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Home Office guides plods on photography

Adam Wynne

Power Stations?

Official Secrets Act defines a prohibited place as

"...any place used for gas, water, or electricity works or other works for purposes of a public character ... which is for the time being declared by order of a Secretary of State to be a prohibited place for the purposes of this section..."

So... taking photos of power stations isn't covered by the OSA unless Our Jackquie says so.

Brown's website is Web2.0tastic

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404 error, ffs


Why is our prime minister in beta anyway? Hasn't he been user acceptance tested already?

Barclays and HBOS slash contractor rates

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Oh for Goddess's sake its 'Cojones' you ill educated peasants

And whilst I'm at it, @Andy Bottomley, FFS.com get a grip boy, you should see my current contract, here I am paid a sad old developer wage in the Midlands (no City slickers here) and yet I'm running a team and being a PM and dealing with management and all sorts. Blimey. All that on a daily rate too. So, no extra pay for overtime or conning the company with short lunches.

Teens use technology to party in strangers' pools

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@ Cowardly Anonymous

"Love it when the schoolyard lawyers start yapping.

You can indeed be arrested for trespass. Been there done that. It can be a serious criminal offence depending on your behaviour."

Schoolyard lawyers yapping? Hardly. Anyway:

OK, you can be arrested for aggravated trespass (caused criminal damage on the way in, hit the landowner, etc) or criminal trespass (British rail land where its designated active, MoD land, etc), but (as this thread is clearly alluding to) walking into someone's garden and using their pool, outwith PACE or Public Order 1986, is a civil offence in its own right and to the letter of the law, that is not criminal therefore not arrestable. You might of course be arrested on 'suspicion of breaching the peace' but thats another matter entirely.

Mine's the one with 'graduated from Cambridge with a law degree, spent 7 years trespassing and never got arrested' written on the back.

Adam Wynne


As far as I'm aware from my hippy peace-convoy days, trespass is a civil offence for which you cannot be arrested.

Public order offences, criminal damage, threatening behaviour, etc are of course punishable by death.


Virgin lags in scumjumbo race, bins airliner drag-start plans

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"Correctly chosen/engineered strains of algae would perhaps be able to draw their carbon primarily from atmospheric CO2, rather than from artificial fertilisers;"

I thought it was nitrogen and phosphate that came from fertilisers?

CERN completes 'world’s largest jigsaw puzzle'

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I beg to differ. Writing code for BNFL I interpreted physycysts' (can't spell won't spell) specs and wrote code. In C++, no less. Blimey. Divide by zero errors happened. Phyzzy: But there will always be neutrons! Me: What, even when you havn't comissioned the reprocessing plant?

But, for my 2p worth, I put my faith, and that of the entire world's humaity, in the fact that Hawking got it right and the micro-black holes will dissipate. Phew!

TalkTalk and Carphone on the naughty step

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Credit check by email

I was in an email convo with CW about my (crap) phone. A few days later I received an email from the guy at CW, the email was meant for a credit check agency but came to me by miistake. The conttents? Some poor sod's details, bank account, passport nuumber, driving licence, address, mother's maiden, the whole 9 yards.

Good security, sending it by plaintext email.

HP to reduce PC energy consumption by a quarter

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@Giles Jones

Guess what? Switched mode PSU chip manufacturers (Maxim, Linear, et al) are *always* coming up with smaller, faster, cheaper, MORE EFFICIENT chips and PSU designs. Cos more efficient means less heat, so more reliable, and usually smaller footprint, less components, which means cheaper. So I really doubt there will be 2.5% saving, let alone 25%, in a 'more efficient transformer'.

Israel suspected of 'hacking' Syrian air defences

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@Anonymous Vulture

"Allah likes Jews more than She likes Islamics" - fantastic! Made me smile. But lets not forget that those C11 'barbarians' invented algebra...and... um. ah.

As for USA funding Israel, well, dur! Nothing to do with republican or democrat, all to do with massive Jewish population in America. Goddess bless em....

First RIAA file-sharing trial begins

Adam Wynne


@Damages: Phil, THANK YOU for bringing up the point about lose / loose - I am SO sick of seeing poor grammar and spelling, but often feel I'm being a bit sensitive.

Now, tell me, who gets annoyed when they hear a broadcaster or inteviewee on the radio using the 'also ... as well' construct?


(speling - sic :)


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