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James Cameron finds grave of Jesus & Son

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It is always a wonder why those that argue against religion tend to insult and use abusive rhetorics against those who believe in God. Why do you find belief in God to be retrogressive? Is it because your moral standards and ethical composition of your private lives are threatened by the authority of holiness and righteousness. There is nothing logical that can be used to explain the spiritual meaning that God brings to lives that turn to him in repentance. Many Christians and of course "intelligent men like Allen" have tried to logically explain these complex spiritual things but have endded in error. If you want to explain anything in biology, you have to use biological knowledge, if it is chemistry, it sure has to come from the lab geniuses and if it is spiritual, why dont you leave it to people that are spiritually elightened? Now that is logical! The Bible may physicall be put on Library shelves just like any other book but it does contain very important life mysteries that can change the dullest of minds to "enlightened" minds through inpiration from God. Let Cameron have fun and make money off the inept minds of people that are derelect of private morals and want to hide from the "all knowing and almighty God" who will expose their sins presently!

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Christianity and Education!

I am appalled that some arguements from some quarters on the forum feel comfortable to look down on those that have a belief in the existence of a "christian belief" as being "uneducated" and of little reasoning ability. I wonder how I managed to get my PHD, Mphil and Barchelor's degree in Architecture and yet am a Christian...mmmmm I wonder what level of reasoning I have!


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