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Google admits Android App Store Market

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Google should call it the Bot Store

And call all Android apps "Bots"....


Hasbro kills Colonel Mustard in the corporate office with the marketing ploy

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Kindler, gentler world....

Kind of like how they removed revenge from the game of "LIFE".

What I don't understand is why all this focus to make the games nicer. And yes, many of these companies are owned by conglomerates releasing violent video games.

I swear, what we need is a violent first person shooter "board game". Blow off parts of your opponent and see guts flying. *lol*

US judge says University can ignore Christian course credits

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Scientific method...seldom used by christians or atheists...


You're proof of my point

"I'll believe that 2+2=4, speed of light is constant, gravity exists & that there is no past or present evidence of any god, from any belief system"

There are quite a few starting to contemplate whether "C" is constant. It may be, but some scientists are no longer quite so sure.

IMHO, it's people like you who will never make it to the stars because you're too closed minded.

@Anonymous Coward

"Religion as caused ONLY pain and suffering since the down of man and is a source of constant violence and as NEVER helped any human in in good way."

Really love this... so much scientific method is applied to the above statement. Totally ignoring the numerous activities motivated by religious beliefs that were positive. Let's only accept negative data in our judgment. Forget orphanages, charities, hospitals, many of these first existed only within the confines of the religious before becoming more supported by the secular world.

Let's also forget that the two most notable atheist regimes (Soviet Russia & China) are probably the only two entities to compete and possibly exceed the those murdered in the name of religion.

Now, being scientific and using the scientific method and noting that we have people of both religious and atheist persuasions have committed heinous and charitable acts. So if both groups demonstrate such abilities, then it's root probably lies on a higher order - like mankind itself.

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For all the BS talk on scientific method....you idiots have shown none.

Really, you guys are nothing more than religious fanatics. You rejoice in the news, you mock, you gloat. You exclaim Darwin, the scientific method, etc.

I don't think I read one post where anyone even bothered to look into the book being used before dismissing it. Sounds to me like most of you worship the scientific method in name, but are just like most christians in being unchristlike, you are very unscientific in your methods. Simply acting out on your personal bias'.


That's humanity for you...

An iPhone with a keyboard?

Jason The Saj

What about...

A nice leather/pleather protective case, with a built in keyboard and a dial-pad on the outside. Could use a tether/socket or bluetooth to communicate with the iPhone.

You could dial a number via the pad on the outside of the case. Or open the case and text away on a querty keyboard.

- The Saj

God makes you stupid, researchers claim

Jason The Saj

When we understand the entire universe, we'll know the answer


"This would be like saying living in states with a warmer more southernly climate is likely to make one more racist. "

When the fact that the indoctrination and mindset of racism, white supremism tends to be stronger in the south. These were after all the slave states. So while most southerners may not be racist, there is likely to be a higher percentage of racist people found in the southern states. This does not mean the climate is the cause of racism.

"Similarly, as average IQ in Western societies increased throught the 20th century, so did rates of atheism, he said."

Clearly, food and health lead to atheism. As said IQ increases are often attributed to a better nourished society. So eat better, believe in God less.

"Lynn pointed out that most children do believe in God, but as their intelligence develops they tend to have doubts or reject religion."

Children find it easier to accept new concepts and to be open. However, as I recall. A child's IQ is usually pretty set. While there can be some fluxuation. A 75 IQ person doesn't grow up to be a 150 IQ person.


So apparently, poor academic scholarship can be applied to acclaim oneself smarter than others - while it simultaneously proves you ain't so bright.

Or it might also be the fact that there is strong anti-sentiment in Academia to both religious beliefs, conservatives, and capitalism. Let's be honest - most of our colleges are filled with liberal atheist socialists. (Perhaps because few ever succeeded in the real world of business so the came and taught others their mistakes.)


"Lesson 1: don't eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge."

No, it said of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. It did not say of just knowledge. Wasn't an Apple either btw.


Ironically, I find scientists to often be equally as uncritical. I was introduced to some conjectural physics theories almost 20 yrs ago. Most every atheist and supposedly scientifically minded individual was mocking the concepts. (Like our understanding of light's behavior, speed, etc might not be what we think it is.) Oh, guess what, now these same concepts are being lauded as new revelations. Who was more open-minded.


Of course, I'm just one of those dumb religious people with a meager IQ of 144. Questioning a report that is clearly a poor attempt at the utilization of the scientific method.


"First, the IQ of the population has shifted over time, with a general upward trend. "

I sometimes wonder if this is a true shift? Or a promotional shift. For example: SAT scores have increased substantially over the years. And each shift corresponds with a major new release of the SAT exam. Obviously, people are getting smarter based on an analysis of SAT scores. Or so the media and government try to tell us, so that we don't see how poorly our public school systems are doing at educating our children.


"I would personally advance the opinion that there IS a third variable, and that variable is the external pressure of society in the form of "one does what is most conformist in the society you are in because that uses the least energy" which critically, has a feedback effect. Atheism breeds atheism, religiosity breeds religiosity." - Angus Wood

Very interesting...

This would lead me to believe that the most "intelligent" individuals are neither atheist nor religious. But rather those who grew up in one or the other and chose another of their own choosing.

The one who grows up atheist because his parents and professors around him are atheist. And the one who grows up religious cause they were dragged by their parents to church every week. Both of which, should have their intelligence questioned.

Scripture says "to every man an answer". Sadly, many if not most christians do not have enough understanding of either their own scriptures or the world around them to give such. Likewise, I find most "atheists" to be quite stupid as well. I have very little respect for atheists because they always seem to be egotistical. Where as I have high asteem for the modern agnostic. The one who says, I have not seen any proof of God, so I shall not proclaim God myself. However, I do not have fullness of understanding and knowledge. So I will not dismiss a possibility lies outside of my understanding. This is probably the truest critical thinker of all.

The one who postulates but realizes he is not smart enough to have the answer - is the smartest of us all.

Painting by numbers: NASA's peculiar thermometer

Jason The Saj

Because, we're trying to keep the unemployment rate down

NASA has long had a very expensive budget. Largely because of a philosophy error. NASA should have only worked on new development and long range technology and goals. And passed all present practices to the commercial market.

For a very long time, NASA monopolized the commercial market, much to the demise of spaceflight in general.


A better question, why does almost every American family spend tens of thousands of dollars to have some professor who couldn't cut it out in the real world indoctrinate their children with liberal/socialist ideas rather than the libertarian (British Liberal I believe) ideals that America was originally founding on?

American auto dealer offers free handguns

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Guns don't kill people. Bad judges kill people!

Just some info an American would like to share:

Number of times I've called 911 for a potential violent emergency: 3

Number of police who responded to those three calls: 0

Now you might of recently heard about the murder of a Philadelphia police sergeant. And the following cries for more anti-gun legislation. You might be inclined to think that the crime problem in the U.S. is due to handguns.

Well it's not!

The three men involved in that murder have a combined criminal rap sheet 26 pages in length. The trigger man has 13 accounts of illegal possession of a firearm. The issue is not guns in America. But rather liberal judges & prosecuting attorneys who refuse to keep these criminals in jail.

The question is not, where did these criminals get a gun to shoot a police officer. But rather, why were they not in prison at the time?





> What about the 7 day waiting period?

No Federal requirement for waiting period.

> What if the "customer" is a convict, and still insists on the gun?

Then when they take the coupon to get a free gun. They will fail the background check.

Headstar - "Mr. Muller is exactly the type of person that helps propagate the notion of merkins as guntoting jingoistic assholes. May one of the guns he's assisting to peddle end up in a serious crime where it can be traced back to him." Who's evil here? Mr. Muller or you wishing harm?

Chah H. - "at least here in the uk you only need to be worried about gettng shot by the police, and then, only if your brazillian and skipping paying for the tube." Really, I thought most of your cops were unarmed? I guess you have no murders since you have banned guns for citizens?

Coward - "I am glad to be an Australian citizen, a nation that had the sense and courage, to ban assault weapons and massively tightened gun laws nationwide, after a mentally deranged man slaughtered in cold blood 38 innocent strangers in Tasmania."

And if your people had been armed, there would of been people to stop said mentally deranged man. I will love to know what you'd say when it happens again, and guns are all banned.

Eric - "Is a society in which citizens feel the need to leave the house tooled up a healthy one?"

Nope, ... but in an unhealthy society, I'd much rather have the right to protect myself.

Greg - "Did you ever think why it is so easy to illegally possess a gun ? If guns where forbidden it would also be a lot more difficult to obtain them illegally I think."

Well, you think wrong!!! Because a great number of firearms are illegal to the general public. When gangs are shooting each other with Uzi's. It's clear they got their guns from Walmart, right? No wait, fully automatic rifles are not available to the average public. You need a special license / registration to possess them. They're very well tracked.

Rober Long the Uneducated One - "If you have a gun, you're not a Christian, end of topic. " Right, and he neither commanded his disciples to have a sword. Nor chased out the sleazeballs in the temple with a whip. What he said, was actually in relation to "pride". (ie: if insulted when slapped on the cheek, turn the cheek). He never opposed self-defense nor defending of one's nation. However, he did say "for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword." Which does caution on one's end.

Phil Hare - "what do you think the world would look like now?"

About the same. Though I imagine history would record a few additional names along side Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

lglethal - "a) illegal for anyone with so much as a parking ticket to own a weapon,"

Yeah, thanks, I'd rather start a revolution than live under the rule of a Brit like you.

Jon Tucker - ""protect you and your Constitutional rights" from a despotic, corrupt and totalitarian government because evidence suggests they do no such things."

That may be proved out in time. We shall see.

Coward - "The statistics say that if you have a gun in your home, you are much more likely to be shot either by accident or by a criminal defending himself from you."

I've heard that often quoted, but I believe there is no data to substantiate that statement.

"A nation where everyone has a gun and isn't afraid to use it is not a safer place than one where nobody has a gun"

True, but since we're incapable of the latter. The first is far better than a nation where a handful of police too far to reach you in time of need and the criminals are the only ones equipped with firearms.

"It takes a while to kill with a knife, and it's a mess. "

Actually, it is extremely quick if you know how. It's really more the advantage that a knifing tends not to also kill innocent by-standers.

- "2nd amendment doesn't say anything about type of armament you are allowed to carry."

Actually it does. It references arms. This is different than artillary, or squad ordinance (ie: cannons, mortars, machine guns, etc).

- Clive Powell "You have knowledge of every gun....[need to know a gun to check chamber]"

Funny, I just checked the chamber on 1/2 dozen firearms. I neither needed 5 minutes nor training. Mind you this ranged from a number of handguns to SRS & AR-15s. I've never had much experience handling rifles, and definitely not those that most would incorrectly term assault rifles. It was pretty easy to figure them out. I'd say my experience with a pistol carried over to pretty much all the semi-auto pistols and rifles.

"If she produces a weapon then the assillant now has another weapon to use against her. "

How's that? Not if she is properly trained.

"school shootings in the U.S., number of cases people around were armed but didn't stop the killings"

A couple of points. In most of those cases, like Columbine, they were police officers. Further evidence for personal need of firearms. Secondly, there have been cases of school shootings being stopped by law-abiding gun owners. In fact, one was in Virginia around the same time as VirginiaTech. But you don't hear about that. Because liberal media is not keen on showing that law abiding gun ownership does work.

Liam - "also you will find out that white guys shoot far more people than"

Though I am not sure I buy you quote. There are more white guys than any other. So that should be the case statistically.


Lastly, ditch the Keltec and get the Ruger LPC. Ruger is sturdier and has a safety.

Boeing raygunship fires first blasts in ground testing

Jason The Saj

Puff & Zilla

Well, the old C-130 cargo planes adapted with the large caliber canons & machine guns were called "Puff".

I think this new one should follow in the tradition of dragon lore and be commonly called "Lazilla" or 'Zilla for short.


Verizon shuns Android for LiMo

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Holding off judgment...

For the longest time Verizon has been a tight-wad. However, in the past year something changed at Verizon. (Probably at the behest of the iPhone and Google.)

I am not sure who in the top is promoting the change. But they've enacted a lot of measures I've long wanted.

a) no more 2 yr extensions on contract changes, I added unlimited data for a month while attending a conference and took it off. No issues.

b) opening up their network to more devices.

Are probably two of the more significant, but there were lots of smaller changes as well. Like allowing family share across area codes.

The result, I think Verizon realized that the game has changed. And while Cingular has the top phone at the moment. And it's bleeding away from all it's rivals. Verizon is now thinking on a longer term - foresight.

There's the old saying, if you can't beat them - join them. Well, I think that's what Verizon is doing (though with a slight variation). As they're not necessarily joining their rivals but adopting methods from them that are advantageous.

Google kills Anonymous AdSense account

Jason The Saj

I betcha a top Googler is in fact a Scientologist

Details to be revealed in 7 years on 60-Minutes.


Where is my "Google" with horns icon.

Scientists create Chewbotca robot muncher

Jason The Saj
Black Helicopters

Wasn't there a digestion robot last year?

I mean, I am pretty sure I recall some robot that was given bio waste material and converted it for energy.

So if we add this to the front of that thing. We could find ourselves in a situation where robotic devices in their search for energy no longer simply turn on the masters, but actually start devouring and eating humans.

Crap, I don't even think this has been done as a B-movie yet?

World Bank chief: Ethanol cars run on human misery

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Biofuel != Devil - let's stop being stupid

There is no food price increase due to the use of corn.

First off, tons of corn and food goes to waste every year. Farms lay fallow or let the harvest rot. The reason those in third world starve is seldom due to a global shortage food. Rather, it is more often than not due to local situations (usually poor infrastructure, war, warlord/dictators, and corruption).

The number one factor in food price increase is not shortage, but rather the drastic increase in cost of transportation. (Which is one of the number one costs in getting food to market.)

Guess what that cost is derived from? fuel costs....


Granted corn is NOT the best prospect for biofuels. But it happens to be the most readily available biofuel produce that is currently available and has an infrastructure distribution in America. There is tons of corn, and we could grow lot more. Come visit Pennsylvania if you want to see how much more corn we could grow. Or even better, visit Connecticut. Which is mostly forested. But at one time in the 1700's was nearly ALL farmland.

But since we have corn, and we know how to easily make it into bourbon, whiskey, and scotch...er I mean ethanol for cars. It is what the biofuel industry will use in it's infancy.

Already there are advancements in biofuel technology. The future is most likely to be found in algae, grasses and a few unusual oily seed plants. But that's NOT going to happen over night. And the infrastructure and development will take about two decades.

Yes, people quote that if you used all the corn that America grows it would only substitute 1% of America's oil & hydrofuels use. But already there is are companies experimenting with algae and seeing 100x the conversion and see potential for more. So now re-factor that equation when 1 acre can produce a 100x corn's result. You could say that using a 100% of the farms growing corn could produce enough biofuel to run the whole U.S. Since the U.S. has vast amounts of unused farmland, we could eventually grow all the corn we grow and probably replace 50% of our oil products with biofuels within 20-50 years.


For those advocating a reduction of 10%, please factor in population growth. Also show me any reduction in oil use of 10% (might find it briefly after the end of WWI or WWII).

Just not feasible. But use of nuclear power plants, combined with the adoption of homes built with solar cell technology, REEVers like the Chevy Volt, and biofuels. We could eliminate 90% of our oil usage given time.

You will NEVER completely eliminate oil usage because we need it for the plastics, and synthetic materials we use and wear every day of our lives.


Algae Production

"At 20,000 bags per square acre, algae yields around 100,000 gallons of algae oil per year. In contrast, one acre of soybeans only produces about 50 gallons of soybean oil a year, while one acre of corn yields about 29 gallons of oil per year. The largest benefit to date is that the Algae farms can be built virtually anywhere, a point hopefully demonstrated by locating a facility in West Texas.

Craig Harting, Global Green's chief operating officer stated that meeting U.S. gasoline and diesel demands with biofuels from seed crops would require all arable farmland in the nation to be planted many times over. With algae oil production, we can do it with less than 1 percent of that same area and it can be done anywhere."


Nokia confirms 'iPhone killer' handset in pipeline

Jason The Saj
Jobs Horns

All these so-called "iPhone Killers"

Seem to come out, and look more like 'suicide bombers' than anything else.

Yes! It's the handgun camcorder!

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Actually, could be quite useful...

Think of the effectiveness this could have for law enforcement.

If police have to use deadly force, the situation could be recorded and reviewed. If a lawsuit arises in which it's claimed the police fired wrongfully and without cause. Said resulting video could be used to support or condemn the actions of said firing officer.

MS showcases Red Ring of Death Xbox 360 at expo

Jason The Saj

I got my Xbox 360 for Christmas...

I love it...

I don't mind failure rate as long as Microsoft will stand by and make accomodations.

- Jason

Häagen-Dazs battles honeybee Colony Collapse Disorder

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Killer beez

I've had honey made from Killer Bees, they're barf doesn't taste as good as the honey barf from regular bees.

While I do not think the GM crops are the issue. The thought that they might be using more pesticides on these crops which are designed to handle it better - could be a cause.

Consumer group slams 'unfair' software licenses

Jason The Saj

Let's not forget...

The "You can't transfer this license to another computer!"


Sorry, we don't recognize your legitimate license key. Er WTF?

I have recently concluded that between the poor state of computer software these days and the fact that I am sick and tired of NOT being able to install my software on my machines. I am going to start pirating software...

If you're not going to let me use the software and hardware I legally buy, than I am not going to abide by your "legal". If you have a problem, please talk to my lawyers...

Horace Smith and Daniel B. Wesson

Government told to ditch biofuel targets

Jason The Saj

Stop using corn - use fecal fed algae instead...

Take all the over-fertilize water output from our sewage treatment plants. Stop dumping it in rivers and oceans and causing lethal algae blooms.

Instead ship it to nice sunny desert areas like (Arizona). Which can build square miles of flat shallow lakes with algae and pond scum. Feed them the over-fertilize water. The algae will bloom and grow (and also pull vast amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere). Then we harvest the algae and convert it to biofuels - ethanol!


We reduce our fossil fuel load, we reduce our depended on middle-eastern oil, and we reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.

The Electric Car Conspiracy ... that never was

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What the Volt gets right...


- unfeasible for mass market (GM is not Ferrari, they only build for mass-market)

- expensive to build (estimates were as high as $80,000 per car)

- decent range but no ability to go beyond that range

- limited seating

- all this would be reduced if you added all the items now common to many vehicles: stereo & entertainment systems, added safety features (traction control, multiple airbags, GPS units, so on and so on)

And yes, some will try to exclaim the market feasibility of the EV1. But let's look at Honda's Insight which could get up to 70mpg. It was a two-seater like the EV1 but without most of the EV1's other limitations. And it FAILED!!!! Honda pulled the model (even though it had the best MPG in the USA) because it was unprofitable and unsustainable.

Chevy Volt

- GM has addressed nearly ever issue that hindered the EV1

- 4 seats (and while this may not seem important to you, this makes a significant difference for families. It means "car seat" versus no "car seat".)

- no range limit. Volt can do a 40 mile commute on just electric. A 60 mile commute (which is what I drive every day to work currently) at 150mpg. Or a 600+ commute and a refill of the generator.

- all the modern conveniences and safety features we the consumers demand for today

- adaptive platform can use a gasoline, diesel or fuel cell generator

So, where as most people keep posting that the Volt offers nothing over the EV1. You're very very wrong! Twice the capacity means the Volt can function as a family car. Something neither the EV1 nor Honda Insight could do. No being stranded - the generator provides means to re-charge from any gas station available nation wide.

Denying the importance of these two factors is merely dogmatic religionism and irrationality. The 4 seat factor alone is why the lower mileage (44mpg) Toyota Prius succeeded over the (60-70mpg) Honda Insight. It's why when I started a new job that required me to commute and decided to acquire a hybrid. I wound up choosing a Toyota Prius w/ 73K @$9,000 over a Honda Insight w/only 50K for $10,000. We had a baby on the way. And that fact would have made us have to drive my Dodge Durango everywhere the whole family went. So we bought the Prius.

FYI, regarding the Durango. It gets 20mpg on the hwy. It is a tow vehicle and I was also working from home at the time. Now I have two vehicles, both are very efficient at what they do. (Try carrying 7-passengers and towing a loader trailer with a Prius.)

- Saj

PS - "Please, someone tell me why my 19 year old car cost less, breaks less, gets greater gas mileage, and performs better than 90+% of the cars on the road."

Because it has less safety features & less accessories.

BTW the MPG ratings have changed over the years. The newer tests reduced the score. So many vehicles rated 35mpg 10-20 yrs ago would score lower by today's standards.

Serious Flash vulns menace at least 10,000 websites

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Perhaps some of you should use a Flash app...

Most of you on here trashing Flash, are criticizing the ads and animations. This is akin to trashing every website out there using HTML and browsers because of "pop-up ads".

Sure, they suck...but that doesn't mean all HTML websites viewed in a browser suck...

Sadly, many people have only seen that side of Flash. They haven't seen the web application end of things. Partly because many of those applications are used internally.

Before AJAX became a buzzword, I was writing and using web applications based on Macromedia Flash which included drag'n'drop scheduling, behind the scenes data loading and updating of front end objects. Today, Flash applications and technologies have gone even further.

Check out http://www.buzzword.com/ to see a Flash application. (It's an online Word processor. Mind you, it is in beta.)

Or go google "Quake in Flash", and see Flash Player running Quake....

Indian man marries dog to lift mutt-murder curse

Jason The Saj
Dead Vulture

The saying rings true...

"Karma's a bitch"

Biofuels make poor people even poorer

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Irksome Stupidity

Yes, biofuels done wrong = bad, = less food, = numerous other problems. Biofuels done right = renewal fuel source; = lowered carbon emissions; = reduced waste from other pollution sources.

Presently, at least here in the U.S., we have an issue of over-fertilized water from our sewer processing systems being dumped into lakes, rivers and oceans. This over-fertilization causes a number of issues. Many places in the world are far worse, not even processing the sewage.

So how do we solve this problem? Why, with Biofuels!!!


We've all heard of the Alaskan Oil Pipeline. How about the Arizona Sewer Pipeline? Or the New Delhi Pipeline?

Recent advances have shown great promise in biofuel production from algae & pond scum. Algae is a pretty pervasive easily grown biomass. Many species merely require water and nutrients (ie: sewage). Great mile square shallow ponds could be built in areas with near continual sunlight and warm ambient temperatures. We could pump our sewage to these processing farms. The algae would be grown and harvested and then converted into biofuels (ethanol & bio-diesel).

Not only would this provide us with a renewable energy resource. It would also help to clean the environment via several methods. First off, we'd be eliminating our sewage waste and solving that particular aspect of pollution. Second, all that algae requires something else beyond water and nutrients - CO2. So these algae farms would be akin to CO2 banks pulling much of the CO2 waste released via combustion back out of the atmosphere. Combine this with an increased use of fuel cells and you could have a net reduction of CO2.


So whenever I hear about alarmism regarding biofuels, I find myself somewhat irked by these individuals mere 'near-sightedness'.

- Saj

Transformers director favours Blu-ray Disc

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Both are wrong..

Neither Blu-Ray nor HD-DVD is what the consumers want. And that's the biggest problem.

Both are the 8-track of our day. Both will die a short death. In most data cycles there have been night an order of magnitude improvement (ie: CD over floppy, ). Or similar data storage but much reduced form factor (ie: floppy over old mag tape reels).

CD's held 650mb, DVD's came on the seen and hold 8g-16gb of data. Now, we get Blu-Ray & HD-DVD and we're at 50/30gb. Not that big of a jump....


ICANN investigates domain name sharp practice

Jason The Saj

Duh....who hasn't seen this happen

I swear, one day webmasters the world over are going to tar and feather ICANN.

It is almost guaranteed that any domain you search for and don't register will be registered within a month.

If you searched for: fruitfliesareavacadoswithwings.com by next month it will be registered and parked and asking $1,000 dollars. With a page filled with a bazillion key word ads on fruit, flies, avacados and wings.

Sometimes I think we should abolish the death penalty. Than other days I think we should expand it to include SPAMMers and cyber-squatters.

California court tilts towards mandating web accessibility

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California shows it's stupidity once more....

First off, 10-to-1 I'll bet few blind people can navigate all the California state & municipal sites effectively. So why don't they start with themselves.

Second, if the government feels that blind people need to be able to do everything a seeing person can then by all means; the State of California should start by issuing driver's licenses to the blind. And demanding that all automobiles be able to convey the road to blind people.

Lastly, I !@#$% hate handicap accessible bathrooms. In my new job ALL bathrooms are so equipped. They are uncomfortable and hurt me. Why? Because I'm short and the extra tall toilets are extermely uncomfortable to me.

Should I sue?

Adobe claims RIA completeness

Jason The Saj

Have any of you worked with AIR?

Okay, I really don't get the atmosphere of this article. It's trashing a new product that although only in beta is already building a fair following.

The technology is impressive. I find the comment "trying to compete with Microsoft & Google Gears" almost comical. Wait, who's trying to catch up to who?

Just lame to see an article trashing a technology...perhaps the author was just irked by the statement of "feature complete". Clearly, they're just stupid...as they don't understand the development cycle.

The newly released beta's of AIR & Flex 3 are "feature complete betas", this is where the developer decides to stop adding new features and focus on getting all the kinks out. (Sure a few features might be dropped or added before the final version if problems arise. Hence it's still a beta. But it's predicted to remain with the released feature set.)

Sorry, this post was just lame by my standards.


- Low content

- Almost all opinion without fact

- Mere unsubstantiated criticism

Not news....not worth my time...more akin to slander than anything worth posting.


For those who have NOT checked out Adobe's recent innovation, please pause and take a look. Adobe AIR is a powerful innovation. And Adobe's not stopping! Adobe also just announced a revolutionary technology - "thermo" that let's graphic designers implement RIA technology right off their graphic designs. Not for everyone, but has a lot of potential.