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James Cameron finds grave of Jesus & Son


Jesus' Divinity

I think people are missing the point of this discovery. sceptics find it extremely difficult to believe something without proof. If this is proof that Jesus walked this earth, great! no more senseless debates. i know faith is more important than proof, but how can you have faith in such an oppressive church? the church tell us what to believe and that has changed significatly, for instance, early church leaders were married but the church banned this as they didn't want their wealth or power lost.

The bible was not written by Jesus, it was written by his followers many years after his death, so how can we be sure that the bible is telling us how jesus and god wanted us to live? it was written by MEN, not the son of god. The bible should be discredited as it is not a hard copy from heaven, but SOMEONES OPINION.

I have my faith, and to be honest i wouldn't care less if Jesus was married with a child. When you look back on history it would be quite unusual is he didn't.

Would it be such a bad thing if he was a normal man? He was a great prophet, but i don't believe he was divine.


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