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Camelot pulls scratchcard amid numerical anarchy

Duncan Greenshields

Pedantic attack @ various people

@Alex McMahon

Your example doesn't quite work as your initial statement is that the "2 people start running away from each other". Therefore the directional element of each velocity is expected to be the exact opposite of the other.

Suggesting that the one running moves with a negative velocity would put him on the same directional heading as the other, just with a greater magnitude. The faster runner will be running away from the slower but the two are not running away from each other.

The speed is just the magnitude of the velocity thus 20m/s is obviously faster then 10m/s given the fixed starting frame of reference.

@Andy Worth

"Celsius is not really a scientifically accepted scale"

Technically the Celsius scale is accepted as 1 degree C = 1K. The unit scientifically used for a change in temperature should be the Kelvin as it is the SI unit.

Man wrongly detained for 50 days has ISP to thank

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"try the FOX network, they're pretty even in their news."

I don't think I dare comment on the above without having to accompany my own post with the "steam coming out of my ears" icon. Most people who get all their news from FOX don't actually know there is a world outside of the boundaries of the US...

Compare the FOX version of many events with the BBC and you'll note fairly major differences on emphasis. Then again, the BBC are seemily not overly impartial at times.

As always, I'm amazed at the pure and unadulterated flame bait trolled onto the comments pages of The Register. That and the general level of xenophobia and frankly childish ignorance or arrogance of other people's culture and heritage.

One of the most telling things I've heard in recent times underlying the inherent racism in the British press in general was the letter bomber sentenced recently non being classed as a terrorist. If he were of middle eastern descent or were a Muslim with the same political views as the man convicted we would be triumphing a victory over terrorists everywhere rather then the conviction of another attempted murderer.

Facebook wins Manx battle for face-book.com

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@ Me

/me gets coat, hat, taxi...

Duncan Greenshields

Another thing...

From the WIPO decision:

...the Panel is convinced on balance that the disputed domain name was registered by the Respondent with actual knowledge of the Complainant’s website at “www.facebook.com”

Now they didn't actually own that domain name until August 2005 according to the wikipedia entry which does remove some of the weight behind the panel's decision. However it is very similar to 'thefacebook'

I'd guess that the original registrant might have been watching the trademarks being applied for or granted and working off that for domain names to speculate / troll on.

BTW. I'm posting anonymously as I really ought to be doing more work ;)


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