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US prof says 'bioelectric' cars much better than biofuel

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too late

"Overpopulation isn't a future thing, it's a right now thing. Without the huge energy store of oil the worlds population cannot be sustained. That's why losing farmland to energy seems like madness - we've got more people than we can afford"

Nail on the fucking head John.

Theres too many people on the planet right now for the amount of farmland to sustain without fossil based fertilizers etc , even if they didnt want cars.

Which leaves little room for biofuel.

All these ideas are quite noble and correct etc , but pale into insignificance compared with our total energy demands.

People will look back in hundred years and say:

" so let me get this straight - in the old days to go a mile down the road to get bread and milk you used to take a , um. 'forbyfour' which is a 3 ton lump of metal???"

Police want new remote hard drive search powers

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Paris Hilton


as the second poster said , albeit cowardly anonymously , wtf?

surely the can lok at a seized hard drive however they want?

I assumed they were!

and @ the various people talking about their unseized pcs in their houses - I think you missed the gist

Pirate Bay judge and pro-copyright lobbyist accused of bias

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I dont see the problem

The judge is a member of pro-copyright groups?

So am I - the group called "law abiding citizens"

wheres the conflict?

Its like a burglar claiming bias because the Judge is in the neighborhood watch scheme!

Wolverine leak claims first victim?

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Paris Hilton

DL not illegal??? wtf?

I dont why I f*cking bother cos no-ones gonna come back to read this but......


"Get it right! There's nothing illegal about downloading copyrighted content per se, it's uploading which is technically a civil offence."

The level of ignorance is just astounding. there i was thinking all the pirates just dont give a crap , when it turns out they're just too stupid to realise they are commiting a crime.

the mind boggles

Paris, cos its a close call in the IQ stakes

Most undergraduates 'show fear when asked to do maths'

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Paris Hilton

@liam - you have kicked up a storm! well done :)

" after all maths has no room for interpretation - its always a right/wrong answer."

i.e hard, ooh run away......

how do you survive in IT?

Conficker call-backs threaten to swamp legit domains

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Paris Hilton

why not stop it upadting

Where is this list that tells it what to do next?

and why arnt the police kicking its door down????

paris, cos i'm obviously missing something

Canadian prof: Green IT is a waste of time

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yes and no

He's spot on that mobility is the problem , but most of IT helps reduce it.

email prevents physical mail being moved

video conferencing prevents peole having to move, etc

I dont think it really follows that peopledrive about *because* they have a mobile phone??

I think I'll invent a car with no wheels, that'll solve climate change .

btw, Climate change is a feelgood hoax made up because they're too scared to tell us the Oil is running out :)

Snowstorm swallows GPS skiing gizmo's creator

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yeah but

inventors of life saving equipment are exempt from Darwin Awards, having kept more people alive.

UFO wind turbine prang site sealed

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but a (MOD) spokesman said: "That's so secret it's beyond above top secret, I'm afraid."

what a comedian!

cant blame hin in light of the nature of the allegation / enquiry

BOFH: Blackmail and fine wine

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that boss is gone....

"but I won't feel rid of the Boss until I read about his sad disappearance in the next installment...


He's toast. definately. He found the secret room! (not to mention the blackmail attempt)

I thought our boys were gonna do something to sort out the fat-cats at the top for a minute - that'd be great!

Serial troll bitchslaps Reg hack

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right on!















well i fully agree with him

( execpt the american jingo bits)

I'd happily implant and track every motherfucker in this country, because it'd problably lead to a 90% reduction in crime, and as I'm not the one doing the crime, thats good.











Godfather dons 'best ever film' mantle

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ooh another top x film poll, whoopee doo

i dont mind that theres no IT angle, its just boring.

godfather is most overrated ever btw

Employee has no privacy on company computers, US court rules

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of course"

reminds me off the monty python "union meeting" sketch where the union activists demand full pay etc for brother jones, who's dead and been rotting on theradiator for a week.

also reminds me of such ludicrous laws as a "phone tap recordings cannot be used in court"

7-year-old faces M&S Inquisition

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"the call handler insisted he could only speak to Jacob because of 'data protection laws'."

WTF? did the kid use his credit card to pay for it?

HP shatters excessive packaging world record

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Paris Hilton


I can understand this as it aids package verification (x licenses = x boxes, so we're good to ship),

no I'm not buying that, X licenses sitting on a desk in no boxes at all can be re-checked then bunged in ONE box. then good to ship. What if someone got RSImindfeedback (my new and made up on the spot word) with that monotonous task and some of the 16 boxes were empty?

and yes, well done all of you for working out 16x2 is 32

Even paris knows that!

Heavyweight physics prof weighs into climate/energy scrap

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Gates Horns

makes sense!

That's the only thing I've ever read that both makes sense and suggests some solutions that dont involve reverting to the middle ages.

...and I've read a lot about this.

The trouble is Nimbys - they just want the power to keep coming out of their plugholes the same way it does now - magic pixie power

Sharp pitches 'world's largest' LCD screen

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save 2K , get a projector instead

NZ hydropower drought could see leccy rationing

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like grant said

This just tells me NZ has their power issues more or less under control.

You lot wont be laughing at their 75% hydro when the lights go out here.

I wanna Move!

The economy: A big Arab did it and ran away, claims PM

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Peak Oil

that kinda makes sense, but market forces alone will never solve this problem.

Nothing will.

We should move away from fossil fuels , correct, not because of global warming, but because there isnt much left.

Any day now supply will outstrip demand, and you wont get oil no matter how much you want to pay.

we should develop green enrgy - correct . Not because of global warming but because our civilisation runs on energy and we will still need it when oil production goes into decline.

yada yada yada , i get tired of reiterating this. people just think i'm nuts.

just put "hubberts peak" into google.

its true, really - the end of the world is nigh!

Weapons, oil prices driving worldwide atom ambitions

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Peak Oil is Nigh

The scary thing here is not unstable crazy people getting nuclear weapons (although that is worrying)

Its the dwindling oil reserves.

slowly but surely , more and more regularly, I see the signs of an imminent oil shortage that will *never* go away , and only get worse until society collapses.

BOFH: The Boss gets Grandpa Simpson syndrome

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floodgates open

Give it an hour , there will be 50 cattle-prod worthy stories below...

Terry Pratchett donates £500k to Alzheimer's charity

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OI! leave it . . .

I hope the moderators dont see this as unjustified

To all those slagging Terry off for giving half a million quid to charity : what the fuck?

just because he has the disease does that make him a greedy self centered sonofabitch.

I'm just not understanding 80% of the comments here that start "call me cynical but...."

YES he may not have given it had he not got the disease, but that dosent make him wrong.

you are just people dying to take the piss out of something,

so go find a paris hilton story and leave terry alone!

he's got a terminal disease to deal with ffs, without you lot slagging him off FOR GIVING HALF A MILLION QUID TO CHARITY!.

I'm upset for selfish reasons i.e this will mean an end to books by the one of the greatest authors of our time.


Douglas Adams has already gone!

bring joy to millions and die prematurely - this proves there is no god.

Tool makes mincemeat of Windows passwords

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"you only need a cd"

This has been possible on Windows Vista and XP for quite some time using a simple CD. You insert the CD ....

yeah but this exploit will get you into somebody elses logon, without having to reset anything, so they wont know. quickly.

I thought firewire was dead now anyway? , and why not clear things like passwords out of the ram when the machine is locked?

BOFH: Insecurity complex

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our jeff

we've got one : "Bullshit Barry" He's off to Iraq soon to work for 3K a week

Lord Triesman on P2P, pop-ups and the Klaxons

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face it ------ it *is* stealing

well the above 60 comments sound like a bunch of whiny excuses from people who dont wanna pay for their music / video / software.


i dont either btw

Kent council approves 'cleaner' coal-fired plant

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the real solution

"There is no energy problem there is only a too many people problem!


I'll agree with that, if 75% of the people on the planet were to vanish, we'd be ok, specially if they were americans.

(no offence yanks, but apparently as 1 20th of the population you use 1/4 of the energy!)

Britain's home front must go green, study

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too little too late

By 2050 society will have violently collapsed in flames due to lack of fossil fuel.

All this carbon footprint stuff isnt to protect the environment its to learn how to survive with no oil! at least it should be- none of the politicians seem to know about that.

Manhunt 2 leaked by Sony Europe employee

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what a great debate. pity reg closes them after a while


I like fps games because of the mouse and keyboard control is so immersive and fluid. i dont know why people bother trying on those console thingies. but yes i am still shooting people.

glad to see a couple of people of agree with me its going to far. at the end of the day censorship dosent work( case in point this version of this game isnt even available),

i suppose censorship can only work if responsible parents force it on their kids.

i also agree i dont want the govenment making decisions like that for me. freedom etc.

its like the plan to hike up booze tax because of binge hooligans - the rest of us lose out

"Counterstrike has less of a plot than Manhunt"

so does table tennis, but your playing real people.

steve said:

"I'm not sure that's really a very strong argument for censorship. I don't like lots of thinks, and I think the people that do aren't right in the head, but does that mean I should be able to say that they can't like those things (or at least can't have access to them)."

good point & point taken, but if those things are desensitizing gullible people (like the natzis in a later post), surely we should try to do something?

theres gotta be a line somewhere where it becomes dangerous.

reminds me of the usa's gun problem because of their "freedom to bear arms"

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Theres a name for films like Saw \2\3\4 and hostel \2

"Torture Porn"

very apprpriate i thought , and this game fits in there too.

Maybe I'm growing up a bit at 36, but i think films (especially) and games where the the whole plot is just a vehicle to portray horrific torture and mutilation is just for sick F***ks that get off on torture.

And dont tell me theres a story to it, theres a story to how i drove to work this morning - that dosent make it entertainment.

If pepole are watching this, enjoying it because inside their heads they are pretending that they are the ones meting out the violence, then perhaps theres an argument for censorship after all.

p.s. I play counterstrike a lot. theres a world of difference tho.

Blokey atmos drives women away from sci/tech

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what a load

what a load of rubbish!

how come every male kid in the 80's spent hours glued to a C64(or similar), and no girls did. Were they scared of the male dominated industry then. No.

To put it a nice way , girls are less geeky.

luckily there alots of pretend sciences for them to play at , like the author of that report.

Now can someone explain to me why there are no female mechanics, plumbers, shelf stackers, joiners, builders, road sweepers, kitchen fitters or snooker players.