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Microsoft: IE9 will never run on Windows XP

Gates Horns

Nor will it ever play the violin again

Somehow I don't think this will be enough for XP users to upgrade..

Microsoft goes Darwinian with evolutionary tree patent


Evolutionary Software

Won't this upset the creationists?

Sony exec pours cold water on PS3 price-cut hopes

Thumb Up

Horses for courses

Firstly I owned a Arcade 360.. (Bought it for 99 quid two years ago second hand), it was under powered and when the PS3 came out I sold it on ebay for 80 quid and bought a 60gb Premium model. Since then its been a key part of the families media experience. We only have two boxes in the living room.. Its elegant..

We watch DVD, Blu-ray. video, TV playback photos and music through it..

Favorite games are Buzz and Singstar.

I upgraded to a 320gb drive for 60 quid.

The PS3 is a media beast.. its playback on my 1080p HDTV is the best I've ever seen.. The 360 is a Arcade machine for hard core gamers.

Horses for courses...(Although the PS3 is a pain to dust!! ;)

Apple TV 160GB media player


MythTV and PS3

I've run a Mythtv Linux box connected via SVIDEO to my TV, Now I've ditched the cables and use a PS3 over WiFi connected to MythTV via UPNP. Its got a high end Freeview (DVB-T) setop box because its great quality. But the PS3 playback quality is the best I've ever seen on a TV and the HDTV upscaling is very nice as well. Only gripe is one or two of the audio streams of the MPEG-2 TS format don't seem to be supported by the PS3 but I expect an firmware update soon.

I'm not rushing to buy a AppleTV as I don't use iTunes to download and view video but that said its pretty easy to turn the Apple TV into a fully fledges Mac and run iLife as well as a MythFrontend package so I guess I'm tempted but not convinced. I think if iTunes (UK) had a better choice (other than Ugly Betty and South Park) I might be more convinced.

Still at the same time it will be interesting to see what Sony do which online services so I suspect the only thing I need to replace my aging MythTV service is PlayTV and a large disk for the PS3.


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