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iTunes snafu: DNS fail borked Apple's app & iTunes stores for 10 HOURS

Paul Bruneau

Cupertino idiot-tax operation

I appreciate a good jab, but it's just getting boring and not funny. Bye.

Android's US market share continues to slip

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It's not a per cent lead, it's a point lead

> but that 12.8 per cent lead

Surely this must be in someone's style book somewhere. It's a lead of 12.8 points, not 12.8 percent

Jackson’s Hobbit becomes a trilogy

Paul Bruneau

Re: Too much padding?

I believe the way they are going to manage it is to run the scenes in real time.

There's going to be a lot of pony riding in these three.

Apple takes $2.2bn hit as Chinese resellers snub iPhone 4S

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Re: takes a bath?

Steve Todd already made my point perfectly well--I admit I missed it.

So I'll replace it: All Apple missed was the guessings of ignorant market analysts. They hit their own estimates just fine

Paul Bruneau

Re: takes a bath?

Also, quarters rise and fall (see "seasonality"). Compared the the same quarter last year, sales were higher. This was a successful quarter.

Finally, "Q3 saw an inevitable pull-back in demand." is not really accurate. I would call it "satisfying demand". A pull-back in demand is when the populace realizes the Kindle Fire really sucks and demand drops as a result, to name one example.

Apple fails to block stolen iOS in-app content

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Re: Nice to just to know Apple has a thorn in its side at the moment.

> No skin off my nose. I'll never own an Apple product. I wouldn't even accept one as a gift.

But by all means, keep on reading and commenting on Apple articles. Please never stop showering the world with your opinion on the topic.

iPhone 5 to be skinniest Apple yet SHOCK

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One of two possibilities presented as fact

> How does the paper know that's what Apple plans to do? The inevitable people familiar with what Apple is up to but who can't allow themselves to be named. So, an authorised leak then.

Or possibly an unauthorized one I suppose? Bad assuming, Tony.

Security fail for Apple as hacker cracks iOS in-app purchasing

Paul Bruneau

Not lazy, just with proper priorities

Why should I spend time, effort and server resources to set up a verification server when I can use my time and skill to make my app better? Or to make new apps?

As has been pointed out by many, these folks weren't going to buy content anyway.

So don't call me lazy.

Paul Bruneau

Good logic, jai

I can add another point of logic:

The kind of people who think it's OK to steal in-app content, and will go so far as to provide their itunes information (if it's even theirs) to a stranger in order to do so, are not going to ever purchase any in-app content.

So as a developer, I can tell you, I couldn't care less that these people do what they do--they weren't going to buy anything from my apps anyway.

Geek darling GitHub nabs $100m investment

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> all without disturbing the efforts of other programmers who might be working on the same files.


> "If you need to hire great programmers, why look at resumes when you can view a candidate's actual work on GitHub?" Levine writes.

Because not every programmer wants to give away his work

Nexus 7 and Surface: A bonanza for landfill miners

Paul Bruneau

Re: "Is there something I'm missing here?"

He didn't compare them, except that they are both similarly useless compared to the competition.

I can't find any logical faults in this article--it's correctly laying out exactly the challenges of both of these products.

Paul Bruneau

Re: Spot on.....

You are right--for you, tech-based owner of two laptops. I'm in a similar boat.

But my mom has no laptop and doesn't need one. An iPad or similarly-featured-tablet-that's-not-quite-as-nice would be fine for her, and probably your mom or dad too, 90% of the moms and dads and aunts and uncles out there.

Multimillion-pound hoard of 50BC GOLD PIECES found in Jersey

Paul Bruneau

Re: Searching over the same field for 30 years?

As a former metal detector enthusiast, I can tell you that one can go over a particular area many times and find new items each time. The varying moisture level of the soil, the randomness of how one swings the detector, and probably the huge size of the area ensures that new finds are always being found.

Of course, here in the states, we don't find things such as this--we are happy to find a 1950's silver dime!

Atari turns 40: Pong, Pac-Man and a $500 gamble

Paul Bruneau


And it was the Arcade version of Breakout--the article skips the arcade aspect of Atari and goes right to the home console business, resulting in confusion.

Paul Bruneau

Arcade roots

The article seems to completely skip Atari's arcade roots, which would be fine, but it should at least mention that was the original product and vision of the company.

Tomb Raider dev denies Croft rape scene

Paul Bruneau

Just like Lawrence of Arabia, then?

That was quite subtle too


Paul Bruneau

It led to the worst days for Mac fans...

What could have been more depressing than the buyout of our best gaming company by Microsoft? It was the dark days for sure.

So please excuse us our happiness at today's state of affairs, OK?

Google's self-driving car snags first-ever license in Nevada

Paul Bruneau

Re: @Dave 126

> "It can be improved", try telling that to a couple who've just lost one of their kids after being run over by a driverless car.

> "It's okay, we found the bug and have installed service pack 1".

As opposed to the zero parents who have been told "we're sorry, but your child was killed in an auto accident" today?

Tim Cook rejects Apple's old business model of suing everyone

Paul Bruneau

Not due to innovation

But rather due to Henry Ford's pathological desire to vertically integrate, no?

Paul Bruneau

Re: The apple hate makes no sense

Then I guess these are sad times for you, cry on good sir

Paul Bruneau

The apple hate makes no sense

You hated them when they were floundering. And now you hate them when they are successful.

You seem to think that consumers are in a spell, only buying because of "image" rather than because of superior products, but where was this in 1995? It wasn't there. But you didn't care, you hated them anyway.

You think a company can go from $6 per share to 600 because they have the world in a spell? If they had the world in a spell, why were they ever at $6?

The products are good. You don't have to like them, so be it, but quit crying about it.

Zuckerberg blew $1bn on Instagram 'without telling Facebook board'

Paul Bruneau

Sure they could re-write it

They might even be able to re-write it better. But they sure wouldn't have however many millions of users on day one like they did by buying it.

They bought the users, not the software

Commodore founder Jack Tramiel dies at 83

Paul Bruneau

I never could have done what I have done without him

I bought my vic-20 with paper route money. My rich friends or my friends who had teachers for parents had Apple II's--that was not possible for me. If not for the Vic-20 who knows what I'd be doing today.

I can't begin to describe the sense of wonder that I got from figuring things out on it. First BASIC and then 6502 assembly, it was like going beyond my somewhat miserable (at the time) world.

The iPad 3 would make me so horny...

Paul Bruneau

Re: content producer?

You sure as hell rasterized SOMETHING, which I think was his point.

Paul Bruneau

Re: Now, to be fair...

Franklin's got it 100% right. The only thing that sucks in this article is Wired's (and others) choice to use the crappy Adobe content creation tools that make magazines into collections of screenshots.

Game of Thrones Blu-ray disc set

Paul Bruneau

Re: Undoubtably a good series

Then by all means watch it on your PS3

Paul Bruneau

My only complaint

is an overuse of the phrase "head on a spike"

Ice Cream Sandwich gives Android mobes brainfreeze – Sony

Paul Bruneau

Re: Huh?

Exactly my thought.

I was going to word it, "is appearing slow anything like being slow?"

Google I/O conference sells out in 20 minutes

Paul Bruneau

Re: $900 ticket + flight

If they knew about it!

Apple Oz offers refunds for confused 4G iPad owners

Paul Bruneau

Let me speak for Steve:

You're holding it in the wrong country

New iPad sales hit 3 million in first 4 days

Paul Bruneau

Re: Correction

You could call it "minor" if any other tablet had it or anything like it with that battery life. But you can't. So don't.

Paul Bruneau

Re: Correction

To be fair, one could argue that the increased RAM and GPU is only there to support the admittedly massive requirements of the display.

But I bet they are enjoying the 4g too

Paul Bruneau

Hype & momentum

You might also just be a bit impressed that they make great products and ship them...

Paul Bruneau

Re: How is this measured?

It's measured like this: Apple doesn't pull that crap. Apple sells units. Apple sell out of all stock. Apple devices go on backorder, and Apple devices keep selling. I know you are all cynical from the tricks that Samsung, HTC and the clones all use, but Apple doesn't do that. Get used to it.

Steve Jobs' death clears way for Apple-Android peace talks

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Re: Kill the competition? No

Oh, it's not a shameless ripoff? My mistake. I bow to the wisdom of the downvoters.

Paul Bruneau

Kill the competition? No

He didn't want to kill the competition. He was fine with competition. He wanted to kill the shameless ripoff.

Dell Latitude E6220 12.5in Core i7 notebook

Paul Bruneau

I like it but...

I can't make myself pay the "Dell Premium"

I'll have to stick with my boring old MacBook Air

Apple orders PC builder to 'choose sides' in laptop battle?

Paul Bruneau


> Surely this is blatent monopolism at work here?

Except for the absence of a monopoly, that is.

iPad spanks Galaxy Tab in its own backyard

Paul Bruneau

Long term iPad 3g contracts!?

Here is the states, it's only month-by-month for 3g on iPads. Is it different over there? Also, it could suggest that they don't want to shell out the extra money for 3g?

>Interestingly, around two-thirds of South Koreans favour the Wi-Fi only models, suggesting they would rather not get sucked into long-term carrier contracts when purchasing the devices.

Steve Jobs action figure kicks the bucket

Paul Bruneau


But the Reg is the only place I see making a big deal out of "oh wow", so hopefully they will take the piss out of themselves.

Paul Bruneau

Oh wow, give it a rest

OK, after the first 10 or 20 articles it wasn't so bad, but are you going to put "oh, wow" into every article about Jobs?

It was one the last things he said, but it's just not that funny. When you sit by the bedside of a dying person they say all kinds of odd things.

Give it a rest

Suicidal Foxconn workers talked down from factory roof

Paul Bruneau

When is FoxConn going to put a lock on those rooftop doors?!?!?

I mean, really, how long does this particular problem take to figure out?

GM offers Volt drivers battery upgrade

Paul Bruneau


I'm not sure "battery upgrade" is the best way to refer to this thing.

If they put in a battery that actually got you something like 80 miles, I'd call that an upgrade.

As Ron1 says, this is just to make a ridiculous thing go away.

Apple to appeal Italian warranty fine

Paul Bruneau

My cheese has been moved

I never thought you were particularly anti-apple (as you said, you're anti-everybody).

But after several years of getting used to read you stating how Apple doesn't talk to you, the thought that I might have to spend the next several years hearing how you're shocked that Apple did talk to you is rather depressing.

Steve Jobs' last design: New Apple HQ pics

Paul Bruneau

Actually I think you're mistaken. They just misspelled it. They got sued anyway by the stereo equipment manufacturer.

Paul Bruneau

Yes because office building windows are constantly getting broken?

Greatest ever first-person shooter* brought back to life

Paul Bruneau

Think back on what might have been

Once upon a time, Bungie was the hope of all of us Mac users for great gaming on the platform. Imagine what might have been if they hadn't been slurped up by MS.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android smartphone

Paul Bruneau

Who needs storage?

An Android phone with no expandable memory? Oh that's OK then apparently. Only Apple is a bastard for not including an SD card slot, it appears.

Galaxy Tab case tweaked to evade Germany ban

Paul Bruneau


Yes, it was inevitable once Apple designed it and sold a shit-ton. If it was so inevitable, why didn't billy-boy come up with it in the last 15 years?