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Nintendo in profit on each Wii sold

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Is that all?

I would have figured the figures would be a lot more skewed than that. The Wii is essentially gamecube 2.0 with a fancy controller, so unless they were really taking a beating on the Gamecube, $6 out of $250 seems a bit small.

And as for Microsoft, the only way the 360 hardware is not turning a loss is if those figures exclude the $1 billion that they have set aside for hardware faults. Then again, maybe they saved quite a bit of money by making the hardware defective in the first place...

For the record, I have a 360 and a Wii, hence why I will leave bagging out Sony to others.

Apple's 3G iPhone to launch 11 July

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You guys aren't even trying now, the headline should have been "The Second Coming of the Jesus Phone"

Apple TV 160GB media player


This or an Mac Mini

I have been thinking about getting a Mac Mini on clearance, to hook up to a 1080p LCD.

The Mac Mini can take EyeTV, is more flexible, but I am not sure if the purpose built Apple TV would make more sense. At the moment, can pick up the clearance Mac Mini for $550 (with combo drive), compared to $450 for the basic AppleTV.

Any thoughts?


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