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Open source development goes Mac-tastic

Dan Shockley

Where are these rumors you speak of?

"was always rumoured that early Windows applications"

I'd like to hear more about this little tidbit. Rumors? Early? Which ones?

For example, Microsoft DID make Word, Excel, and Powerpoint for Macintosh before any Windows versions (Windows didn't even exist yet). Photoshop was made for Macintosh for about 10 years (more?) before they ported it to Windows.

So, I'm curious about the rumors - are you suggesting that some developers go to the trouble to make a Macintosh version of their product, never release that, then port it to Windows and only sell it to Windows users? That's a pretty amazing claim - I have a hard time believing that you're saying that. But, if you aren't then where are the rumors, as opposed to the facts we have seen - Macintosh releases before Windows releases. I suppose your one loop-hole would be simultaneous releases - you could say that rumors are they made the Mac version first, then sat on it for a while, until Windows was ready. That seems like a dumb business decision, too.

Perhaps you just threw the word "rumor" out there to try to undermine the positive nature of the piece. That's not balanced reporting, it's just silly.


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