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The missing five-minute Linux manual for morons


No Vista Bashing Hey

ok then....

I wont bash Fixta sorry i mean Vista. Winblows sorry i mean Windows... Has always been Crap Sorry i mean Great to me... I have always Sorry i mean Never had a MS box fall over after running 365 days 24 7. I hate sorry Love vista... Its Such a huge pile of dog shi... Sorry i mean its like fluffy bunny nice to struggle.. Sorry i mean work with... The Fact that a simple thing like my USB Printer making Vista crap... sorry i mean except the requested task is so nice.

Now For the Vista Bashing Don't even bring that shinny bull shit laden excuse for an operating system close to me i will impale you to a wall with a crucifix shut down your lungs piss in your boots eat your dinner and visit your mother for hours of kinky freaky sex. after which i will return to your bloody corps and shove the MS Vista DVD up your ass hole... then i will go and install ubuntu and be happy again.

How to be a failure at Guitar Hero III



DUDE You really need to get out more. ITS A FREAKING Game. I also play the guitar and have played in a few small club based metal band (None of which you would have heard) i am fairly advanced at the real thing. trust me there is no bigger thrill then getting home at night and playing the solo to countdown to extinction by Megadeath.

But i also plonking down in front of my TV and jam it out on Guitar Hero III. Its a game NOT A SIMULATION. Just because your 50 or 60 year old hand can't get to grip with pressing buttons don't run down a perfectly harmless game that might inspire some young kids out there to go and learn the real thing. I am teaching my Girl Friend the guitar and she had trouble holding the guitar for long periods of time. By playing GH3, her time that she can spend behind the guitar has gone up her technique has improved her hands are more coordinated when it comes to scales or faster licks. I wish I had a toy like this when I first started learning. I actually found it to be a very use full toy when it comes to speed training and coordination.

If you can't grasp the point behind a game then, don't review it.

Counterfeit Vista rate half that of XP


@@ Alistair Millington / Vista Haters

'Most (not all) the Linux hacks here making comments simply haven't tried Vista. I have a 4 year old PC at home with 512Mb of RAM that runs Media Centre on it fine - not a problem. Even browse the web on it cause it's so much better than my aging desktop with XP on it."

I am a Linux user to be more specific an Ubuntu user. I bought Vista Ultimate installed it plugged my brand spanking new USB Printer scanner combo into it and the fudging thing BSOD on me. reinstalled it again left the printer off, tried to install office and the piece of crap BSOD on me again. Then i went to the internet and downloaded the new release of Ubuntu, rebuild my machine. And every single thing worked better faster smoother and 10 times as stable as with any other version of Windows that i have ever had. The next morning I took a drive to the retailer and tried to get my money back, no go. I then tried to sell the piece of crap... no luck. so it went on for a few days. then i discovered that if you drive at 200kph and flug the vista box (with Vsita DVD in it) out the window, it makes for some awesome sparks on the road... probebly the best visual experiance i had out of the thing.

Windows update brings down TV newscast

Jobs Horns

That darn microsoft

Why do i keep getting the warm fuzzy feeling every time one of Bill's products crash on a mission critical system.

So, what's the first rule of Reg Club?


About those rules

Rule 1. Never Talk about the Reg.

Rule 2. Be cruel to Americans... specially ones from Redmond

Scientist punts anti-snoring pillow


catch 22

So now you can have a snoring partner, or a pillow that sounds like the Terminator after the blazing truck incident.

Almost as bad as waking up to the sound of an electric toothbrush in the middle of the night... wait a minute i don't have one of those.

excuse me i need to go make a phone call.

Solar storm rips tail from comet


urm ok

Kinda like pissing in the wind then aint it?

Harvard boffins brew up chilli-based anaesthetic


NO Ring Sting

so if they add the X-whatever stuff to a fairly hot chilly stew you wont need to dread the next mornings toilet visit then.

"Don't Wipe just dab"


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