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Apple applies to light up laptop touchpads, iPod clickwheels


It's just eye candy ...

... and another way to waste battery power, but i'm sure the Numpties (with full-blown flashing light syndrome) will be queueing up to buy it.

RIAA told to pay legal fees for harrassed defendant

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It was only a matter of time ...

... before the RIAA picked on someone who would take a stand against their draconian policies.

I'm not fond of the litigatious culture in the US (due to the damage it's doing in the UK as we blindly follow this lead), but this is one time i can agree with whats happening.

Good Luck to Ms Andersen !

Sony Walkman NWD-B105 2GB MP3 player


Software .....?

Having dealt with some of the latest types of USB drives, i would be very suspicious about this new Sony product.

Many of the new drives come with pre-installed software on hidden partitions, which seem install a rootkit on every machine they are connected to.

(Hint: as quoted from Anon Vulture above "compatible only with some Micro$oft operating systems")

Given Sony's track record in this area, i think i would want to be sure of the facts BEFORE i bought one.

P.S. Just an observation, but i'm spending more and more time wrestling back control of machines which have been "infected" by plug and play hardware. Anyone else agree ???