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Fourth antivirus firm buys into behavioural blocking

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latin fail

vidi not vedi

Spyware targets frustrated GTA IV gamers

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inaccruate title

this is just spear phishing plain and simple. the fact that its for GTA IV and ps3 is just a new flavor for phishers. whatever is new and popular they will use to spear phish with.

Cops crash invite-only BitTorrent network

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poor source

TorrentFreak has a better article on this incident. It should be noted that the UK does not care if friends are sharing music via the internet. These people got in trouble because they were sharing stolen music before it had been released. The copyright infringement doesn't seem to be the primary reason the UK arrested these guys and instead is because the media itself was illegally released.

BT home router wide open to hijackers


sharing BT wifi

I enjoy being right about poor security. All the talk about encryption doesn't really matter. Download a copy of BackTrack from exploit.org and with some intelligence/time you can break WPA. Not very surprising that a week or so after BT decides to 'share' your wifi there is a leak about a backdoor. Surprise, surprise.

BT aims to make UK a Wi-Fi kibbutz



I don't live in the UK so I'm not familiar with the company but it's pretty obvious that they have no clue what IT Security is. The possibilities of exploiting this idea are nearly endless. If they do start doing this it will be fun to see what people can find from each others computers.


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