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Two UK web hosts go down

Gareth Harmer
Dead Vulture

Fasthosts databases now down

I look after about three different hosting packages placed with Fasthosts, all using Linux and MySQL. The MySQL servers are now all innaccesible. Control panel and support login facilities are unavailable as well.

As soon as I regain control of my domain, I'll be on the next boat off Fasthosts' sinking island.

Flying cow destroys minivan

Gareth Harmer

Oh dear..

This really is udderly ridiculous. A mooving and tragic tail of bovine ballistics. A humble creature hoofing it after teatering on the edge. One can only speculate on what thoughts were curdling in the animal's mind.

I'm sure people will be milking it for all it's worth...

Fasthosts customer? Change your password now

Gareth Harmer
IT Angle

Damn it...

Small-scale web developer seeks recommendations on new linux hosting provider for small projects. Must provide php5 and mySQL. Must not charge for data overusage.Must not store passwords in plaintext.

Sony's 40GB PS3 for Europe confirmed

Gareth Harmer


I won't be buying your console while it feels like you're ripping me off for doing it. I'l stick with my Nintendo Wii and it's lower quality graphics and lack of Blu-Ray support for the time being. If you learn how to treat your customers with a little more respect then I might reconsider, but for now I'll leave it on the shelf and carry on walking.

You want to learn about Ubuntu?

Gareth Harmer

In contrast...

Ubuntu is the first distribution of Linux that I 've tried since University and it's been straightforward and simple to set up. The graphical installation took me through setting it up on an Intel Core 2 Duo with SATA and an NVidia 7900, all straight from the disk and smooth as silk. I could even try out the operating system from the CD while the installation was taking place.

I'm not saying it's perfect - I had to tweak some settings to use my widescreen monitor and had to do a fair bit of work to get some applications working correctly on WINE, but on the whole the experience has been a good one. Compared to other OS installations I've done, this one's been much easier.

Will Bungie jump from Microsoft?

Gareth Harmer

Not without precedent

Blizzard North, the team behind the famous Diablo games, quit en masse after a series of creative differences. Many of them went on to found Flagship Studios, where the promising Hellgate:London is from. If it comes to it, I can well imagine a stack of resignations landing on someone's desk as they'll form up on their own again.

Personally, I'd wish them good luck with it.

MasterCard caught with pants down twice

Gareth Harmer


Anyone remember the latest range of adverts they did, about not needing cash any more?

Oh, the irony...