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Popping the question the 21st century way

Matty Kaye

The art of romance

... is dead to the fool that invented this.

This is like the magic wipes. Get off your lazy ass and go get the detergent from the cupboard and put it on a regular cloth ... you arse.

As for this idea, how the hell are they supposed to find this ? just leave it on the desk. Any decerning woman would have checked anywhere any man would logically have put something like a ring case. They look for these sorts of things. If its got a pre-recorded message; it really takes the fun out of proposing. I mean come on, you'd want to be there for your own wedding right ? you're not going to be there for your funeral when she kills you ...

now if only they invented gifts to help you break up with people.

how about a billboard space just for dumping so that you can have photos and messages saying "I dumped you coz you're fat, I hate you" or something more creative and entertaining to others. OR the popup emo in a box. Could be fun.

Teeny tiny ozone hole for 2007

Matty Kaye

WHAT ?!?!?!

I think you guys are missing the fundimental issue here ... THERE ARE PEOPLE GETTING PAID TO MEASURE HOLES ?!?

heck, if its such a big problem, why don't we send all the politicians up there and see whether we can clog the hole ? they're full of hot air (well most of them) anyways.

As for an international standard, unfortunately a toilet isn't going to work (because some toilets don't have the top resevoir (my spelling is bad)).

Further more, the empty space in a PS3 fanboi's head is a huge void spanning only inches. if we used that we'd be in the millions of units.


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