA by now by acquisition.

I can't imagine those blood suckers being happy that their IP is being handed out commercially.

Forget passwords, let's use SELFIES, says Obama's cyber tsar


Disposable endpoints

Disposable endpoints is a good idea and used by certainly one very security conscious company I know of.

The other ideas, not really relevant because if you users can find their way to the data sources, there has to be a mechanism for finding them automatically (shall I patent the idea I call "DNS" now?).

The main source of attackers hooks into your network are the endpoints, they typically copy and emulate the legitimate user access paths hiding their access amongst perfectly normal traffic making abnormalities hard to detect.

As with all security concepts, you have to balance security with usability, no point in having a very secure system that doesn't enable use.

Phones 4u slips into administration after EE cuts ties with Brit mobe retailer


Re: Fight it and you will lose

Actually, I disagree with your analysis.

P4U and other sellers of mobile phones (with airtime) contracts don't work like that - the clue was in that you never got a network branded (and locked) handset from them. That suggests there was some sort of way they were providing the handset, effectively selling it to the network at whatever cost (the exact details obviously remain opaque to consumers) which the end user then paid the network for over the period of the contract.

It has to work something like that otherwise:

a) I wouldn't have got my 500 quid smart phone for "nothing"

b) I wouldn't have got a differently priced deal to what EE were offering directly

They quite obviously were not just skimming money for a "sign up", although even if they were, retail is all about the middlemen and the competition it creates.

You are advocating only direct sales of products - which is not good for the consumer in the slightest.

BTW I haven't read anything today about CarphoneWhorehouse being in a similar position... are they next or have they taken it up the behind in terms of the networks bashing them on their margins? (which the other report on El Reg suggests actually was the root cause here)


Well I liked it anyway...

I've had all of my family's recent phones from P4U.

Why? Because my network provider wouldn't give me anything like a decent upgrade, despite spending a fortune with them and all of them have this wonderfully competitive world where their retail shops and their online business operate totally differently with different tariffs and a whole range of smoke and mirrors and BS. Oh and customer service that really is no service at all.

I'd sooner chew off my own arm than use any of that.

On the other hand, P4U have consistently been helpful, better value and genuinely useful.

I for one am disappointed at how these multi-nationals have effectively stamped out competition from my own high street and laid off 5.5k British workers - if this was other industries the government would be telling us how they tried to prevent it, but no, not this. Not the bit where the ordinary people are the customer. I guess Dave and the boys are siding once more with the boards of big business to suck the last drop out of us.

If your telco or mobe provider hikes 'fixed' contract fees you can now ESCAPE - Ofcom

Paris Hilton

This way to the exit

Sure you can exit your contract, but I take that as meaning you can avoid paying the service provision element of the balance of the contract - ie pay for the balance on your handset, then you are free to go.

They aren't going to give you the shiny new I-Thing you've got for free!

Maybe they might offer you to hand it back, but I doubt it.

Paris - because even she knows there's no such thing as a free lunch

Space Station bags extra 10yrs of life as SOLAR STORM scrubs resupply


Re: Oh crap.

That's not a moon, it's a spacestation!

(had to be said!)

If you want an IT job you'll need more than a degree, say top techies


More than a degree to get a job...

...given that pretty much no large employer wants to train anyone to do anything any more, unless your skill set and employment history reads exactly like the job spec they won't touch you - even if it means they have a hundred applicants and nobody matches it. There's zero risk taking any more.

It always was hard to get into IT, but the problem today is that the low level jobs most of us started in to get a foot in the door no longer exist in the UK - they've all been offshored or replaced by (more) technology.

UK based IT is now a 100% skilled and experienced, mid to high level job market but once we all are worked to death or retire (LOL assuming our pensions are worth jack shit!) , I can see it won't exist at all.

Here's my advice kids, use your university education to become anything else than a IT bod.

IDS finally admits what EVERYONE ELSE already knows: Universal Credit will be late


Its early days

You can tell its early days because this article fails to mention IBM, Hewlett Packard, BT and (mainly) Accenture who are delivering the system.

I guess stage one pissed off is to say the project is overdue and over budget, stage two is to name the contractors and stage three is to make stupid public comments like "you'll never work in this town again" (whilst signing yet more contracts with the same people).

US Navy coughs $34.5m for hyper-kill railgun that DOESN'T self-destruct


Re: Nifty

Civvie use?

1) Putting the cat out

2) Imroving the England cricket teams batting capability

3) Upgrading airsoft nerf throwers

4) A better mousetrap?

El Reg encounters mObi: R2-D2 for retailers


Re: Pretty shit really

"performance related targets" for stock accuracy? ie have people taken out and shot for being screwups?

Shouldn't be too hard to adjust systems to provide per user accounting accuracy.


Pretty shit really

So it trundles around, gets knocked over by the robot tipping El Reg gang, mains a few small children, blinds some others and even then, all it does it to take photos of the shelves so a human operator can look at the photos and decide if the stock levels are too low?

I mean really, that's pretty shit.

As someone else said earlier, anyone likely to be in the game of requiring such an item already has an inventory system that contains a miraculous thing called "location" and a POS system that magically decreases the "on shop shelf" location as they scan the products.

You'd still need that same system as well as Robbie the Robot.

Better solution - use the damned tools you've already paid for - the same ones you've probably been partially using since the 1970's

Funny how large companies never seem to get a handle on that magical concept.

Massive EXPLOSION visible to naked eye SEEN ON MOON


Re: SI nitpick




Re: SI nitpick


I'm just dissapointed to not see NASA using proper size measurements, I mean, this is 100th of the size of a small family car or maybe the size of a domestic cat and it was travelling 1000 times faster than a chaved up Vauxhall Nova.

THATS science NASA!

BTW, I was massively dissapointed with "huge explosion", 5 tons of TNT is pretty small and the video was truly meh

Montana TV warns of ZOMBIE ATTACK in epic prank hack


Anthrax fans at work obviously

Remember kids, Fight 'Em 'Til you Can't :)

Motörheadphönes ears-in review


These sound like a cool thing....

....but neither the article nor the manufacturers website nor even google suggests where you can buy them :-/

Apple Java update fails to address mega-flaw – researcher

Black Helicopters

Re: how?

Yes Java has a sandbox which is supposed to make it safe....

...however the much talked about exploit breaks out of the sandbox.

Thats the simple story.

Spy under your car bonnet 'worth billions by 2016'


Re: Speed cameras outside schools

Presumably the rev counter is more important to get the fastest gear shift ;-)

CSC axes another 640 UK IT workers


Re: Outsourcing is all about ease

Still easier than firing all of the NHS's own IT staff for gross incompetence...

Getting rich off iPhone apps is b*llocks, say UK devs


Re: Apps are the new word processing.

Get rich quick in programming? Wasn't that back in the 80's when that Monty Mole kid or the Codemasters twins were photographed with shiny new sports cars?

Didn't millions try it on back then too to join this mega rich elite... I suppose the only difference now is that you are self publishing not trying to find/startup a publishing company yourself.

Seem to remember none of my friends who tried it ever earnt a Porsche...not even a Austin Allegro.

Funnily enough, the people who retrospectively made the money were the publishers, not the programmers/artists - or if they did, it was because they became publishers and stopped writing code.

Whilst we like to praise coders as the elite geeks, if you look at any large company heirachy they are pretty much near the bottom of the pile - the big bucks are earnt in business skills - sales, marketing and finance. Always was, always will be.

Commodore founder Jack Tramiel dies at 83


Another person who owes him my childhood

Vic20, C64 and Atari ST - three things my childhood would have been less without and almost certainly what lead me to my career in IT.

These are the "toys" that today's children are missing out on - science thats fun.

Jack T, thank you so much.

PS I never knew you were a holocaust survivor...

Microsoft 'yanked optical drive from Xbox 720'

Thumb Up

Isn't it obvious?

What they are talking about is a combination of:

1) Steam type pay and download - XBL already has this.

2) A memory transfer card type thing, the blank device will be signed by your XBL account by inserting it in your machine and "formatting it" (which will apply your PKI key to it) and then a retail outlet will copy your purchased game onto it. The device is then connected back to your xbox when you get home and uploaded/decrypted to your hard disk. Maybe the device can even be signed in shop by you logging into a terminal with your XBL account userid and pw?

#2 being the alternative for people with no decent internet connection.

There won't be packagin, boxes, expensive duplication distribution etc etc

Just like iTunes or Kindle... its really nothing new and not a great leap forward for MS.

The only question mark is how big the transfer device will be - its not going to be a "memory card" its going to be a SSD I'd have thought.

The issue will come when you are a non-internet user and you own 100 odd games - clearly the hard disk won't hold that many, so you need to swap them around, which means you always have to have the storage device - which probably means buying more than one.

The storage device won't be for 90% of the user base, just the non-wired.

Retail sales will bomb...

In answer to the question how do you give a game to someone for a present - you buy them MS points cards... just like now or with Itunes or Kindle...

For a tech savy crowd you really are a bit slow with this one.

PS the 2nd hand market will of course die, but you knew that was coming one way or another didn't you?

Squirrelled away: seeds survive 30,000-year winter


No Tom Baker fans out there?

Seeds of Doom anyone?

These are obviously from the Krynoid!

Reding's 'right to be forgotten' bill polarises Euro biz world


What about backups?

So I back my customer database up and after 3 years of Fred Bloggs being a customer I am forced to forget him.... from all of my backup tapes? Really?

What about from my accounts system? Suddenly I've got loads of invoices with no customer details - HMRC are going to be cool with that? Really?

I understand the principle and in theory its good news for users - I mean every damned website I buy stuff from wants waaay too much "account information" for a simple financial transaction, I'd dearly love to go clean up and prevent their next website breach taking my details, but...

This stuff obvioiusly comes (being EU) from the lunatics on the continent who are paranoid to the extreme about "privacy" but this isn't realistic to implement is it?

I see we've gone from this story to the actual release of the draft law on El Reg now... so guess all the complaints in this story here will be ignored.

Scalextric restarts space race with Star Wars craft



Looks about as useful as the dreadful Scalextric MotoGP that they tried a while back...

Instability just ruins it.

Child labour, lost wages uncloaked by Apple factories audit


To be honest, of all the "big business" Apple should be most able to fix this problem.

Their product is marketed as a premium product, so increasing their prices to ensure ethical production won't damage their market, it probably will increase it.

The market space they pitch in doesn't care about penny pinching... unlike some of the others people are saying also have dodgy manufacturing workplaces. A strategy of "fair trade" would be a tag that would boost their credibility to the middle class - the same people who pay twice as much for coffee.

Unless of course I've completely misunderstood their marketing for the latest iteration of Apple as a company....

Equally of course, exposure of dodgy labour practices will have a negative effect for exactly the same reasons..

Gov's e-petition service cost £80k to develop


Bit hard to get their heads around I suppose...

The idea that "the people" should be allowed to steer the country in other way than putting an X on a piece of paper once every four years (and probably not even bothering to read what that X might mean).

Powerful paid for lobbyists and newspaper editors can choose the agenda, why shouldn't we?

Oh hang on, that might lead to a wholly different world for MP's... not sure that should be allowed.

Maybe it could be modified to allow people to pay a bung via paypal when you upvote an idea, perhaps that would help filll the trough for the pigs to feed on.... rekon they'd be happy if that could be made to be.

Forza 4


Get down the demo from XBL?

You don't need Gold membership to get the demo... give it a try.

Have to say I was doubtful that it would be better, but then tried turning off the driver aids and found the car handled much better, much more fun and better than the slightly "on rails" feel that forza 3 had.

I don't have kinetic but still will go grab this one when it hits my local shop.

Looking forward to burning a few weeks with this one

NHS claws back £170m refund on duff IT system



Do you mean the government or CSC?

Most bosses monitor or block social-network use at work


Only 43%?

"Forty-three percent of companies had actually experienced a security incident resulting from internet use"

And presumably the other 57% were either lying or weren't connected to the internet or not actually capable of detecting issues....

This of course is not the same question as "Have you ever had a computer security problem caused by using Social Networking?"

Of course the damned connection is a problem, but short of no connection (if your business can afford to operate like that across its entirity ) you just have to develop polices and deploy technology to limit the impact.

URL filtering is one aspect that can help, blocking social networking is unlikely to yield genuine network security technical advantages (short of people talking about stuff they shouldn't, but hey, they can do that outside of work too!) but I can see how some would say it has little business value - not the same as being able to google for work stuff for example. Knowing that your friends (as opposed to colleagues or business contacts) have just written some trivial crap or that Arsenal have signed a new player is pretty worthless work wise....

...as maybe could be said about me writing this :D

Freeview HD will deliver new IPTV channels this month

Thumb Down

More like Pink Floyd

"Got thirteen channels of shit on the T.V."

Nissan backs off from Goodwood reverse-race car stunt


read it again...

Ahhh yes, now it does indeed have the correct information


Leave the motorsport news for a proper motorsport site...

Festival of Speed is not held on the Goodwood race circuit... the Revival is, but not FOS.

NHS IT dino-project NPfIT should be killed off - NAO


Re: *Possible* 4 *billion* £ saving if this thing is killed now

@John Smith 19

Of course the contract will contain penalties of that magnitude!

The suppliers would be stupid to have agreed to anything else - with the infrastructure, extra personnel the price will have been built around the ROI over the full term of the contract but the up front costs are absolutely massive to get it off the ground.

There's a damned good reason why "the usual three letter named suspects" are the only ones to bid for these deals, its because nobody else can afford the HUGE outlay that has to take place before a single penny gets paid by the customer....

Its not like agreeing to sell someone an Xbox game or a hundred copies of Windows.

So yes, as someone mentioned above, wait for the subsequent statement thats its too expensive NOT to finish the job now...

Dixons warns it's getting worse


Bricks and mortar retail is more expensive then e-commerce?

Really? OMG what a relevation!

Re Currys and PC World both existing, often next to each other - they are fixing that - the stores are getting merged now. Local to me two have already gone that way, so they are fixing that.

Whilst its obvious they are more expensive compared to online, I shop there when I need something in a hurry and probably most people do exactly the same. I'd go elsewhere but DSG have annihiliated all independent opposition by under cutting them... which probably tells you that the independents, if there were any, also would be too expensive compared to Amazon etc

So in summary, big stores trump little stores and websites trump big bricks and mortar. Obvious from ten years ago really and only a matter of time before the race to the bottom is complete.

Yuri Gagarin in triumphant return to London

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In a time where people call bonking overpaid footballers and talentless pub singers "heroes" it is fantastic to see a tribute to a genuine hero who's bravery almost certainly will be forever remembered.

I can't wait to go and see the statue.


Eurofighter Typhoon: It's EVEN WORSE than we thought


I think I must have worked in IT too long...

...couldnt we just outsource the whole defence of the UK?

In fact an outsourced, leveraged EU defence force would prove to be excellent price-performance.

Outsourcing is always better value *ahem*

Thames Valley and Hampshire police merge IT services


Perhaps we can go all the way with this...

...and have Government in London that runs all the other places from just one location rather than a million different bits of multi-tiered bureacracy in every town across the UK.

Thats how it used to work, how on earth did we end up with so many bloody blood sucking bureaucrats?

Oz road safety strategy moots mobile phone ban


Aussies: Can't play cricket and can't stop drink driving either

Looking at those stats, if you could stop the silly bastids from being drunk, not wearing seatbelts and driving off of the road into the scenery, that would tackle 34% of their fatalities.

Seems odd to target phones when quite clearly drunk people is a far bigger target.

Its not even unpolice-able because the stats show over half the accidents occur in urban environments - not like its Bruce 2000km away from the nearest police station crashing into a kangeroo whilst drunk on moonshine.

The SMS of DEATH - Can it crash your phone?



I like the way this article has a banner down the side linking to ElReg's roundup of cheapo mobile phones.

I'd like to see the review reopened with a test for vulnerability to "SMS of Death" :-)

Anyway, what are the chances of getting a firmware update on a sub £100 cheapo phone?

Hell, my Nokia E50 had a fatal bug from practically day zero that Nokia never fixed and that was a flagship business phone.

I can see SMS of Death becoming a top playground jolly jape fairly soon...

This year's DSLR stars


So the best DSLR of the year was...

...the most expensive one.

Well, that's incisive analysis.

WikiLeaks re-taunts feds with US Amazon mirrors


So Wikileaks is partially in France?

Someone ought to point that out to Government spokesman and budget minister François Baroin who said

"If there was such a thing as a French WikiLeaks, we would have to be inflexible (in dealing with it),"

François you failtard.

Unarmed Royal Navy T45 destroyer breaks down mid-Atlantic


How is a T45 useles??

Its got all of the capabilities of the T42 only in theory the sensor platform and air defence system is more modern. Ok, so the usual suspects have some remedial work to do, but lets face it, all modern weapon systems are the same and if you can name one that isn't then you just don't know about the subject well enough and have only read the sales and marketing blurb.

I'm not quite sure what all you armchair admirals understand about naval warfare since WW2 - its not about some stupid videogame where you have some super invulnerable mega ships costing 1000000 resource points each.

A T45 has plenty of value for the RN's normal peactime role and an important role if/when war fighting is required.

Its not going to be required to fight Jutland II.

US and UK gov cyber defences = big boys' trough-slurp



Hang on, you are saying that big customers won't buy stuff from startups...

Let me see if I can work that out... oh yes, sussed it, I'm not going to invest millions and bet my organisations security on a business with no track record of success.

You need to look like a credible supplier if you want to sell to the big boys. In the corporate/government world we want to see your customer logo slide if we are going to be convinced you have credibility.

Think that took about a nano-second for me to work out, suprised someone supposedly so deep in Checkpoint and Juniper couldnt work that out.

Sly new tactic sneaks hackers past security dogs


Oooooh another security TLA

You can't detect something that you don't know you are looking for... really. Glad this made the news, we'd have never have guessed it otherwise.

This might be useful advice if someone had the answer, but they don't... all they do is wheel out another pattern matching security system thats out of date before they've even cashed your cheque.

Still, at least they've invented a new acronym, I am sure that will play a useful part in executive briefings soon.

Germans radio tag ID cards and phones


Forget "Lives of Others"

How about the "Baader-Meinhof Komplex" - in that you see them introduce computer database backed ID cards to help them hunt down the Marxist threat to West Germany!

Germans (normally) are kinda touchy about personal privacy and preventing the state (or even employers)being able to "spy" on them.

If you had ever tried to run IT environments in Germany from outside of Germany, you'll know exactly what I mean...

Android rebellion: How to tame your stupid smartphone

Thumb Up

I'm going to agree with the article.

Its all perfectly true. Two weeks of unadualterated hell and rubbish advice all trying to get my wife's HTC Desire working.

If it was just her, she'd have sent it back to the shop and at one point, I was almost at the same place too.

The damned thing is just like trying to run homebrew Linux and there's a reason why the peguin shaggers haven't taken over the world... this stuff is just not slick enough to be mass marketable to non-techies, but thats not how they sell it.

Sure I'd not buy an i-anything just on principle, but equally, I'd not buy another one of these either. Maybe unlike Nokia they will get their shit together in a few years, but i doubt it somehow.

MI5 chief: Cyber spying 'relatively straightforward' to beat


I get it!

I was going to type "so go on then oh cyber-security god, tell us how we do it cos nobody else has remotely a clue" then i re-read his comment:

"the internet has made the threat of espionage by foreign countries higher than ever before, but insisted it is "relatively straightforward" to block attempts to steal data."

The answer - disconnect your sh1t from the internet!

Why didn't we think of that before.... doh

Ten Essential... Symbian Apps


Is that it?

I'll buy a dumb phone next time - thats a utterly rubbish set of apps.

Never ceases to amaze me how people will hoover up stuff thats completely pointless.

Where's the app that gives me a new Linda Lusardi/Sam Fox wallpaper every day and lets me play Galaxians.

This new fangled 5h1t3 will never catch on!



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