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Vista Business sales soar like leaping dachshund

Ben Noble

Seems fine to me...

The majority of my family is now running Vista, as well as a few family friends. They don't seem to be complaining half as much as they did with XP.

In the meantime, I'm running Vista on both my home machines and on my work machine. The only macine I own still running XP is my laptop, which I know is never going to be able to cope. I've had no problems.

So... Why do all the comments on here read as though Vista's some terrible repeat of Millenium? It's not. At worst it's a rehashed version of XP that lost some compatibility with older hardware and drivers (no surprise there, it's not 1995 anymore) and got a slightly updated interface (debatably better, but not by much). I'd recommend it to friends who get a new computer (Home Premium, not Basic) but I wouldn't suggest that anyone upgrade. The fact is that there isn't anything particularly special setting it apart from XP in either a positive or a negative manner.