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Nokia's N95 successor slips out on web

Adam Auden
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So where's the link?

Where's the link to these specs then, you big teases?

Ofcom urged to clamp down on broadband speed deceit

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Hear, bloody hear!

And to prior posts on contention ratios and capping. Clear information on what you actually get for your money should be mandated. The telecoms industry has proven itself, time and again, to be unable to self-police.

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Damned lies?

and actually I wonder if requiring publication of statistics of what is actually being achieved for each product on the ISPs network might be useful. Maximum, minimum and mean speed, rather than the theoretical upto claim...

How a bread truck invented the internet

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Read this and shut up about bloody Gore, eh?


If Cerf and Kahn are cool with it, can we be as well?

Supermicro punts 'world's densest blade'

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Now find me a hosting facility in London which can provide the infrastructure to allow you to fully populate a rack with these thing. The power and cooling density is just prohibitive.

Student taser victim spared electric chair

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You are kidding me...

Appropriate force, seriously?


Official: James Blunt is a w*nker

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If you click through to the 'wanker' search it also suggests 'tedious' might be related. Perhaps often used in conjunction? :)