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Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail strike out Iran

Erick Wagoner

If they can cut off access to Iran.....

Couldn't they also cut off the access from the Nigerians, etc, bombarding everyone with their "free money" scams?

I am confused about Yahoo!'s and Microsoft's actions here. When all the sanctions were going against Saddam and his merry band, I don't recall ever hearing of their e-mail getting cut off (perhaps I was out of the loop?).

If you wait until next year, perhaps Hillary and her Merry Maidens will be in charge, and they can all sit down for tea and sort it all out, unless she is in her "I hate all men, especially my husband" mode, then you might want to get out the radiation suits.

<Coat, Hat, Door>

China goes lunar

Erick Wagoner

If they want Hi-res pictures ....

Why don't they just point the Hubble telescope at the moon and take pictures? Surely if it can see distant galaxies, it can pick out lunar modules, B-52's and Red buses?? Perhaps it will even find the first-strike complex built by the evil Plutonian dog-bats coming to eradicate all the scientists that voted to demote Pluto from planet status.

Prince's anti-YouTube crusade halted by American mommy

Erick Wagoner

Perhaps the Artist ...

formally known as the .. whatever.

Perhaps he has been looking at his Purple Rain too long?

Probably, I mean he did change his name to some symbol that has no meaning (except to him, perhaps he had an epiphany while mixing his purple paint in an enclosed room?)

Whatever the case, he wasn't that good of an artist when he released his first album, about the only thing he had going for him was the hot backup singers that went on to perform on their own. If he is looking for publicity, perhaps he should run for public office on the "I am a whiny bastard" platform.

eh ... what do I know? I'll get my coat and go now....

Moon-like Bluetooth speaker is out of this world

Erick Wagoner

It kinda looks like ...

what I would imagine the first draft of the Death Star would have looked like ..

But seriously, is there a stand for it? Or would it just roll around? (it would give a new meaning to "surround sound"!)

---gets coat

Brain-sucking parasitic killer menaces warming lake waters

Erick Wagoner

@ Stephen Gray

"If its a brain sucking organism it will soon die out in the US!"

Give us a little more credit than that .... it would die out rapidly in State Legislatures (Sp?) and in Washington DC however! All that hot air in those places surely heat the water to the perfect temperature!